Don't have a new build yet, but have been having fun learning some new tools😊

Hanging out at HAX hardware accelerator yesterday, trying the Livin Farms Kickstarter- tastes pretty good! Bunnie Huang shooting the video.

This is an OEM/ODM promotional booklet I picked up at Huaqiangbei, I cut the pages out and scanned it, thought some of you might be curious?

My awesome new logo by @kyoffie😎 I can also just use the overall version for signs at events with kids.

Not fascinating or anything, just so visitors can see and reference markets on the street.

It's annoying that there's still no decent cheap or free OSX/Linux editor for 360º video that's simple to use😓

aaaand second day on Mastodon and my feed is full of First World Problems again just like Twitter.

And given that the older management remembers ripping ICQ to get QQ doing the same with Mastodon might seem like a "safe" option. Copy2China all over...

Oh, incidentally, friend working at Tencent says Mastodon came up in a meeting yesterday. I don't see how they could integrate the UI with WeChat but QQ is getting really dated and might be able to use a refresh?

Anyway, I figure we have to Toot normal stuff also. if all we ever talk about on Mastodon is Mastodon it's probably doomed...

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