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IPFS: Let's build a high-performance, non-censurable web, and let's add a cash incentive on the side for hosting content. Comes from Silicon Valley-adjacent VC-funded hackers.

DAT: Let's build something that is usable for your average scientist, specifically for sharing scientific datasets, so that that information can be accessible without going through scientific journals or someone's private stash. Comes from EU-grant-funded Danish hackers. Happens to be usable for a distributed web as well.
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are the most powerful force out there, second only to soldiers and similarly indoctrinated.

Probably the first, if they were organized.

Prove me wrong... :-)

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Oppressed people exist to be more than inspiration for the powerful classes.

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4 years ago we started CryptPad as a proof of concept.. Today is getting a European prize ! Great recognition for hard work by the CryptPad team
RT We are more than happy to announce that we have won the startup award for Privacy and trust-enhanced technologies. More details:


Yesterday was born.

and are happy to announce it.

Guys... don't worry... keep sleeping... nothing is going under the hood... they will do no Evil...


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#FinishedReading (again) The Little Schemer by Friedman and Felleisen

A lovely little book on recursion, #logic and #scheme.

Perfect for beginners honestly, if they take their time towards the end. All exercices can also be thought through on paper, so you can take a break from that screen ;)

Theres a list of recommended books on logic towards the end and I think I'll go through them, especially since I never mind rereading Alice in Wonderland (and I've never read an annotated version)

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@aral My all-time favorites:

* Nobody cares about privacy
* Nobody will pay for privacy
* "I've got nothing to hide"
* Only criminals need encryption
* "There are checks and balances in place" (for privacy invading legislation)
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went to work at a coffee shop with just my #cyberdeck and my mobile; we'll see if this ends up being a Terrible Mistake

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20 years ago: "And in the future the internet will replace the need to have a telephone entirely!" 🖥️ :blobuwu:

Now: "You must have a phone number to access this website/service" ☎️

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@Wolf480pl @danyspin97 @Shamar An interesting example of this caching: Debian repositories.

They have an extensive volunteer mirror network how they want to prevent from altering packages when you fetch them. So they cryptographically sign all their packages.

Combine that with the fact that just the file sizes (which is not obscured by HTTPS) are enough to determine which packages you're downloading, and there's no benefit to them HTTPS.

It only costs them recruitment of these proxies.

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The joys of Ancient Greek—

οὐκοῦν: “certainly”
οὔκουν: “certainly not”

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"curl 7.62.0 now makes lots of requests use HTTP/2 by default compared previous versions, which of course changes things a bit"

Och aye.
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@danyspin97 @Shamar
>flaw that has nothing to do with the protocol

If only TLS wasn't full of ASN.1-style bullshit that's impossible to implement correctly...

See also maradydd's talk about how to design network protocols to significantly lower the chance of vulnerabilities:

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@saxnot @Shamar @danyspin97
Obviously he's not trying to convince anyone. If he wanted that, he would try to avoid making others treat him as a fool.

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@alcinnz great!
I can't really focus now but during these days I'll investigate a little on this.

I'm also preparing a talk about the web and how broken it is using also @Shamar 's bug reports and Brannon Dorsey's studies on browser-as-a-botnet (link below).

I think all this is really important and interesting. We need to keep a critical eye where nowadays devs seems to be JS-only brogrammers with coffee addiction, glasses and beard.

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Librem 5 progress report, and dev kits are coming. Show more

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