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Me: Here’s something I disagree with in the status quo.

Him (it’s almost always a him): Let me explain to you how said thing works in the status quo.


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Is it crazy how saying sentences backwards creates backwards sentences saying how crazy it is?
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@Shamar I think it's just that to any one who is observant it's obvious that web 2.0 is coming to an end. The social problems which it created don't look fixable, and so it's likely that the future is more decentralized or p2p.

Also with ongoing political turmoil and climate change always in the background it's easy to foresee that the future is going to be more volatile. Centralized silo systems aren't good at dealing with unforeseen changes.
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"We like to pretend that the Internet is always available and always fast, but even in the rich world, this isn't true, especially for mobile systems."
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"Systems where all the points of control are distant from those using it are opaque. The user's model of such systems has little to do with how they actually work. When opaque systems are at the core of providing social services and managing civic infrastructure, the people who depend on those services are disempowered and detached from their society. When people have more control over their own infrastructure and more visibility into how it works, they have a better chance of making active decisions about those systems, and thus about their lives."
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This site recently scrolled by in my TL about remote work:

I’ve been a remote executive managing a remote team with people all over the world for about 10 years now. Some things in that post are accurate, but many are not what happens in practice. A good example is the benefit from fewer interruptions... I’ve found that to be almost 180 degrees wrong. Interruptions, I’ve found, are far more frequent in remote work settings.

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@rysiek @Shamar @lain
btw. an interesting thread:
Willy Tarreau's message is particuarly interesting, in how it touches on cultural differences, explaining how some people may feel being censored

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ESR is wrong on a lot of matters.

For me, reading his blog, and then comments, and finding out where he was wrong and where he was right, is something I can learn from.

But if in your case it just makes you angry, don't read that.
Being angry makes people less productive.
Don't give in to the outrage culture.

And, especially, don't post things you disagree with with a message "see how stupid this is? how outrageous?" because that gets more people angry and makes them waste time.

Holy shit!

"It matters very little whether a hacker is sitting in New Jersey or Nigeria"

I'm starting to feel angry.

What if the son of the in Nigeria starves?
What if she get killed?

Really @esr... you should open your mind.

"We don’t expect ideas to matter"

I do not know the enough to say if this is true.

But it explains a lot about .

Holy shit.
And this should be an ?

"We have to eject postmodern leftism from our universities, transnational progressivism from our politics, and volk-Marxism from our media."

A great lesson of !


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With a portfolio of more than 60,000 patents, and more than 36,000 pending patent applications, Microsoft is pioneering new technologies and services from drones to healthcare technology, to artificial and virtual intelligence, to machine learning. These advances are redefining industries and helping businesses find extraordinary new efficiencies.

To discuss licensing Microsoft technology for the Internet of Things, contact a licensing executive.

But, kaniini, they released Visual Studio Code! They’re cool now! They would never sue us!

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Going through the interimOS source is making me nostalgic for my old OS projects. (Easy to do.) Trying to figure out where the actual IP stack is implemented -- sledge/os/net.l seems to be IRC-specific stuff that assumes it already exists on the filesystem. Are core functionalities under sledge/ & in lisp, or under devices/ and machine-dependent?

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Doctor: I'm terribly sorry but the tests are back. Your child is artistic.

Parents: (sob)

Doctor: Now don't worry, it's not the end of the world. Your child will never have the mind of an executive, but with modern innovations like Etsy, Patreon and Kickstarter, they may be able to pay rent well into their mid-20s.

Parent: Did... did crayons do this

Doctor: Who can say? We're exposed to so many forms of art every day: music, poetry, language, geometry..

Parent: We're getting crayons BANNED

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@nbering @Laurelai

Microsoft and software patent enforcement, a brief lesson:

Bill Gates in 1998: “At some point we must consider what patents they (StarOffice née LibreOffice) violate.”

Chinese government reveals Microsoft’s secret list of Android-killer patents, 2014

Microsoft: Linux violates 235 of our patents, 2007

Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith discussing the 235 patents Linux allegedly violates, also 2007

Brad Smith is the main proponent of software patent weaponization at Microsoft. He is now President of Microsoft, up from General Counsel.

Do you get it now?????

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