Just updated and wow!
My quite complicated model is computed much faster than on 0.19

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Stay fresh! LibreOffice 7.3.4 is now available, with over 80 bugfixes and compatibility improvements. Get the update here: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

One of the things I don't like with public schools is that they spend so much money on Microsoft licenses when they could easily install and spend the money on much more needed things. It could also show the students how great is and motivate them to learn about it more.

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Tip #2
If you want to resize the canvas size to the size of your image in #Inkscape, simply press Ctrl + Shift + R.

#OpenTips #Tips #FOSS

Anyone here also just popping on to translate a project even if you don't utilize it, just to make it available for more people? Or is it just me

Just as many of FLOSS users, I too suggest Free (as in freedom) programs to my friends. One of the largest projects (aside from ) is . Now, they are all used to MS Office and when I showed them LO, they didn't wanted to learn a new interface and ended up not switching. BUT I have recently found out about the option in LO to change the interface to more MSOffice-like and I think it will make it easier for new users to switch.

View > User Interface > Tabbed

Also, I've learned a lot about clouds. Who could tell that all the different formations have own names

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Currently working on translating to czech. There were many thing already translated, but many still need some work. This is gonna take some time.

So it's the season again when people share therir spotify wrapped thing. Aghh

Apparently, 1st January, 1 A.D. was a Saturday

I would recommed to anyone I know. Not because it is free (it is a great bonus tho), but because its… libre. I myself enjoy knowing my style of typing, topics of my presentations or my beautiful graphs are not being tracked for advertising.
Thanks @libreoffice , you are doing great job!

One can really appreciate the foss programs we have. I'm hoping someone will make opensource 𝗺𝗲𝘁𝗮𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗲 alternative, because I see it as an direction society will move towards, not that I epuld like it

Why cant the spelling chcecker in work?

Does anyone know what cryptocurrencies accepts? I don't want to fill out the contact

Today I dedicated a paragraph to on my english essay about social medias

I've just made my first patch ever and it just happens to be the logo. It's not the cleanest work, but I'm proud of it!

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