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Chuck Pearson


I think I got everything in

I think it's time


and immediately I'm getting into the car and going to read quiz games for a couple of seniors in Gate City, Virginia

gonna be a fun evening

(the customary end-of-semester huzzah is not released until all the grades are in)

of course I'm deep-diving into outcomes from the semester while I'm really supposed to be getting grades done and submitted

because I'm so dang tired of grades

There's a small group of us (@Tdorey @ShorterPearson @lauraritchie @ggevalt, me) looking into how small scale online communities form and come to matter to each other.

With mastodon we're focusing on the experience of people who participate in , whether by writing or reading or sharing or thinking.

If you have a moment to go back and forth a bit with me (and you haven't already replied to @Tdorey), let me know. Happy for DMs.

Learning in the open.

Fifteen weeks done. One to go.

And even though I had an entire week off last week, I still gave up at 2:00 PM today and came home and went to bed.

I am limping to the finish line. Limping.

@econproph I have the piece stashed to read later. I went on full collapse throughout the Thanksgiving break. I'm going to pay for it for the next two weeks, but hopefully I'll have the energy to pay for it.

the single most annoying Mastodon bug remains the empty timeline when you haven't logged in for a while

Thanksgiving break realization: the Amaroq app for iOS is VERY, VERY nice. I was very content using mobile browser for accessing Mastodon, but this may well change a lot for me.

There are two really worrying trends right now in regards to internet accessibility. Web page bloat and the sneaking acceptability of horrible ISP practices with mobile providers. They both stem from the assumption that everyone has access to some form of broadband internet at home. The reality is that for a huge portion the world, the only portal they have to this space is a cheap smartphone. They are not really luxuries but the most economic form of internet access available.

Chris G shared this on birdsite yesterday (he's @-hypervisible over there, and please never forget there are worthwhile people who use Twitter well) and it's been front and center in my mind as the Net Neutrality teardown gathers steam.

I want to know what we can do to counteract the current corporate attack on our institutions that's POSSIBLE. I want nothing more than to be free of monopolists.

hey Show more I got to spend time with these fine young people who organized a quiz tournament at Farragut High School and I have new best friends and I love them dearly

and Kevin got his revenge before I left

Have a entry.

Working with our quiz tournament director at the end of the day today. He's a senior at Farragut High School, west of Knoxville, and a very focused young man. I'm bugging him because I want to make sure that everything that needs to get done gets done. I want to help. I finally say "look, I'm giving you permission to boss a college prof around. Tell me what to do."

He never misses a beat: "I want you to go home and have a good rest."

I know when I've been owned.

And of course because I'm still not all that smart I'll still wake up at 400 AM tomorrow and drive to the other side of Knoxville to work a high school quiz tournament there. And I'll make the two-hour drive for one very simple reason:

The students there asked me to.

It's harder to turn down the young ones when they ask than it is to turn down their teachers.

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. And, this week, it most certainly will be.

Two weeks left in fall semester, but not without a week's break for thanksgiving first.

If I'm honest, I needed it a week ago: I didn't so much hit the wall on Tuesday as I ran into the wall at full speed. And when your body tells you "nope, you're done, go lie back down and sleep for a while", you ignore it at your peril.

It torpedoed the week in incalculable ways. I'm still not at 100%. But I have a week to recover, now.

Fourteen. Weeks. Done.

Fourteen. Weeks. Done.

Thought on Mastodon v. big 2 social media: birb & facey have conditioned us to "want" certain things out of "social media" and a lot of that is:
🔹 likes
🔹 followers
🔹 constant stream of content
Basically, it's evolved into more a marketing media than the social media in began as:
🔸 a place to feel comfortable
🔸 share interests
🔸 have conversations
🔸 have income-independent fun.
I don't know if mastodon will get me back to that, but I hope so, and I want to be open to it.

I wouldn't have found my way around here a year ago without @Triplefox @jk and @paralithode.

I wouldn't have come back after a gap where I forgot where things were without a nudge from @lauraritchie and a welcome back from @Tdorey.

Networks are made by people, by us.