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A jury determined in a civil suit in a Tennessee court in 1999 that the US government was complicit in the killing of Martin Luther King Jr. (just like how the FBI murdered Chicago Black Panther leader Fred Hampton)

When life hands you lemons, do you really make lemonade, or do you throw them in its face and yell "I asked for LIMES, mofo!!!"

I am really liking the new Microsoft Edge on both Windows and Macs. Still has some features missing, but those seem to be coming, eventually. Now, if they would hurry up with the Linux version...

A true American hero! I Have a Dream speech by Martin Luther King .Jr HD (subtitled) via

Why does Sabrina not learn from her errors? She keeps making the same impulsive mistakes over and over!

I know it’s hard to do, but you Trumpists out there could step back and watch yourselves on TV, see how horrible you look, and come to your senses. It isn’t too late to start acting like decent people. It is never too late.

Come out of the darkness!

Don't be so sensitive can mean a couple of things. Either the person saying it thinks you overreact to everything or he/she knows they are being dicks and are blaming you for your reaction.

It's so hard to tell which one it is sometimes.

This is setting a very bad precedent for the future. Our government agencies can now tell our governing body to fuck themselves when they request information.

This is bad, and whoever the next President is has to support new law to make sure this cannot happen in the future.


Schiff says Intel community is withholding Ukraine documents from Congress


So , if you're a Nazi, you can have a page, but if you use a camera to expose government mishandling of aid, you get suspended? WTF is wrong with Facebook?


Facebook has temporarily suspended the page of a man whose FB live went viral exposing aid at a facility in Ponce Puerto Rico. The Governor responded, firing her director for not distributing the aid. The user sent me this screenshot of his page which is no longer public


Being gay is a beautiful thing!
Don't let anyone convince you otherwise!
Not your family, not your friends, not your God!
If any of them have a problem with it, turn away.
You can create a new family.
You can make new friends.
You can worship at the altar of a better God.

Spoken like a true lawyer!

Of course it is! The whole point of impeachment is to give Congress the power to stop a President who is abusing his power. That is literally the whole point!


Dershowitz: Abuse Of Power Isn't Impeachable [VIDEO] -


I suppose if I point out that she is more plastic than flesh I would be the bad guy, eh?


WATCH: Lara Trump mocks Biden, who has stutter: "Let's get the words out Joe"


I'd like to thank Oscar Isaac for existing and getting wet. Thank you, you beautiful man you!




Lawyers who have never read the Constitution seems like a recipe for disaster.


Trump lawyers attack House impeachment as "brazen and unlawful" effort to overturn 2016 results


To be fair, they aren't milk. Milk substitutes, yes, but not milk.


Oklahoma GOP lawmaker introduces bill to ban plant-based milk alternatives from being labeled as "milk"


Teacher, I swear I wasn't sleeping...

Oh, it's just the alarm. Ugh.

Remember when you read Superman Comics and the story of Jor-El going to the science council about Krypton exploding and no one listening to him?

Remember how you thought that was crazy?

Well, welcome to Krypton, folks, where scientists are ignored in favor of charlatans!

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