He’s rich, so America thinks he’s a genius. But he keeps proving them wrong.

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Canadian authorities are increasingly worried that the convoy may end in Ottawa with their own version of January 6th. twitter.com/JoeMyGod/status/14

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Again Conservatives trying hard to out bigot themselves

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NEW: Florida Republicans have advanced a “don’t say gay” bill that would ban teachers from talking about LGBTQ+ topics in schools. It would allow parents to sue schools for infringing on their “control of their children.”

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Too true!

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Men of quality don't fear equality.

Not on the floor of the U.S. Senate. Not anywhere.

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I think it’s funny when the news reports on congressional censure as if it were a big deal. Isn’t it basically the equivalent of being told to go to your room? The one with the big tv, computer, and PlayStation in it!

I think I’m done with COVID. I will wear a mask to work, and at the market, and in the bus, because I want to protect myself from lots of stuff. However, I think it’s time we got back to normal.

Mask rules often make no sense.

If you want to "Stop The Steal" vote against Republicans! You don't have to vote Democrat, but remove Republicans. They are quite literally trying to establish a coup d'etat and take over the country.

They are the Tyrant Party!

I smell a lot of bullshit in the responses here!

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That’s what happened when Jimmy Fallon asked Twitter users to confess 😂😅💔

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Wow! Talk about overreach.

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The IRS said it will be requiring Americans to submit selfies to a third party company, ID.me, for facial recognition scans in order to access our taxes online.

This is deeply troubling for a number of reasons.

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It’s sad that even when the fed gov does the right thing and invest in communities and cities all across the country, corporations find a way to grab the money and do a shit job in order to make a profit.

Maybe some things just shouldn’t be outsourced to the private sector.

My Leftist friends. Y'all need some patience. Did you really expect one President to fix everything that was wrong with the world in one year?

Grow up!

Can anyone imagine Donald Trump ever doing this? He'd be throwing food at the homeless and poor like they were paper towels.

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NEW: President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden spotted volunteering at a hunger relief organization in Philadelphia in observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. (h/t @ADCPerez46@twitter.com)

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I just hope that when the white supremacist fascist regime comes they will just let us move away rather than hunt us all down and kill us.

Good riddance!

I hate that I feel this way about my fellow human beings, but I have just become completely uncaring about these people.

If you are her family, please learn from this! PLEASE!

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Q-Anon Lunatic Who Said Only "Idiots" Get Vax Dead of COVID youtube.com/watch?v=5_DWe1TKna

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I call on you, O Hekate
I calll and make my offering
So that you will hear my call

Offer onto them your protection
O great and noble goddess
Who have need of it

Offer onto them your grace
O blessed lady of the crossroads
Who need a guide this day

Offer them safe passage

Do the people of the USA have standing to sue the Senate of the USA about the filibuster?

Seems like something we should be able to sue over if I can sue over the wrong cheese being on my Pizza.

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