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hey! one more announcement I think that I moved to @ShugoWah (ShugoWah(at), hope to see you there!

bark bark bark I'm at (at)ShugoWah(at) now!


Another small reminder that I'm over at @ShugoWah now

please refollow me one more time on @ShugoWah

thanks, sorry for the inconvenience

Hey if you followed me here and you're on, go follow my new account now, we're federated!

hey! I'm 99% over on @ShugoWah now, please refollow me there if you want!!!

another reminder that I've skedaddled over to @ShugoWah !!

please refollow me I'm lonely

hey I'm now over at @ShugoWah, please follow me there, sorry, thank you

If instance A has instance B silenced, can instance B see instance A's toots when boosted?

If someone from B replies to that boosted toot, someone not followed by op from A, will the op from instance A see it

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computer with a good enough specs to run vr games: $1600
htc vive: $500 
3d fursona commission: $100 
finally getting to be my fursona: priceless

can anyone extend an invite to

god i just got comfortable at this address and now I'm stressed out, haha, haha

gagreon why you did you have to fuck this up

so what does it mean when instance A silences instance B

users in instance A won't see B in their federated tl?

will A not see B at all, even in retweets?

can A users not follow B users?

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mostly furry instance that's mostly lgbtq and wont take any nazi bullshit and is a solid host I can trust with my content for a while and is okay with me posting cw'd porn, please advise

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classic Doom "Compendium" megamod 

Pretty cool:
A mod that collects 50+ notable "mega WADs" (over 1000 levels!) from the first 10 years of Doom's history into a single file. As an approach to curation, this is like a nicely put together box set of the first ~40 years of cinema.

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when a trans woman pays for her hormones by being a tattoo artist is that tat for tit send toot

thanks a latte for laughing at my good funny posts

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