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openssh pro tip:
Nobody is doing something nasty.
You forgot to clear your remote host key cache again.

ai art / goats 

I asked dall-e for pop art about goats screaming at the moon and it did not disappoint!

I was a fucking pro at Usenet back in the day, but every attempt I've ever made to interact with Reddit has left me baffled and annoyed.

My laptop's 13" 4k display is less than ideal when I have to use a TTY at native resolution.

Fortunately, I've come up with an elegant, long term solution.

Living near the natural habitat of leaf blowers means getting to hear their mating calls all day. Nature is amazing.

I need to buy a new electric toothbrush but now they all have like bluetooth and apps and 11 subspace field harmonic gum massaging modes when all I want is "toothbrush go brrrrr" why is this so complicated?

I was today years old when I learned that the Better Call Saul title theme song has lyrics.

Who was the first person to rub two nickels together, and why were they so upset when they couldn't do it anymore?

Nothing in Apple's most sinister fantasies comes even close to the repairability score of this Kindle HDX 7 I just tore down for safe battery disposal.
Full LCD, USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, speaker and motherboard removal before you can even start prying at glued down battery ribbon.

Hmm, this sure does look like a marketing message, doesn't it ?

Every business website ever: "Sorry, to do anything actually useful you have to call us on the phone."

Every business phone tree ever: 20 minutes of hold announcements incessantly negging you for being a dumbass who doesn't know how to use websites.

I have never in my adult life arrived at the end of filing my US Federal taxes without feeling emotionally drained, incompetent, wreckless, and poor.

Had an amazing time at Lumon's quarterly macrodata refinement waffle party, and hope Kier invites me back next time. 🧇🐐📈

I want to start a band called "With Special Guest" just to fuck with marquees.

I just got an ImageMagick convert command right on the first try without looking at the docs and without having used it in over a year and I would like my prize now please.

Ready for Glass Animals with my animals tonight!

My wolf just put oreos in corn flakes. I'm worried.

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