Apparently I should give up on Twitter making any sense until I get around to playing Among Us

Do you ever feel like developers aren't taking this whole EULA thing seriously?

Animaniacs is overrated.

Yes, including "Pinky & The Brain"

OMG Guys Dreamland is SOO GOOD you need to listen

Did you know that goats come in various fruit flavors? Try licking one to see which flavor you got!

Imagine explaining to a millennial the idea of TV mail ordering a Spotify playlist.

My predictions for changes we might see under a Kanye presidency:
* Executive order banning algebra
* National monument to that tomato sandwich he just ate
* Proposal that we somehow replace the national deficit with a go-kart racing track

Got my party stream, got my Manhattan, let's get this night started

I just had to tell that he's not allowed to cook chicken nuggets in the toaster.

My wolf made me pancakes and is also the best wolf.

Me: starts typing "laser"
SwiftKey: Did you mean the 1997 Mark Hamill movie you last thought about before you owned your first smartphone?

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