Hey @hbomax@twitter.com , looks like your email integration tests are working correctly.

Conservatives on the 2nd amendment: "The constitution is a sacrosanct document that is not up for interpretation".
Conservatives on the 1st amendment: "You see, the thing is, those were different times..."

Brands publicly aligning themselves with Pride is a powerful force of normalization. Even if insincere or hypocritical, every marketing gimmick targeted at the queer community makes it less socially acceptable to marginalize human rights.

I propose a new ranking for Spotify chillout stations, based on how many tracks away you are on average from Lemon Jelly's Space Walk.

Commit message: Increased debug level from Prostate.ERROR to Prostate.WARNING

Every customer service portal ever:

"Sorry, you have to call us on a phone to do this."

Every customer service phone tree ever:

A 45-minute hold with a 10-second looping message shaming you for not using the web site instead of calling.

It sure would be a beautiful day to have the windows open in the home office if it weren't for the industrial noise installation van parked under my window that's been installing industrial noises for the past three hours.


"I wanted to see if chugging it made it better" - @b_greywolf@twitter.com

The full documentation for this toot is maintained as a Texinfo manual.

You, a barbarian: Primitive, manual, low-tech, dumb, neatherthal light switches.

Me, enlightened:

Turns out all I had to do to improve my system performance was switch to %ILLEGAL_LAYOUT% brand memory.

Imagine having the balls to charge money for ads, yet not knowing the difference between "less" and "fewer".

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