Props to the Johnny Rockets server making fursona ketchup art based on people's con badges.

the core difference between a collection and a hoarding problem is a nice display case

Life is couch now, and couch is life. I live here now.

Frustrated with the trend toward mobile-only online services. No matter how sophisticated my phone gets, I still view it as a cramped, awkward, temporary experience that can hold me over until I sit down at a real computer.

Anyone have recommendations on a listening solution (app or physical device) for podcasts?
Reliably keeping my place is a big goal - support for mp3 files snagged from Patreon/Bandcamp/etc is ideal, too.

Modern control system design seems to consist mostly of gluing iPads to shit.

Newest Android behavior conspiring to make me hate it as a media player - waiting a random interval (today over 30 minutes) into listening and then activating hearing-protection mode to duck my low-impedence headphones down to an inaudible level.

Hundreds of sheets of paper taped up in the office reminding everyone it's Earth Day

No, I totally didn't buy this because it has a hoofer on it, I wouldn't be that immature.

I will switch when you pry it away from me and not a moment sooner.

Tonight's mood is dubnobasswithmyheadman on vinyl

I don't think I understand the
Memes... How is that supposed to read?

And to think all this time I've been doing it the dangerous way.

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