My wolves want me to switch to curry-scented soap... That's normal, right?

Hello, yes, wolf owner's support?

My wolf keeps tasting me, should I be worried?

I mean sure, we all know Facebook orchestrated the demise of democracy and destroyed the concept of a shared societal set of facts, ushering in a new post-truth dark age, but their REAL sin is the fact that this number is unrelated to the number of new messages you have.

"Hey Machine Learning, 3D Print me a TensorFlow"

Today I learned that the voice actor for modern iterations of Scooby Doo is the guy who played Cereal Killer in Hackers (1995) and I felt like I needed to share this information.

I've discovered that date syrup is a delicious honey substitute.

I was about to dismiss this website as a scam, but fortunately, I saw this, so I know it's the real deal.

I have made "Now Playing" shelves for cassette tapes and I would like to know where I can redeem this for my hipster points, thanks.

So, I have questions about your search feature....

Me: "I wish I had something productive to do"
*Looks at to-do list full of well defined, relevant, achievable goals*
Me: "I wish I had something productive to do"

Gamers be like
"I made a brief eight-and-a-half hour Quick Look of this game for players on the fence about spending the time to see if they're going to like it.
Be sure to tune in for my full length review if you like what you see"

Say what you want about FA - through all of their ownership changes, they've consistently maintained nine 8's of availability.

If I love turn based strategy and hate high school anime drama, how likely am I to enjoy 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim? Ifaict its equal parts of both.

How about you just send me a bill, and I pay you money, and we keep the personalized videos out of this?

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