Crime Jazz: How Miles Davis, Count Basie & Duke Ellington Created Soundtracks for Noir Films & TV

Service Meant to Monitor Inmates’ Calls Could Track You, Too

A company catering to law enforcement and corrections officers has raised privacy concerns with a product that can locate almost anyone’s cellphone across the United States.

I was looking at some of the concepts for the X-38 CRV (Crew Return Vehicle). It was planned to allow 7 astronauts to return from the ISS during an emergency. ISS crews are limited by the evacuation capacity of docked spacecraft so that meant 3 at a time with the Soyuz

The X-38 seems like a very well-thought out craft. It's a shame it never got completed. The program was cancelled by NASA at 90% completion which was a pretty controversial decision

David on Twitter

“My @Sony "smart" TV has updated itself and tried to force me to use a new app from and boy oh boy... this is worse than recent @facebook stuff.A thread...”

Are Google putting mass surveillance on London streets?

Adrian Short on Twitter

“Today @InLinkUK are "celebrating" installing their 100th not-a-phone-box kiosk in the UK.Let's have 100 facts about what they're really up to. 0/100”

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