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Selfies, eye contact 

I have taken *criminally few* selfies on this phone.

fundraiser link re: transphobia, burger king 

@cdmnky Her family is also raising funds for her funeral:

Covid mutual aid fund for Roma, cw Romaphobia discussion 

Dr Professor Hristo Kyuchukov, specialist in the field of Romani psycholinguistics and education of Roma children in Europe, is organizing the fundraiser "Help For Roma".

Created 10 April 2020. As of 8 July 2020 it is only at €4,673/€10,000.

"Many Roma in East European countries and in Turkey are isolated in ghetto types of settlements, because of Corona virus. In most of the East European countries the governments surrounded the settlements with police and the Roma are not allowed to leave the settlements. There are no shops in the settlements and the Roma can not buy food. In some of the settlements there is no water, no disinfection materials, no tests for Corona virus. Several millions of Roma men, women and children in East European countries and Turkey are literary starving. We need urgent action in order to help and save lives. If the Roma do not die from Corona virus, they will definitely die from hunger. Let us help them as soon as possible. There are families who did not eat anything last few days. Let us help them to get through the pandemic crises."

The fundraiser:
Hristo Kyuchukov's main website:
Hristo Kyuchukov's Facebook:

My wife @fairlady and I still haven't gotten our COVID-19 test results back so we can't go back to work yet and money is starting to get tight again. Any help is appreciated ❀️


So my dad tested positive for covid-19 and I'm showing symptoms and @kinsey is too so we wont be able to work for at least 2 weeks. I'm not sure how we will make our bills so I'm reaching out for help from whoever I can get it from.
cashapp: $fairladygearhead

Thanks in advance to anyone who decides to help out <3


So I've recently gone back to work (gig economy food delivery) as I'm completely broke. Unfortunately I never got a stimulus check and the deferred bills are coming due, without any reduction. Fortunately I pay rent to a friend, so that isn't immediately a crisis, but the phone bill at the end of the month is going to be ~$450 and if I can't pay I lose my ability to work.

Cashapp: $rwcarlisle
Venmo: @robertwcarlisle

Anything helps. Especially boosts.

Asking for money, it's my birthday 

Tomorrow is my birthday. I have been having serious health problems and I have been thinking of quitting my job. With COVID-19 going on, the idea of quitting my job has become even scarier because I am scared of getting a new job. But the idea of remaining at my job is terrifying as well. If anyone out there is doing well financially and would offer me any kind of support, I could consider taking a health break to hopefully recover and then look for a new job after everything has blown over. That would mean a lot to me.

I just emailed my city councilmembers saying we need an immediate rent freeze.

Yeah, it's a long shot perhaps, but writing an email is also an extremely low-cost action. Especially if you suddenly have a lot more time on your hands.

Looking for Work, Please Boost 

Hi Folks coming to you again to ask for job leads in the Seattle area. I've been looking for over 9 months, have run out of unemployment, and am dealing with a huge unexpected bill from my therapist

Looking for: Software development jobs.

- 7+ Years C# programming experience
- Game Dev experience, ranging from AAA to F2P Mobile
- Skills and experience in Design, Engineering, and QA

If you have any leads please reply or send me a message. Thank you

If you live in Seattle and you need work cause your job has essentially laid you off due to closures, go to Safeway.
We're hiring 2000 people in the Seattle area and often will have people working THE NEXT DAY of them coming in to apply.

Don't worry about it being a long term thing, if you need work Safeway will provide you with hours and a weekly check.

covid-19 pandemic β€’ some good news 

Because good news is always welcome:

β€’ The antiviral drug Interferon alfa-2B is effective in treating coronavirus infections. It was used to help in China. Cuba is producing enough of this drug to share.

β€’ China is working on a vaccine and expects prototypes by next month. Normally, it would take months of clinical trials to be declared safe, but this may be sped up in emergencies.

β€’ China's response to the virus has been described as "the most ambitious, agile and aggressive disease containment effort in history". They currently have more imported cases than local virus transmissions.

β€’ Factories in France which normally make expensive perfumes are producing sanitiser gel, which they plan to distribute to health authorities for free.

β€’ Italians are singing to each other from balconies to keep morale up.

finances, help wanted, boosts appreciated 

Hey uh, I'm a bit worried about cash because a ton of unexpected expenses came up, it's too late to cancel a preorder worth $60 I have and there's gonna be more things I gotta pay for soon. If you can, please spare some cash so I don't go broke.

CashApp: $NowakFoxie

fundraising, life expenses, disability (boost with CW) 

From @caelyn in
We're trying to prepare for self-isolation, but we're living week to week, struggling with debt and are already short due to illness. I'm unable to work and @tinygoblin (who has type 1 diabetes) is on min wage and will only get statutory sick pay. In short, we're in a bad financial place that is only going to get worse.

I know it's a hard time for a lot of people, but if you can spare anything at all, it would be a huge help. Thank you so much for reading and boosting.

If you pay for groceries using SNAP EBT government benefits and you want your groceries delivered, perhaps because you're practicing social distancing: check if the USDA's online purchasing pilot is available to you. Just this month, Alabama and Iowa and Oregon became available, joining New York and Washington.

Only retailers who were selected in 2017 are participating, which means Amazon and Walmart most places so far, but I'll take those if it means my dad doesn't have to struggle through a grocery store right now.

Financial help needed, kinda urgent, boost please 

Hey, thanks for everyone who sent me money earlierβ€―!!

I didn’t get much enough though :x

All my bills are paid but I’m still only gonna get half a salary at the end of the month, and I’ve pretty much ran out of money to be sure to be able to resupply food and stuff for me and my boyfriend for the confinement that France is now under.

I think I’d be comfortable with like, 200€ until I get paid?

Help me if you want and can

Is there some kind of central listing for livestream events? I feel like we need a wiki and a communal calendar for this.


hey so i know there's already a lot going on rn with the corona virus, but i gotta shoot my shot at least!

i just had some unexpected bills related to my recent move and i'm only working part time at the moment, so it's frankly a big stress on both my economy and my mental state. i am just gay and broke and tired.

so yeah, any little bit you can give would be so so appreciated. i love yall :heart_trans:

URGENT: Begging for money for housing :boost_ok:​ 

I need about $470, so I can stay at a place nearby for two weeks or so. I cannot stay at the group housing program I am in, because they are closing down because of the coronavirus that is going around. I found a place that is $450 for 2 weeks, and I need to get money together for me to rent said place. The place I am looking at is a mixed dorm, but it is the cheapest I can find right now.

But if I do get like $1,500 before the end of the day today (EST), then I will be able to afford a hotel room.

Please help me out:

Cash App:$NatsumiKitty


#transcrowdfund #crowdfund

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