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Will Springer @Skirmisher@mastodon.social

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Hi, I'm Will! I'm a 19-year-old cute NB trans girl, and I wanna do cool things with games! ✨

Currently I'm a CS/game design student at DigiPen in Redmond. I don't do much besides that at the moment, but I have a few game/writing/music projects on the side that I should dive into one of these days!

I love hanging out on Mastodon and meeting folks with similar interests, or just listening to people talk about their passions! Come say hi, I love making friends c:

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For the part of my :

My tastes are all over the place, but I generally like games with good stories! I'm a sucker for meta because I'm a dork, but like, what other form of media can do shit like that?

I'm also fond of racing games. I'm a passive car nerd, and I enjoy driving (in real life as well as in games!). I'm not partial to a specific type of racer, as long as it gives me a nice sophisticated set of physics I can learn! (This applies beyond racing games, too!)

unsung heroes of early programming: the many women who, as factory weavers, assembled programs on rope memory.

interviewers expect us to implement linked lists on whiteboards because they are fundamental, but not weave or knit programs??? idgi. mastodon.social/media/_gpYfKQj

food, instant pot recipes? Show more

*starts handing out pirated genders on the side of the road*

ah, a swarm of wild active directory domain controllers. nature is beautiful. slime.global/media/eb1Hyeu3L9D

a generation so ironic it had to invent the interjection “real talk,”

Reminder that
• Pong was not the first computer game
• Pong wasn't even Atari's first arcade game, that was Computer Space, which was a clone Spacewar!
• Pong was also a clone
• Pong's only "first" was being commercially-successful

"how nerds destroy the world" (pictures for sad children) Show more

Tired: Difficulty options
Wired: Providing an out after a number of failures
Inspired: Major accessibility options from the get-go

my jokes are like a volleyball round. let me explain with a 3 part toot thread.

In what is not news to anyone who hasn't already decided "fuck the poors", universal basic income doesn't entice people to quit their jobs and actually /increases/ part-time employment rates: futurism.com/basic-income-part

kicked out of olive garden for repeatedly calling spaghetti "roman noodles"