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things i like about old electronics: you open up the case, and there's an envelope glued to the inside that contains the complete schematics and calibration instructions. a bunch of companies did that until the early 80s, too bad it never really caught on and just stopped at some point.

I have stopped taking testosterone, around about the time I was expecting to.

Here is a really long blog post summarising my time on T, how I knew when to stop, and what stopping is like.

It has a lot of TMI, graphs, and one B99 screenshot.


Like, if the person profiting off the game is a GGer, or the team was forced to crunch for 18 months, or the company is trying to bust unions or silence sexual harassment claims... Disqualify the game. You shouldn't be arriving at the part of the conversation where you talk about the quality.

i can't push a WASD direction for more than a moment without it being canceled by a character palette.
does anyone know where to even begin searching for the solution to this? #android

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so is washington SR99 when 99 cars enter the tunnel and 1 car leaves

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posted a thread covering everything I know about Nintendo's "Game Processor" system. features patents, game footage + images, cartridge info/pinouts

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