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It's time for us to give back -- not just to our community, but to those less privileged.

Read about it in our new blog post:


if you would like to help me continue to wade through this particular surgical swamp and maybe also get to med school and change it, donations are deeply appreciated:

hrt psa sorta thing 

Also I can't posture good so my neck starts to hurt

Want to do work on this program but I keep idly refactoring things

always ask where the people of color are and if we aren't there, ask why

hot take re: libraries under capitalism. 

I'm pleased to announce the v1.0.0 release of Hometown, my Mastodon fork! It's up to date with Mastodon v2.9.3, and unique features include:

- Local only posting
- Full support for rendering incoming `Article` posts from federated blogs like Write.As
- "Exclusive" lists that let you follow someone without clogging up your home timeline

For more info, including rationale for each new feature, check out our wiki:

And the release itself is here:

What a fiasco: 1.8 billion "touch on"/"touch off" public transport card events were released to participants of a Datathon conference. Unsurprisingly, de-anonymizing someone's complete travel history proves to be trivial. (


RT πŸ”’: the Myki system is run by Vix Technology, the same company that we contract ORCA out to. ORCA has all of this same data, going back to 2009 when it was first introduced (

the word "drama" 

PSA: xfinitywifi access points don't actually block things that don't look like DNS on UDP port 53 :)

hey programmers

you uh

you wanna unionize


on asking for clarification, disclosing neurotype, and ableism (2/2) 

on asking for clarification, disclosing neurotype, and ableism (1/2) 

An official render of Toadette for Super Mario Maker 2 contains the most realistic depiction of a piece of Nintendo hardware in artwork for a first-party Nintendo game to date: a Joy-Con that is modeled in such detail that it even includes all the legally mandated labeling.

Request For Services (PAID) 

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