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Hi. I'm new to this instance. My former account was @SlowRain.

I'm a Canadian expat teaching ESL in . My interests are:

(I also roast coffee at home)

Video shows biggest-ever movement of Taipei 101 damper due to earthquake


This is pretty cool. The article said the building swayed quite a bit, but the people look rather unfazed.

(The earthquake starts about 1 minute into the video.)

I had to ask around for a substitute teacher for my Sat. afternoon class this week. One of the people who replied was a guy who covered for me several years ago. He's in his 50s, has body odor, & doesn't even speak English as his first language. Back then, I asked him to cover for me a 2nd time, but he wanted almost 1.5x my own salary to do it. I dislike opportunistic buggers.

The I'm currently reading are:

- The Elements of Pizza by Ken Forkish

- City of Fortune: How Venice Won and Lost a Naval Empire (aka How Venice Ruled the Seas) by Roger Crowley

- The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook by America's Test Kitchen

Seems to be a regional theme going on there.

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And here's part 2 of the article. Very interesting to know more about adulteration in the beverage industry. I know first-hand about food scandals. More people need to care about this.

For a franchise that has been legitimately criticized for being too heavily reliant on Skywalker exceptionalism, titling episode IX The Rise of Skywalker seems like a bad move. I dread finding out what unoriginal ideas Jar Jar Abrams is going to rehash for this one.

Oh, look. The Emperor is back. 😡

Like all the hoopla surrounding Lost, I just can't wait for Game of Thrones to be over already. Unfortunately, people will just let some other show leach away their time & faculty.

I'm glad my wife is short. She can't see all the chaff from roasting on the top of the fridge.

Ah, . The country where both the green and red traffic lights mean "proceed with caution". (And I say that as someone who mostly likes the traffic here.)

Today I saw an 80-year-old grandpa go barreling through a red light on his mobility scooter, while opposing traffic just stopped or slowed down & went around him.

I don't think I've ever seen a better combination of music & imagery than this video about the Stelvio Pass in .

First time using rye flour (13% rye, 27% whole wheat, 60% all-purpose; 70% hydration). Tasted not bad. The "roof" was like eating toast. I'd rather it didn't curl up like that, though; just sort of lift/telescope upwards instead.

And that's chili in the slow cooker lurking in the background.

If you're having trouble breaking into the rap-music scene, just release a country/rap hybrid, upset a lot of traditionalists, then use all the media attention to get people streaming your music 1.) in solidarity, or 2.) just to see what all the fuss is about.

I always feel grateful when I go to the night market & the family of the Polish chef has raffaello. Tonight they said I got the last two pieces.

A fifth-grader's shirt. I'm not sure if it being a wifebeater shirt (not clearly shown) was intended irony.

Not only is this belt 20 years old, but I'm now back to using the same notch as when I bought it.

I've struggled with fiction for the last 5 years or so, to the point that I've mostly switched to non-fiction now. Most plot summaries & reviews leave me uninterested in current offerings. Then I looked at my reading history (on Goodreads) & realized the most recent book on my list of favorites was published in 2006.

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