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Hi. I'm new to this instance. My former account was @SlowRain.

I'm a Canadian expat teaching ESL in . My interests are:

(I also roast coffee at home)

We just had our air conditioners cleaned for the first time. They're supposed to be done every couple of years. Ours are 12 years old.

I'm a master at finding my 1st-grade students' "missing" books in their school bags. This is what my life has become. 😐

D'oh! Why did I put hot water in my scuttle in this weather? 😫

This first day of spring feels more like summer.

This is the first time the concrete walls in our apartment haven't cooled off over the winter. Also, now that the weather is hitting 30°C, I'm done cycling to work until the fall.

So there'll be one less company uselessly sending small packages of roasted all around the world. Sounds like an environmental win.

I have a class with 2 naughty but fun brothers in it. Today, the older brother poked his younger brother, and I (very intentionally) said, "Sam, don't touch your little brother."

In Chinese, "little brother" is also slang for "penis". Hijinks ensued.

A little birdy just told me that my application has been approved, & I can go pick up my permanent-resident ID next week.

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And the award for the cover of the week goes to … Bloomberg!

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The next Legends of the Condor Heroes novel by Jin Yong, A Snake Lies Waiting, comes out Feb 6, 2020. But why do book stores have cover, release date, & synopsis before the publisher's official website?

Additionally, my wife says buying the oven has made me "more useful"--whatever that's supposed to mean. 😐

And this is what the crumb looks like for both of these. The is more sandwich-like because that's how I like it. The is a bit coarse because I put some grits in it.

Fun fact: I never used to like the crust until I started making my own bread. It's not just a loaf-vs-boule thing, it's also how to make the crust taste almost sweet.

By 10:00 this morning, I had baked a skillet of cornbread & a boule of 40% whole-wheat bread. Not too shabby.

Taichung red wine wins gold medal in France


Well, this is interesting. I'd try it, but I'm scared to know the price it now commands locally.

I seldom get the chance to sample from other countries. When I do, I'm happily reassured of the quality of what's available locally in .

Don't forget the "r". 😂

(Courtesy of one of my first-grade students.)

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