Do you think that once all the bad stuff is "torn down," we'll, ipso facto, have a utopia?

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Are you actually interested in what comes after the revolution or do you just yearn for the catharsis of breaking shit?

Does anyone know where I can find a copy-cat bot/application? I have another account on an instance that's pretty much hermetically sealed & I want to sync the posts of my account here with that one.

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"To keep reading this story, create a free account"

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The Social Network (2010) is a highly overrated film imo - one of those meandering biopics that mistakes a litany of disjointed (albeit, wild) biographical occurrences for a story. Felt the same way about Wolf of Wall Street.

So, is this new Parler app basically trying to be Gab 2.0?

There is this nebulous sweet-spot between being sleepy & full-on sleep-deprived where I am most productive

If i edit a paper(s) for long enough I, stop understanding how commas work

Gonna become someone who only talks about the "______ philharmonic"

Virgin dominant (more like "dumbinant") seventh chord vs. Chad M.A.J.O.R. seventh Chord

Looks like I have used "and" too many times in this paper. I guess it's time to use "as well as":

Reading about imposed "Working Time Reduction" (WTR) as a strategy to combat climate change over technological fixes

People burning flags is great for the flag industry - Folks burn a flag & other people pay for another flag to replace the burnt one & so on & so on, etc.

The success of the Tmobile "uncarrier" approach has got me thinking - younger generations tend to prioritize work-hour flexibility & freedom to travel over pay, & this yearning for "freedom" & noncommittal approach to life probably extends to contractual agreements as well - i.e. They'll be willing to pay higher prices in order to not have many contractual constraints & the capacity to abruptly renege or change an agreements

My uber driver asked if I was a rapper

"Yeah, I got a state-mandated caretaker now, 'cause I smoke that LOUD. Ye, my bud is that fire 🔥🔥"

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