Why the shid do libertarians always wear bowties

Okay y'all: I am at a crossroads - Should I learn Russian or Japanese

I am fascinated by both languages & the corresponding cultures. I am not really swayed by utilitarian arguments for learning one language over the other (e.g. job opportunities, number of speakers, ease/difficulty of learning, etc.)

If you all want to offer any interesting facts about the respective languages that differentiate them from other languages: (i.e. particular "quirks"), please go ahead & leave some sweet comments

Probably the dumbest (i.e. my favorite) tweet & reply on the 3rd

Why wear such small socks instead of just barefoot'n it??

So many folks seem tacitly alright with their nation being enslaved by special interest groups & the great god of GDP growth

She says I gotta look like dis in order to be loved:

The gf says I gotta put on 107lb of more muscle mass 😔

An incredible tale of how the naive innocence of the boomer came to revolutionize speedrunning:


If you dont get protein in that metabolic window, you will die - that simple, folks

Going to a big rugby game - prayers up for me

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