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THEM: there's nothing you can do on Mastodon that you can't do on Twitter


are there really NO toots about the ?

would be tooting about football really just me be yelling into the void?

my back is fucked up again and it has me extremely stressed out and sad

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is tootdon still the best Android Mastodon client? I'd like to get back to using the 'don

life's kinda nice without using social media

I really wanna get back into using social media more.

it's fun with the right audience and interaction.

I guess I'm worried if I haven't become responsible enough for it.

anyway, hello everybody!

I miss my California friends.

But I'm happy that me being so far away has emboldened me to try new things they'd always do in the kitchen.

...but I still miss em.

for the first time ever, I made rice (successfully)

even did that trick where you sautee it beforehand.

next time: I add tomatoes

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going through my grandma's mail, and it's shocking how many organizations use obvious racism to scare people into donating money

this kavana guy is a total piece of shit, huh?

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