Quand les ressources sont limitées, les virus s’attaquent préférentiellement à l’espèce qui est dominante et qui
s’approprie toutes les ressources. Quand tu es très complétif et que tu prends toutes les ressources,
les virus vont diminuer cette espèce pour donner de la place au plus faible et donc d’augmenter la biodiversité dans le milieu marin. Donc, il tut beaucoup de micro-organismes dans le milieu marin, ils ont un rôle dans le cycle du carbone

Québec solidaire propose d'instaurer un revenu universel d'urgence | Coronavirus

Ce programme pourrait permettre d'aider tous les Québécois à traverser la crise, selon Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.


Lettre ouverte au premier ministre : « L’argent aux travailleurs, pas aux pétrolières » | Coronavirus

Dans une lettre adressée à Justin Trudeau et publiée mardi matin, des organisations qui disent représenter 1,3 million de personnes demandent au premier ministre de verser l’argent du plan de sauvetage de l’industrie énergétique aux travailleurs ...


Coronacrisis vs Climatecrisis 

Pandemic points us toward more holistic ways to live

By Lynda Schneekloth Emergencies interrupt our lives. We get so used to our habits, daily routines and busy schedules that any abrupt eve...


Thompson: What the coronavirus teaches us

In the time of coronavirus, I headed to southern Utah’s remote canyon country to do some extreme social distancing. All I knew when I emerged a few days later in western Colorado was that the...


Stocking up on toilet paper? For India's impoverished slum-dwellers, that's not an option

There are millions of people like Usha in cities all around the world living without proper infrastructure, housing or employment opportunities.


Business as usual not a wise response to climate crisis

The title of John Blasiak’s March 7 My Turn is “Let Loggers Work and Sawmills Thrive.” Yes, it would be great if business as usual would solve our climate emergency. However, the claim that logging for more wood products will help reduce ...


Why Is COVID-19 Taken More Seriously Than Climate Change?

Climate change is an existential threat to humanity. We are on a trajectory to destroying a livable climate. This has been modeled, we know why its happening, how it works, and how to fight it. We also have the technology to defeat it. And bonus, ...


Climate change: Masculine marketing of utility vehicles linked to rising emissions

Could the obsession with big, manly cars stop us meeting our climate change commitments?


Nigeria’s crude oil reserves will run out in 49 years

Nigeria’s crude oil reserves will run out in 49 years, according to the country’s Department of Petroleum Resources. The reserves, which stood at 37.45 billion barrels in 2014, fell to …


COVID-19 : la crise aura-t-elle des effets durables sur les émissions de GES? | Coronavirus

Les données le montrent : les émissions de gaz à effet de serre (GES) ont grandement diminué en Chine et en Italie ces dernières semaines, depuis que sévit la crise du coronavirus. On peut s’attendre à ce que les émissions ailleurs en Europe et en ...


Coronavirus, climate change, and the environment

A conversation on COVID-19 with the director of Harvard University's Center of Climate, Health and the Global Environment


Will Coronavirus Fuel or Derail Climate Agenda?

companies are going to prioritize “recovery and growth above all else,” governments will devote most of their fiscal resources to the medical emergency, rescuing businesses, and safety-netting the unemployed, “collapsing oil prices will undercut the competitiveness” of green energy sources, and social distancing will blunt “large-scale [climate] protest activity.”


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