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Wanted for numerous crimes against the CIStem

Suspect "Missy" is wanted for collaboration with the enemy and attempted infiltration of the CIS society.
Suspect is classified as "Gender Outlaw".
Do not approach if seen, alert the authorities under [redacted].

All persons harboring or secreting the said person, aiding or assisting their concealment or escape will be treated as accomplices.

you have been warned.

I really would like to have an info graphic that shows steps of radicalization and it shows edgy memes somewhere and i could post it to people with the message "you are currently here"

mental health 

my mental health has gone down quite a bit. The isolation from the lockdown fuels my loneliness and this drains my mental health.

My alcoholism increased, my weight went up and overall I dont feel healthy at the moment.

I am still having days where I break out the negative cycle and regenerate a bit. But overall I don't know how long I can continue like this. :tiredcat:

Happy Birthday Greta Thunberg! 🎂🎁🎊🎉💚 !

racism, boomers 

Did I mention that I rarely am in servers/groups because I keep reminding people not to be racist piece of shits or just problematic in general and then get bullied till I leave, because that was usually happens and then I need months till I feel safe again to try another group.

So now I feel anxious because I called someone out again.

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racism, boomers 

this older trans woman in this support group discord posted something she thought is funny but it is just racist shit. I was so ready to just unload all my negativity from this morning onto her. But I just politely messaged her to not post that stuff in the group.

These older trans people on this server can be really annoying with their sexist jokes and cringy behavior, but it is tolerable. Just don't be racist pls.

personal, mental health 

I am feeling pretty down these days. getting bad news and reading bad stuff about me, about trans people..

I even thought about suicide again. havent thought about it for quite some time now.

it helps to know that I am not alone against all these phobic/hostile people. There are friendly people, helpful and empathetic people. And these people also need their time to heal and regenerate like I do.

terfs, pol 

just interacted a bit with politicans about gender stuff and there were some people angry about it, I wanted to educate them but glad I looked through their profiles. Would be a waste of time and energy, because these people are terfs, like completely, they dont have a life anymore. yikes.


Love to argue with people about wrong facts that can be looked up within seconds of searching online /s

Dozentin aus meinen Online Seminar heute so:

"Achja, falls ihr einen Spitznamen habt, oder einen anderen Namen benutzt als in eurem Personalausweis bzw. Klarname oder Namen den euch eure Eltern gegeben haben sagt bescheid, dann sprech ich euch so an."

So einfach geht das 🥰

tech question win10, gendered language 

can you switch words in windows10 from generic male terms to female in a gendered language setting?

mh, alc 

my walk to the gas station to get overpriced beer was made better by seeing two women holding hands.

I think they might be the gay couple with the "name+name in heart" i saw in one of the cars nearby my house

rant about HRT regimen, medication 

wanted to try out pills to see how it feels like but realized they are with lactose and I dont like to have diarrhea everyday. My endo is on vacation and the receptionist only gives me Rx for gel that lasts me a week(my endo returns in 10 days) with the phrase "it will last till the doctor returns"

😡 😡

nah it wont.. I know how much I use everyday, it wont last.

Fuck lactose in pills, fuck Germany for not having inject able estrogen, fuck!

news article, paywall, sexwork 

I really would like to read this german news article.
"Some politican still hold on to restrictions regarding sex work. Scientists, police and social worker aghast."

3rd Reich, political correctness, renaming streets 

My town is discussing renaming some streets that are associated with people from the 3rd Reich.

This and also that they already renamed a street a decade ago for the same reasons baffles me.

Political correctness in my conservative town?! wow!

Sewed a strap from my sports bra back on. I bought it very cheap and my frugal ass wanted to keep this beautiful bra so I tried to sew it and hopefully it works.

travel, vacation 

As of today I visited Germany's 3 largest cities.

If I visited Cologne I could even say I was in the 9 largest cities.

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