Shout out to all those artists making amazing albums that have netted them less than the £228 (inc vat) that it'd cost to submit for the Mercury Prize... That's one hella expensive lottery ticket...

new interview for No Treble magazine here - - it's pretty in depth, and I get say "There’s just no reason for anyone to be a billionaire" in an interview about bass playing ;)

Did an online talk today for an education site. I had a think before hand about all the skills I've needed to be self-managing, self-releasing and self-gig-promoting in music... turns out there's quite a few!

Really enjoyed this video of a Simon Rose seminar relating to his PhD - “Improvisation, music and learning: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis”

So what's new over here? Had a mad busy weekend of musicking and being ill. Not the best combination, I'll admit... But still, gig went well, bass sounded lush, and we're on into a new week... Still ill...

This gig is tonight. It coincides with me being the illest I've been this whole summer. I've been under the weather for weeks, but it's culminated in proper chills/aches/fever etc. today. So I'm on the lemsip and vit C...

It's been another bumper new album sales and new subscribers week on Bandcamp. Which is deeply pleasing and encouraging. Album is here if you want to hear it - - if you want yo buy it, the half price code 'bad50' is valid til the end of the weekend 🙂

Anyone got any links to a specifically music take on the negative impact of that horrible EU copyright directive? I very much appreciated @doctorow's writing for the EFF, but would be handy to get a music take...

We'll fight in Europe's courts, too: there's no way that asking multinational corporations to send all of our communications to American data-centres to be analysed by algorithms and arbitrarily censored passes European constitutional muster.

Half price offer on my new album ends this weekend - head to and use "Twitter50" as the discount code for 50% off

...You're welcome to pay more for it too if that feels worthwhile and meaningful to you, such is the joy of listener-centric payment gateways 😊😊

So, as you may have read, the European Parliament voted today as follows:

#Article13 (upload filters)
Passed: 366 for, 297 against

#Article 11 (link tax)
Passed: 393 for, 279 against

(They also banned people taking unofficial video or photos of sports events ⚽ 🚫 📸 )

So, close but not enough 😟

However, this was not the final vote. There will be more negotiations and a final vote in spring of 2019.

I would advise following Julia Reda, one of the good MEPs:

Spent the day hanging out with , shooting a music video. Fun times 😊

Buying train tickets on my phone. Accidentally clicked the option for collecting it from the machine instead of keeping the ticket in the app. Now feeling like the entire deforestation of South and central America is my fault for such a profligate waste of card.

New toys! Replaced my soundcard with album sale money. This Keith McMillen K-Mix is properly amazing!

Today has beenade up of journalism, learning songs for Saturday's gig ( ), invoicing, booking in masterclasses, course writing for a degree course I start teaching in October, and eating curry. And now I'm exhausted.

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