just revisiting this from my blog, "keeping your soul in an algorithmic world". Now trying to work out how I can just drop it straight into my PhD cos it explains so much that I don't want to have to rewrite in academic speak ;)


“If the future remembers any corporate villain from 2022, it will be Stuart Kirk. The satirically titled head of ‘responsible investment’ at HSBC

‘There’s always some nut job telling me about the end of the world,’ he told the Financial Times’s Moral Money conference – and I haven’t made that title up either. ‘Who cares if Miami is six metres underwater in 100 years? Amsterdam has been six metres underwater for ages and that’s a really nice place.’“


Absolutely loving these new aero handlebars and the pink bar tape. A beautiful weekend of riding ❤️

If James Earl Jones hasn't yet released a country album as Darth Brooks how can we ever trust anyone to make good decisions?

Took a little bit of time this morning to play bass and discover some new sounds in the DuoX. The Reverb IR Convolver is just amazing. Endless fun.
Recorded a new thing last night too.
Now back to transcribing my interview with David Torn for the PhD 😀

Thought I had some really weird crackling happening on my Right-side studio monitor this morning. Turns out it was just next door's windows being cleaned 😂

Found an absolute bargain in a cycling bric-a-brac charity sale on Friday - a set of Prime Doyenne Aero Handlebars. Fitted them on Saturday - the bar tape cost 5 times as much as the bars 😂
It's not an upgrade I was planning but I can already feel the difference, mostly in my riding position. I also angled the hoods in a little and that's WAY more comfortable.

Big weekend on the bike this one just gone - 559km between Saturday morning and Monday eve. Cycled to London from Birmingham, with 50km in the middle on the train to avoid the Chiltern Hills. Sunday I did the RideLondon sportive, with 20km at either end from/to my dad's house, and then rode back to Birmingham on Monday! Was definitely helped by how flat RideLondon was. I'd have struggled on a hilly route.

Tons of photos from it all here: flickr.com/photos/solobassstev


I have finally finished all of this year's degree student assessing and marking. Finally time to crack on with the final couple of months on my PhD!

Three things cyclists need to stop for:
• Other cyclists needing help
• Coffee/Cake
• Photogenic scenery
I don't make the rules, just passing them along 😊


I absolutely love tubeless tech on a bike but if you forget to wipe it off the downtube after a puncture that takes a few spins to seal, it's impossible to get off 😳😬
Anyone else running tubeless? Experiences? Tips?

New music!

I put out a new album this week, to mark the passing of my friend Rick Turner - builder, inventor, genius. He died a few weeks ago and left a massive hole in my life and in the world of luthiery.

The first two tracks on here are on an instrument he made for me:


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