..I just released the recording from that gig, with a 3000 word essay, to my Bandcamp subscribers - more about that here: stevelawson.net/2019/09/new-al

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Had a really lovely gig a couple of weeks back at the Belfast Guitar Festival - (Photo by Paul Hanley)

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What's been happening with me? (I'll ask the question for you :) )

I'm WAYYYY behind on my but beginning to get caught up. need to have about a third of it written by next March or I'll get kicked off...

Been making a lot of (no, really??) - newest album is The Arctic Is Burning, available over on - music.stevelawson.net/album/th

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once again, it's been months since I was last here, but all it takes is one conversation with my wife about internet dystopias and this place is looking way more attractive again. What's going on, MastoPeople?

I really need to stop forgetting that this place exists... Hey all :)

Damn, they changed the name of the mobile app and I forgot about this place!

Here's a California sunset from a couple weeks ago :)

working on material for three different modules at three different colleges simultaneously. Trying to keep the varying requirements, subjects and institutional idiosyncrasies in place. Failing :)

Why, when I have an app on my phone that lets me scan receipts as I go along, do I still wait til january and end up scouring the house for relevant receipts, wasting entire days sorting this shit out? makes zero sense...

Anyone else in the UK still sorting out last years self assessment tax form? Hoping to get a bunch more of it done today :)

Dodged a bullet last night - smashed my toes into the side of the bath while getting in - the worst pain I've felt in ages, and I was dreading the likelihood that I'd broken any of them (cycling would be pretty tricky with a pile of broken toes)... This morning my foot aches and there's some light brusing on my toes, but seems like I missed out on actually breaking anything. phew... Still, that hurt massively. Can't remember the last time I felt pain like that...

So I bought myself a new cycling jacket in the sales. It's amazing, but I still get the urge to put on a hoodie underneath it. Thin clothes that are this warm don't make any sense to me. :)

Oh FFS, one of the colleges I teach at has that bullshit policy of force-changing passwords every couple of months, but you can only reset them in the building! So my email ran out over Christmas and I can't log in to get anything... I hate it when dipshits are in charge of IT...

Back to work this week - just found out I start teaching tomorrow, not next week, so all teaching prep needs doing today! Eek!

Just played bass for the first time in two weeks. Spoiler alert: I SUCKED. 🤓😜😬

...but I sucked slightly less at the end of practicing than I did at the beginning. And thus begins 2019 - hoping to suck less at the end than the beginning. ❤️

Last college teaching day before Christmas dine. Now to dive back into PhD writing...

Today is the anniversary of my first proper solo gig - 19 years ago I played at The Troubadour in London on a double bill with Carrie Melbourne, recorded the gig on minidisc and one of the tunes from it ended up on my debut solo album, the majority of which was recorded at The Troubadour the following March. It was such a lovely gig, and represented a significant leap forward in the journey to where we are now. ❤️🎶

New album! and New Video! The album is called Restless, and is out for my
# subscribers now - this 22 minute video is the 2nd track from it. It's a live recording, with Pete Fraser on Sax, and it's rather lovely - youtube.com/watch?v=jr1cDdmo4y

the instrument I'm playing at the beginning for the piano part (and later on for the drums) is a Keith McMillen Quneo - amazing midi performance surface :) keithmcmillen.com/products/qun

Capitalism has told us many many lies over the years, but none weirder than the idea that yoghurt is worth loads more if the fruit isn't mixed in properly when you buy it.

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