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Hi I'm Solon! @Solon@mastodon.social

It is Day 155 of the Toot Revolution and I've finally figured out how to spell "Mastodon" properly.

This is an important site and has changed my life for the better.
It's Mast-O-don. With an -O-

It is Day 155 of the Toot Revolution on Mastodon and this discussion board continues to be certifiably gay and cool as hell. Thank you ALL OF YOU in the fediverse for being here <3

(Also I have no idea when I first got here or how many days it has ACTUALLY been)

@Solon Much more fun than that! The youtube video is just for music, the actual animation is css parameters animated via javascript, using the js version of a sync tracker called "rocket". During development, it connects to the tracker and lets you seek and edit parameter tracks, looks like so: icosahedron.website/media/TYiv The code for that is just commented out, so if you want you can download the html/js/sync tracks and the rocket editor (from github) and play around with it yourself!

I'm so excited! In like twenty minutes I get to hang out with my little brother who I haven't seen for over a year! Yaaay!!!

I'm very fortunate that RDLP has been in a year of plenty and we have enough to continue work for the next few months, so I'll be pushing my supporters towards supporting other people's work through other platforms that are more transparent and clear about how they work.

So we at RDLP have stopped monthly donations on Patreon and have suspended its service until further notice. We respect our fans and supporters and don't feel like they should feel bullied by a company that has stopped acting transparently or in good faith. Fix your stuff Patreon!

the first three words out of Luke Skywalker in Last Jedi Show more

Is it Runaways time? Yeah it's very Runaways time

My music thoughts are like polar-opposite of my other media thoughts: "Music is here for me to indulge in nostalgic feelings, fun people, and nice grooves" It's really self-serving for me

I feel like I should listen to more music from this year, but I could also listen to the Macklemore album again and just have fun with his bubblegum pop and weakass-trap vibes

i'm going to fucking murder soundcloud you CAN'T JUST DO THIS

I'm just happy to be here for the discourse y'all

from the fellas in the front can I get a "JORT JORT"?

and all the ladies in the back can I get a "JORT JORT"?

now somebody... anybody... JOORRRRRRRTS???

@Solon @RobF aren't short jorts not just jants, or jundies?

wouldn't short jorts just
be micro jants?

Every time I put on my denim vest I feel more powerful. I stop putting coatas on and just bear the cold of the world around me!

Now imagine the power I could have if I wore jorts though

Also it has cats on it? idek what's going on there

I'm learning about Ethereum right now and it's a wack. You had me at "more decentralized than bitcoin" and "it's called Ether". So is there a catch?