@Solon whole-ass websites dedicated to "DAVID LYNCH'S LOST VISION" with pictures of Sting's plastic undies and a grainy photo of the Navigator puppet

somewhere out there is the strongest baby in the world. the baby who could beat every other baby's ass. i wonder if it knows

Somewhere there is a dimension with jodorosky's dune and they're all like: "WHAT IF DAVID LYNCH MADE DUNE, HOW FRIGGED WOULD THAT BE?"

If you'd like to guess what tomorrow's toots will be, betting starts at Air Traffic Control Memes with a joint favorite of Simpson's (homestuck)

For those who missed it, yesterday on MASTODON was: horse (regular)

Today is: dune

I'm excited to find out what tomorrow will be

folks, here's Lefebvre on leisure from the Production of Space:
“[Leisure] is as alienated and alienating as labour; as much an agent of co-optation as it is itself co-opted; and both an assimilative and an assimilated part of the “system” … leisure has been transformed into an industry, into a victory of neocapitalism and an extension of bourgeois hegemony to the whole of space...[Spaces of Leisure are] ‘parasitic outgrowths on the one hand and exuberant new branches on the other – as prodigal of monstrosities as of promises (that it cannot keep)"

I'm just crying hearing the good boys hollering "YEET! YOU ARE INSUFFERABLE, YEET"

y'all can keep fallout 1 LOL

guys... his name is Randy... he just gotta fuck... I'm crying for real

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y'all know what I'm always thinking about - class warfare Show more

y'all know what I'm always thinking about - class warfare Show more

Although @tobykeith's livestream is keeping me sane tonight

"Yeet with your back, not with your knees"

I'm boooored and I should go play a video game 'for fun' but I keep just turning it on myself trying to think of a game to play 'for work'

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is the tribute god bot on here yet? can we get tributes to the toot god?

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