I want to thank WWE because for the first time ever I drove through Tacoma and there was no traffic on I-5

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good morning, i'm going to bed and preempting Saturday Night Drive and instead checking in with @Solonface@twitter.com & company as they Until We Beat on FFVI twitch.tv/solonface

make me hot, Nintendo
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Kronya, Solon, and Thales are a part of “those who slither in the dark.” This mysterious group has set into motion a plan of sorts...but to what end? Find out when : Three Houses comes out on 7/26!

It's the first day of a final fantasy summer. Welcome to UNTIL WE BEAT Final Fantasy VI. We're streaming until Kefka is DEAD. Let's kill this clown twitch.tv/solonface

"hey champ, that's in fifteen minutes..."
Aww crap here it goes again

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hey folks, looking for that sweet sweet ff7 remake? Well, we don't care! Instead we've got mechs and clowns and trains coming tonight! UWB FFVI starts at 8pm PST, in an hour! we'll see ya at twitch.tv/solonface

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LUCAH: BORN OF A DREAM is launching on NINTENDO SWITCH in North America on July 3!

You can pre-purchase NOW at nintendo.com/games/detail/luca


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earlier tonight, @CrillFactor@twitter.com mentioned "Bripe" to the team and it came back to haunt him on the WEDNESDAY WRAPUP. Crill could not be reached for comment at time of tweeting. twitch.tv/videos/441588359

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Super Neptunia RPG doesn't play quite so well (and its stats? Absolutely wack). Walker takes us through this latest Nep quest in his review: videogamechoochoo.com/super-ne

I've never been so happy to see SAFE by breaking my combo on the very last note. First time playing Project Diva X and this is one of my favorite songs

Middle Schooler: "So I was with my friend-
Well, she's not my friend. I actually hate her-
Actually hate is a strong word...
I need a stronger word..."

Thank you Kino!! It's a really great race and its only getting "better"
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Hey Pokemon Nuzlocke fans, you should really check out @Solonface racing against @Nate_Buck in their randomized Nuzlocke race!


The opening sequence is really great, and who doesn't love a bit of competition?

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