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*looking solemnly down at my ham and cheese sandwich*

I wish u had space thrusters?

Glad to see space is still doing well out there. It's cool we gave them a new car!

Crill called out that just had a tesla ad in the middle of the launch that commodifies David Bowie and I'm like... I guess they earned it? I dunno, weird feelings

In awe of the size of this lad, Absolute unit (By a factor of 2) Mastodon loves itself a space rocket launch, eh?

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Ahh yess that's the immediate reaction I'm looking for everytime I announce what a new Let's Play is gonna be :p

[NEW VIDEO] I spent the last three months on this series deconstructing games from 2017 and the first episode of it just came out today!!

a middle schooler came up to me just now to announce: "The diss track on Earth is coming."

I am afraid.

This is the most warner-bros ass toot I've ever written. It's such bad

I just put my water-bottle up to my lips absent-mindedly and kissed the lid that was still on... Oops, I have a drinking problem, and now it wants a pre-nup

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You have painted your nails!

self-confidence: +1
Consciousness of hand position: +10
Use of Fingernails as tools: -100,000,000,000

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@Solon Your fursona is an ecstasy-colored Broad-faced Deer Mouse.

look, ma! I'm a YouTuber!

steal this toot

[no copyright intended!!]

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@Solon In some way, we're all robots. Just very squishy one's.

That's why I wanted to start with this video as a sneak peek, because the whole series is a deconstruction of a year's worth of video games So we start with deconstructing what a fighting game is.

So I want to make sure my critique videos use games as a lens to talk about more than just games. (Although this series is about 2017 as a year we lived through, which required a lot of video games so... uhhh whelp!)