Mitch McConnell Says He’ll Support Trump in 2024 After Blaming Him for Capitol Riot

Asked directly by Fox News anchor Bret Baier if he would support Trump should he become the GOP nominee in 2024, McConnell did not hesitate to say “absolutely.”

Tucker Carlson Suggests QAnon Doesn’t Exist Because He Can’t Find Its Website

The Fox News host said he and his team spent “all day” trying to locate the conspiracy theory, which he’s now claiming was made up by the left.

So What Are We Going to Do About These bullshitters Spreading Bullshit?

If the media isn't going to fact check them and call them out on their lies, then they might as well be actively promoting the election conspiracy bullshit.

Ron Johnson uses Senate hearing on January 6 insurrection to push absurd conspiracy theory

Despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, Johnson suggests Trump supporters were framed.

“We could have had 10-times the amount of people working with us, and I still believe the battle would have been just as devastating,”

"I received chemical burns to my face that still have not healed to this day"

Clarence Thomas Promotes Voter Fraud Lies in Alarming Dissent

Even the “appearance of corruption” is enough to justify voter suppression laws, according to the justice.

Why Republicans are keeping Trump's Big Lie alive

The Big Lie about the stolen election has opened the door for a wave of voter suppression not seen in decades

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