Why Confederate Lies Live On

For some Americans, history isn’t the story of what actually happened; it’s the story they want to believe.


A group of security researchers say they’ve unmasked a massive bot farm that aimed to shape public opinion on Facebook during the heat of the 2020 presidential election.


Seven years after choosing to remain in the United Kingdom and five years after opposing moves to leave the European Union, voters in Scotland are going to the polls once again Thursday in a parliamentary election that could set the stage for yet another independence referendum.


COVID-19 death toll is more than double the official count, UW analysis suggests

A new analysis from scientists at the University of Washington suggests 6.9 million people worldwide have died from COVID-19, more than double the official death toll.


QAnon Is Freaking Out Over Bill and Melinda Gates’ Divorce

Bill Gates is one of the conspiracy cult’s most-hated villains, and they have some theories about the split.


Nearly six months after Trump lost to Biden, rejection of the 2020 election results - dubbed the "Big Lie" by many Democrats - has increasingly become an unofficial litmus test for acceptance in the Republican Party.


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