Jet skiing implies the existence of a harder-to-start, but easier-to-master sport called jet snowboarding

Til commata is an acceptable pluralization of comma

god the more i think about it the more of a good idea this is

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i wrote like 4 blog posts this weekend because i was upset with myself for not having blogged all summer

i'm gonna give $10/mo to masto on patreon. if you've ever said "i would totally pay for twitter if they would let me" it's time to put your money where your mouth is

it seems like you should be able to make something that acts like read-only mastodon instance that converts tweets into mastodon posts so you can read everything in one place

oh wow and it supports content warnings. mastodon increasingly feels like a product designed for humans instead of capital?? mods??????

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let's get a Tootbot and really get this party started

there's a lot to like about this thing. i like that you can hide languages you don't speak, that there's a bit you can flip if it's a bot account, and that you can choose if people can see your follow/following.

all stuff that is very sensible that twitter doesn't seem to do?


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