The Apex Society #20 Page 8.

Forgot to plug my new podcast episode earlier this week. In this one, we discuss Harlan Ellison's A Boy and His Dog, with a wider look at Ellison's career and...let's say... "controversies."

The Apex Society #20 Cover.

A new episode of my podcast up! In this one, we discuss Edgar Allan Poe's only novel, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, and talk about its numerous imitators and unauthorized sequels (including one by Jules Verne).

That turned out to be for the best, I think, since I was able to use colour in Undeath to show, say, the effects of the vampire dimension, etc.

Anyway, thanks for reading along while I posted this oldie. Join me Monday for the beginning of a two-part story set on Mars.

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The man thing working on this comic years back taught me is that it's really hard telling a coherent story in this style (high-contrast black and white with minimal lines). This was supposed to be a test-run for Undeath, which was planned to be in that style, but I realized it was too difficult to have clear storytelling without a lot of effort, and that it would be frustrating to do this in a long-form story.

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I mostly just streamlined the story a bit - notably, in the original, there were several attempts to stake Manor but he escaped again and again to visit Har. I cut that down to one. Also, the original's ending is a little more ambiguous, with Har dying while seeing a vision of Manor. I made it explicit that they do indeed end up with each other.

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Like I said, I did this story a few years ago so there are definitely art things I would have done differently today (but that's always the case). The story itself is a fairly close adaptation of the original, with a few exceptions.

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Apex Society #19 Page 26.

A new episode of my podcast dropped. This time, we're joined by Andrew Hickey to discuss the Doctor Who tie-in novel Alien Bodies by Lawrence Miles, with a wider look at Doctor Who in general.

This is a cut-down version of a much longer episode, exclusively available via Patreon.

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