Kaijune Bonus.

I've learned that the South Korean Kaiju film Yongary is most likely in the Public Domain. Not entirely sure, but I felt like doing a redesign of the creature anyway.

He's about 330 feet tall, consumes gasoline, and can breathe fire.

The Gappa is a giant flying reptilian creature (just under 300 feet tall) that pair bonds and produces offspring. They can emit a destructive heat beam from their mouths and their wings can create hurricane forces. The remaining three specimens currently live on Obelisk Island, where they are worshiped by the natives.

Kaijune Bonus.

Just learned that the 1967 Japanese Kaiju movie Gappa (also known as Gappa: The Triphibian Monster and Monster From A Prehistoric Planet) is in the Public Domain for some reason, so I thought I'd give the creature a redesign.

Kaijune 6.

Conking - a Sōgoju based on King Kong.

Okay, I'm caught up now. I'll be posting one a day for the rest of the month.

The Sōgoju clean the Kaiju, ridding them of parasites and such, and in return they feed off of scraps and/or excess radiation, etc. Sort of like sharks and pilot fish, or those birds that live on hippos.

Anyway, here's the first one of the series, Gojee, based on the G-Man himself.

It's a number of days in, but I just found out about Kaijune and I want in - that's a month drawing a Kaiju or Kaiju related thing every day.

I'm going to focus on an idea I've had for a while combining Kaiju with Pokemon/Digimon type properties. So these are miniature versions of classic (and not-so classic) giant monsters from movies. I'm calling them Sōgoju, with the idea that they're creatures that evolved alongside Kaiju to form a mutually beneficial relationship.

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