The pilot episode of my and Adam Prosser’s pulp podcast, What Mad Universe, is available a week early for all Patrons!

Pex the Hyperborean.

17,000 years ago, a barbarian named Pex rose to the throne of Hyperborea - which he defended from invasion from the mighty Meropisian empire. He went on to father a great line of heroes, culminating in Charles Apex, founder of the Apex Society.

This is obviously a take on the Robert E. Howard barbarian characters like Conan and Kull.

The current head of MI6 and a member of Her Majesty's Knights of the Round Table, Sir James --, given the traditional codename "M" (passed down since the time of Merlin), is a cold, ruthless, and calculating political operator.

Pastel over acrylic/gouache on paper.

I once drew the Slenderman before it was cool.

I need money because I'm poor as fuck, so I'm gonna sell out and become an edgy anti-SJW Youtube personality.

Meet Billy the Redpilled Hornbill.

Undeath #2 Page 4.

Sorry again for that delay and all the other delays lately. I’ve been toiling away at another project that took way longer than I was expecting.

But the good news is I’m finished with it now, so things should go back to normal in terms of updates

We'll be posting the premier episode in early October, so watch out for that. @AdamP

Hooligans for Hire, featuring: Tommy Tech, the world's youngest tech billionaire; Alfie the Zom-Boy; Wanda Wiccan; Edgy Eddie; and Beelzebrat.

Parody of the Harvey Comics stable of characters.

Here's the cover art I did for a podcast I'm working on with my friend @AdamP where we discuss early pulp novels as well as their impact on modern pop culture.

We want a few more episodes in the can before we start posting them, but keep a lookout for it.

I'm tabling at FanExpo tomorrow. Table A427.

Please come. It was so lonely today.

Some buttons I plan on putting on my new bag when I get it at the end of the month.

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Redo of my Flatwoods Monster design, since I thought my last take on Flatty was kind of bland.

Ruddigore is underrated. Underrated, I say!

Seinfeld but he's a vampire-hunting priest.

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