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What Mad Universe?!? Chapter 4: Who Fears the Devil? is now up!

Strange things haunt the mountains. Up these hills and down these hollows walks a man with a silver-stringed guitar, singin’ the old songs, and doing what justice he can in a frightening world.

In this episode we look at the “Silver John” stories by Manly Wade Wellman, about a humble rover who battles the evils of the backwoods with music in his heart…

I'm reading the Elric of Melniboné series by Michael Moorcock for an upcoming episode of What Mad Universe?!?, and I thought I'd draw the good old brooding albino anti-hero. I chose an Anime style because, frankly, he feels like an Anime character.

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It's Halloween night, AKA the best night for the best holiday (pipe down, Christmas.) So one more time, before the end of the season:

HALLOWEEN GIRL AND THE SECRET OF THE SKELETON KEY, by @Spearhafoc and me, on sale right now!

The Snipe is described differently across the country. Sometimes it’s a snake, or a mammal, or a bird. It always has some preposterous features. I used the version from the Fearsome Critters of the Lumberwoods book, which describes it as a bird with three legs for balance, multi-coloured feathers on top and fur underneath, and a hooked nose on a bullwheel.

The subject of a popular prank common throughout the United States. The prank’s victim is invited on a “snipe hunt,” which requires the hunter to perform ridiculous tasks and to hold a bag in the middle of the woods alone. The victim is left there, until they figure out that they’ve been lied to, and left, “holding the bag,” so to speak.

A fat bear-like creature that is entirely hairless except for thick eyebrows and a scraggly beard. Instead it has dark, leathery skin. Its skin is nearly indestructible; bullets and such will bounce right off it. Its only weakness is fire, which will cause it to explode. The Gumberoo is constantly hungry, and is never satisfied - no matter how much it eats.

“First out I saw it was dark, heavy-winged, bigger than a buzzard. Then I saw the shiny gray-black of the body, like wet slate, and how it seemed to have feathers only on its wide wings. Then I made out the thin snaky neck, the bulgy head and long stork beak, the eyes set in front of its head—man-fashion in front, not to each side.

The feet that taloned onto the sack showed pink and smooth with five graspy toes.”

The next episode of my podcast What Mad Universe?!? (which will be up on my Patreon this Monday, and available to the public the following Monday) is on the Silver John series by Manly Wade Wellman, so I thought I'd do some related art.

This is the Ugly Bird, from the first story, O Ugly Bird. It’s an ectoplasmic projection of the evil witch-man Mr. Onselm.

Fearsome Crittober Day 31: The Joint Snake.

A snake that can break apart and then reassemble itself.

Note: While this is the last day of October, I still have two or three Fearsome Critters I wanted to draw, so I’ll be doing those over the next week as bonuses.

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