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Reasons why we don't sell your personal data:
1. We don't collect it.
2. Can't sell what we don't have.
3. We 💙 privacy.
4. The whole point of Startpage is privacy.
5. Commitment to you.

How would you feel if your best friend knew your search history?

What about your co-workers or boss?

🚨 Pop Quiz! No cheating!

What's the origin of the term "Big Brother" and what does it mean today?

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@StartpageSearch I recently switched from Google to Startpage as my main search engine. A lot better than DuckDuckGo ever was, and you seem to get your results from Google (which have always been the best results for me), while keeping it proxied/anonymous/private.

Let’s be perfectly clear:

We don’t serve any tracking or identifying cookies.


There's nothing wrong with wanting a little bit of privacy.


There's nothing wrong with wanting a lot of privacy.

Privacy is

Things Startpage doesn't know about you:
👤 Gender
💍Relationship status
📍 Location

Why should any website know all of this?

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well, lets see:

💻OS: Arch Linux, Tails
📱Mobile OS: GrapheneOS
🔍Search: Startpage
🌐Browser: Librewolf
📧Email: Protonmail,, anything PGP really
💬Messaging: Element, (Signal)
🔐Passwords: Bitwarden
☁️Cloud storage: own NAS/Nextcloud/encrypted S3-compatible

What prompted you to take privacy seriously?

We'll go first: We realized how much personal data non-private search engines collect.

What are your recommendations for privacy?

📱Mobile OS
☁️Cloud storage

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So... do you know how Startpage protects your privacy?

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We're thrilled to have received the rating "excellent" in this latest @PCMag review. Check it out via the link below!

"StartMail's user interface is slick, modern, and responsive; and it works on any platform. Its combination of email encryption and email aliases lets you communicate securely with trusted correspondents and interact with untrusted sources without giving away your true email address."

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