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Reasons why we don't sell your personal data:
1. We don't collect it.
2. Can't sell what we don't have.
3. We 💙 privacy.
4. The whole point of Startpage is privacy.
5. Commitment to you.

So... do you know how Startpage protects your privacy?

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We're thrilled to have received the rating "excellent" in this latest @PCMag review. Check it out via the link below!

"StartMail's user interface is slick, modern, and responsive; and it works on any platform. Its combination of email encryption and email aliases lets you communicate securely with trusted correspondents and interact with untrusted sources without giving away your true email address."

Dear Big Tech,

Privacy is a human right. Why is this so difficult for you to understand?

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Very cool! 's browser addon called Protection now allows you to temporarily blur the current tab by pressing the ESC key 3 times. Press it a 4th time to switch to a blank @StartpageSearch.


📢 Check it out folks! The Startpage Privacy Protection extension has a new feature!

Escape Route allows you to quickly hide your search and browsing activity from anyone that may come up behind you. No more unwanted 👀 on your screen!

Big news! The EU passed the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act.

"The DSA is focused on boosting the efficacy and transparency of online content moderation, while the DMA centers on combatting anti-competitive company practices."

In light of Supreme Court decision, we want to remind folks: There's a way to privately access information.

Going to a protest? Protect your data.

🔐Use a strong password and remove fingerprint
unlock & Face ID.

📸Take photos/videos without unlocking your device.

📱Use an encrypted messenger like Signal.

🧢Wear nondescript clothing and cover identifying

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We find that using TorBrowser and #I2P are important first steps.

Purging #Cloudflare and all website that use Cloudflare including #banks, is is another important step. In #TorBrowser hit Ctrl+Shift+E to bring up the Network Tab, by looking at the domains the websites use you'll quickly see which are Cloudflare by the "cf-ray" in the HTTP response. The Block Cloudflare MITM Attack (BCMA) plugin can help.

The #UBlockOrigin addon is used by #TailsOS in TorBrowser, so use it.

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@StartpageSearch I use tools and softwares centered to privacy and security

Reasons to follow us:

💁‍♂️ Privacy Tips
📰 Privacy News
👻 Memes
🐾 We love cats and dogs
💙 We're eager to please
💻 Startpage updates

📢Say it louder for those in the back:

Privacy is a human right!

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Privacy may require some extra effort, but it's worth it.
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Privacy should be a protected human right everywhere.

Consent without a realistic and informed option to refuse isn’t consent.

Which would you replace?

OS: Mac OS
Browser: Safari
Email: Gmail
Search: Google

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@StartpageSearch It depends what you mean by "non-tech," but I have an RFID protector in my wallet so people can't scan my credit cards!

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