@StartpageSearch Yoshitaka Sakurada, the chief of Japan's government's cyber security strategy office, has a really effective way of avoiding surveillance! He's never used a computer 😆

@StartpageSearch I'm doing what I can while choosing an acceptable trade off. Like Graphene OS on my phone is too extreme and doesn't work with some apps I use, so I use Calyx OS, which has been de-googled, but with microG installed instead. I can at least control what information is given to google with microG.

@StartpageSearch That's complex and day after day I feel the war against surveillance is just pointless ☹️ The World is in the process of getting messed up really bad

We find that using TorBrowser and #I2P are important first steps.

Purging #Cloudflare and all website that use Cloudflare including #banks, is is another important step. In #TorBrowser hit Ctrl+Shift+E to bring up the Network Tab, by looking at the domains the websites use you'll quickly see which are Cloudflare by the "cf-ray" in the HTTP response. The Block Cloudflare MITM Attack (BCMA) plugin can help.

The #UBlockOrigin addon is used by #TailsOS in TorBrowser, so use it.

There are two caveats to the above to be mindful of.

1. Unfortunately CloudFlare is used by #Visa last we checked but Visa have a bespoke setup that negates the need for the aforementioned '#CFRay'.

2. Be mindful that the #UBlock addon fetches all its #blockLists from CloudFlare. May be reason for not blocking or warning of the #MITMAttack, and why BCMA #addon is neccessary.

Don't trust BCMA.xpi? — Convert the #XPI to a #ZIP file and read the code.


@StartpageSearch I use tools and softwares centered to privacy and security

@StartpageSearch Instead of using the Startpage search, it is better to use metager.de or searx.prvcy.eu .
To test simply enter "Startpage sold 2019".


Wow. Interesting news for me.

what is @StartpageSearch saying on this? True story or not?

#privacy #tech

@ps @n2m3e In 2018, Startpage became a part of System1.

Startpage operates as its own business unit within System1. To uphold all privacy promises and protections, we have contractual agreements in place to ensure that privacy decisions remain in control of the Startpage.com team.

Our privacy policy hasn't change. Startpage does not collect user personal data. If you have any questions, let us know.

@StartpageSearch @ps How does System1 earn its money? Why did System1 choose Startpage?

@StartpageSearch Unlike other i will say, it's ok to use cloudflare as long as you add end to end encryption or do not process personal data.
It's also ok to NOT use tor and i2p because SOME need it doesn't make it mandatory like some try to tell.

The only advice i do it's do your treat model and use private / end to end encrypted services who met your requirement.

To those who push tor on all user do not forget that extreme model banish startpage because it use google to have their result....

@StartpageSearch Use things that are compartmentalized or collect minimal to no data.

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