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Hi. I occasionally do productive things, but I mostly just shitpost and boost stuff.

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🔸 Cut back on social media use (I recognize the irony here)
🔸 Write at least one short story
🔸 Work on my OCs
🔸 Start drawing again
🔸 Start pixel arting again
🔸 Work out (or at least move around) more than I currently do
🔸 Read more books and less Internet

Been a little busy with life stuff the past few days, will be a bit busy this weekend, too. I’mma use that as an excuse to take a couple days off from social media in general. See y’all on Sunday~

It bears remembering that the sentiment that "if you do nothing, you're complicit" betrays certain unexamined privileges.

Before you express that sentiment, go down the list of things you believe constitute "doing something". Then imagine a reason why a person might not be ABLE to do that thing.

I think you'll discover that "doing something" often requires certain privileges in life, and that "doing nothing" does not, in fact, imply condonement or complicity.

yo the fight aint over until its over
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You remember that 200-word RPG I wrote for a competition last month, 'These are animals', about being a kid taken away from their mother by officialdom?

Hundreds of shares on social media.

No comments from the judges.

Didn't make the final 50.

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I'm sad that Mastodon seems to be getting more and more passive-aggressive and mean-spiritedly cliquish as time goes on. It's starting to feel like the worst of Tumblr culture in a lot of ways. Over the last few days I've pre-emptively muted notifications for several posts because I can predict the replies I'm going to get and I'd rather not see them.

I don't think it has to be that way. I think we can all do better. Exercise compassion for others, and maybe think twice about our next subtoots.

2017: Youtube AI demonetizes LGBT videos
2018: Youtube AI takes down unmonetized videos
2020: The entire Youtube department gets put off. None of the former employees reply to phone calls or appear in public.
2034: Youtube AI sends a terminator back in time to kill John Connor

"You saved me! You're my hero!"
"Oh, honey. I'm not your hero.

I'm their villain."

Double bluh: I hate feeling like I’m yelling into the void.

It is through the seizure and utilization of retro imagery and attractive nostalgia that we may not only communicate memetically, but deny our enemies refuge within them.

Bluh. Feeling out of sorts because I don’t know what I want to write about. I’m not in a fandom, I am typically out of my depth in regards to politics, I have no real obsession/passion/whatever…I’m just kinda floating in an ocean without knowing which way to turn my sail.

*sleeps in the middle of your timeline*

In the 1970s, a group called NARMIC supported the movement against the #Vietnam war with research such as:

- the top 100 defense contractors making the war possible;

- a slideshow showing the automated weapons systems used, and their horrific impact.

LittleSis (which maintains a power research database of its own) is profiling this important work, so that it can inform and inspire #opendata activists today:



in my headcanon when @netkitty purrs it sounds like a early-2000s hard drive

epic space movie starring profile picture cat