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Hi. I occasionally do productive things, but I mostly just shitpost and boost stuff.

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🔸 Cut back on social media use (I recognize the irony here)
🔸 Write at least one short story
🔸 Work on my OCs
🔸 Start drawing again
🔸 Start pixel arting again
🔸 Work out (or at least move around) more than I currently do
🔸 Read more books and less Internet

Of course the whole 'Are Ernie and Bert gay" thing is a mess because most hets have no concept of homosexuality except via sex.

So while us queers are eager to see a pair of male-identified characters who love each other acting as early childhood role models and modelling relationships that small children might see in the real world, they can't get their minds away from "PUPPETS FUCKING OMG!!!!!"

(And now I’m listening to it on repeat while I clear out some old bookmarks on my browser—a little reminder that “I just need to get it straight, stop wasting time”.)

You know the “I feel personally attacked” meme? “Funny” thing: The first time I heard the chorus of this song, I legit felt personally attacked—or, rather, angry at myself for basically *living out the chorus* on a daily basis. Seriously, this song gave me a goddamn existential crisis the first time I heard it. I broke down for a good half-hour, tears and everything.

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Game devs need unions because no politician will ever make “hiring someone, relocating them across the country, then laying them off a week later” a fucking crime.

== Quoted ==

- There are people who started at Telltale as recently as a week ago.

- Some of those people have children.

- At least one of them relocated cross country

- A lot of the Telltale devs have families & children. And now they don't have a paycheck. Not even a severance paycheck.

He's been a doctor, he's been a cat, so this is the logical conclusion

Pitch: Bowser and Luigi, voiced by H. Jon Benjamin and Brenden Small.

Happy to all the bi people on the Fediverse!


“I have no strong feelings one way or the other.”

Feel free to use this pixel emojo thingy wherever and however you want. 😃

Mastodon doesn't punish you for living your life.

It doesn't actively take metrics of your interactions to gauge your social or cultural capital.

Never will it demand that you post this much to be or stay relevant to the community, disappearing into the void if you don't meet The Quota.

So please, for the love of toot, take breaks whenever you feel you need to! We'll be here when you get back! :patcat:

Be gay.
Do crimes.
Photosynthesize genders.
Devour celestial bodies.
Drink plenty of water.

“I have no strong feelings one way or the other.”

Feel free to use this pixel emojo thingy wherever and however you want. 😃

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Look, I know we’re supposed to rag on Nintendo for the ROM situation and being a corporation and all that, but DAMMIT, I have to give them credit for doing stuff like this without an accompanying PR blitz:

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