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Taru Luojola @Stoori

Howdy how my dear followers! I think I'll migrate to witches.town. So if you still want to follow my tootings, please follow my account there, @Stoori. I'm already following you all there, too, so I'll now wind down this account on mastodon.social.

@Nonunsenses Nou ja, het is maar te leren. :relaxed: (Ik zal naar Nederland verhuizen, dus leer ik.)

@Nonunsenses Ik ben uit Finland, maar volg je graag toch.

So, I should do some clean up here at home. Try to guess if I'm thrilling to do it or can barely entertain the whole idea.

So who else is waiting for the results of Finnish local elections tonight?

@powers It's a *punk literature genre like all the others, but the main technology (and social issues thereof) revolve around human muscular locomotion in the industrial or post-industrial age — that is, bikes and similar non-motorized machines.

I mean, in the age of climate change, carmageddon and rising urbanism, why is this not a thing yet?

Now editing my next novel, genre: . I haven't seen any representatives of that genre before, could it really be possible that this is a pristine field?

Jos jotakuta kiinnostaa ja kieli on , niin minulla olisi pari julkista palvelinta:

- kirjoittajayhteisö Tyhjän arkin retkikunta discord.gg/y8tVkAK

- sukupuoli- ja seksuaalivähemmistökeskustelu Kväärit discord.gg/ZdBDtMF .

Saa tulla ja kutsua muitakin.

@bradamant Ja, ook in Finland is het moeilijk om Nederlandstalige mensen te vinden. Ik kan toch boeken lezen, maar ik wilde spreken.

@bradamant Hoi, ik hou ook van het (maar spreek en schreef het slecht!). En wij hebben drie poesjes.

Oh wow! I haven't looked here for a while, and it seems that this thing is taking off behind my back. :D

TFW you've booked flights, and four days later the same airline has a 25 % cheaper special offer for the same route.

@estebanm @ekaitz_zarraga @jansegers Yeah, I've noticed that much.

It's a bit of a culture shock, as a native speaker of a language with completely gender-neutral pronoun system, to see how much effort English speakers must put in their use of pronouns.

And yet even here are some dickheads who think it's overreacting of English and Swedish speakers to pursuit gender-neutral pronouns. Like, can't you see what your own language has always done. :expressionless:

@pinesky Nah, I think that pushing glasses around is the most prominent similarity between me and him. :grin:

@pinesky I just realised that I have something in common with tr*mp! :open_mouth:

I mean, if there's something annoyingly close to me on a table, I must push it away, so that I won't touch it accidentally. For me it's a sensory thing (related to aspie), of course I can't know why he is doing it.

@jansegers @ekaitz_zarraga I'm not a native English speaker, but for me they/them/their sounds very natural.

As for the confusion with plural... You know how to differentiate between singular and plural 'you'? Well, do the same with 'they'.

@usercount Oho, tuohan on jo ihan kunnon tuuttaus.