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The observant will have noticed that the images for 19.02 was uploaded around 10 hours ago.

But here is the official announcement!

Manjaro ARM 19.02 has been released, with images for and .

This release sports the new OEM type setup, 0.14 and 5.15.

RT from PINE64 (@thepine64)

A small number of #PinePhone @UBports CE is available in the PINE Store for purchase (DHL shipping only). Here is your chance to pick one up and have it shipped soon.

Store link:

Original tweet :

Stof til eftertanke.

En halv liter Faxe Kondi koster 15.95 kr + pant.
En 1,5 liters Faxe Kondi koster 15.00 kr + pant.

Du får 3 gange så meget Faxe Kondi for 1 krone mindre.
Den eneste fordel ved den halve liter er at den er nemmere at bære rundt på.

With Apple switching to ARM based processors in their new Macbooks, we just want to make it clear that we are not going to make an effort to support the Macbook.
Apple has a history of locking down their systems as much as possible.

RT from Zlatan Todorić (@zlatandebian)

PINE64 is a lot of quality packed into small price, huge and incredible community, strong supply network and good management which makes it perfect fit for any organization - be it schools, startups, big corps, humanitarian orgs, governments

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Looking for a powerful Pi-like SoC with dual gigabit NICs and good openssl/openvpn performance (AES hardware acceleration ideally).

Anything, anyone?

[Boosts appreciated]

#RaspberryPi 4 with @ManjaroLinuxARM Xfce 64-bit on 4K TV... Feels somewhat sluggish with the 4K resolution... But everything else works fine, even Bluetooth

This friday I am going to get my second tatoo.
My first tatoo is of a pair of on fire. The second is gonna be the penguin .

Do you have any tatoos?
If so, what are they of?

Wow, you can have a _complete_ set of digital computing devices for less than $500 USD with @PINE64 stuff.

* PineBook Pro: 199.99
* PineTab+keyboard: 119.98 (pre-order)
* PinePhone: 149.99 (uBPorts ed.)
* PineTime: 24.99 (dev kit)
= Total: $494.95 USD

They're all designed with FOSS in mind and schematics are provided. That's awesome.

Woop woop.
Just got dp alt mode working on the #PinebookPro using #mainline #linux kernel with patches.

This makes our mainline kernel on par with our PBP specific kernel.

The package will hit arm-unstable repo tomorrow at some point.

It's about time to finally move all our infrastructure to the #RockPro64 cluster setup! It's been a long time coming. 😊

Expect some downtime for our website, forum, wiki, and IRC in the coming days. Other chat protocols will remain up, but may not be bridged at times. Support and Store sites will be unaffected.

RT from Xeno the CaveSpider 🕷️ (@fxk8y)

Got my @thepine64 Pinebook Pro today, I'm very excited about the look and feel, very nice surface finish. Pre-installed Manjaro is snappy and fast

Original tweet :

How to install Manjaro ARM on your brand new #RaspberryPi4 8GB model.

Step 1: Download the 20.04 image of Manjaro (either KDE Plasma or XFCE) from the Manjaro website.
Step 2: Flash this image to your SD card with Etcher, or extract it and DD it.
Step 3. Put the SD card into your Pi and boot it up.
Step 4: Profit...

Your system now has 8 GB of RAM and 12 GB of Swap (in RAM).

I think we have to keep believing that the world can get better. That we ALL can get better.

I think DECIDING to believe it, and never letting the fools and tyrants of the world break that belief, is the only chance we have of making it happen.

Another #PinebookPro issue from the factory. 🤦‍♂️

If your newly arrived PBP will not boot, try booting from SD.

If it boots from SD, you may need to flip the "eMMC disable" switch in order for normal boot.

See our wiki for how to find and flip the switch:

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