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The observant will have noticed that the images for 19.02 was uploaded around 10 hours ago.

But here is the official announcement!

Manjaro ARM 19.02 has been released, with images for and .

This release sports the new OEM type setup, 0.14 and 5.15.

Hot on the heels of the last stable update a couple of days ago, we have now created new images for most of our devices!

The 21.10 release is here, featuring images for #raspberrypi , #odroid , #pine64 devices!

Gorillaz self titled is in a few ways a mixtape. Mostly because of the samples and the way it hardly crossfades

To reduce our request rate to the #AUR we have removed auto-suggestions in libpamac 11.1.1-1 and AUR searches in global-search in pamac 10.2.2-5 More here:

Original tweet :

The next episode (S01E02) of the #PEBKAC Show is finally up! Lots and lots of news backed into this one.

The #podcast is released via the self hosted RSS feeds on the front page, then slowly rolls out to other platforms.

In this episode:

- #PinePhonePro - @PINE64
- #PineBook Pro - @LinuxLounge
- #PineNote
- #PinePhone
- #PineTime - @JF
- @postmarketOS
- @ManjaroARM
- General Mobile Linux
- @purism
- @framework
- @ubports
- #NemoMobile
- @RTP

@gbryant @linmob @craftyguy @bart @martijnbraam @ollieparanoid @gamey @volla #postmarketos #linux #manjaroarm #librem5 #purism

October Update:

Introducing the #PinePhonePro - $399

#PineNote and PinePhone Pro pre-orders are now open to developers & shipping this year!

#PineTime #InfiniTime major firmware progress & project management update

I have been binging (is that a word?) Doctor Who (2005) on Amazon for the last few weeks.
Its a really great show.
My favorite Doctor is David Tennant and favorite companion is Karen Gillian.

Have not found anywhere to stream the 1960's version of the show yet...

#InfiniTime 1.5 "Huckleberry" for the @PINE64 #PineTime is out : Alarm app, persistent clock and improved BLE advertising!

Public Service Announcement!

You're allowed to turn off notifications, or mute them, or put your phone on silent, or even turn your phone off. You're allowed to *not* be available to anyone/everyone 24/7. You're allowed to take time off for yourself, and you're allowed to spend the whole day doing nothing if that's what your health, emotional or physical or mental, requires. If you need permission, this is me giving you permission to do nothing for as long as you need to. <3

It's finally happening: The alpha is now open to the public. Join us in testing our gMUD and refining it for Steam release! Servers are always up, but playtesting is organized through the Discord:

We're relying on word of mouth during the alpha period, so your help spreading the word is appreciated!

We are happy to present yet another beta release of our #PlasmaMobile edition for @thepine64 #PinePhone .
Beta 7 is now available, including latest Plasma Mobile Gear 21.08:
@manjarolinux @kdecommunity

Original tweet :

It's that time again. Here's the first stable update after our 21.08 release.

It's a big one!

PS: A small regression sneaked into this update for rk3399 based boards. Ethernet does no longer work on kernel 5.14, so if you rely on that on your #rockpro64 or #rockpi4 please don't update the linux package.

There once was a singer of old
Who then broke away from the fold
He won't give you up
He won't let you down
In a word, you have been Limerick-rolled

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