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The observant will have noticed that the images for 19.02 was uploaded around 10 hours ago.

But here is the official announcement!

Manjaro ARM 19.02 has been released, with images for and .

This release sports the new OEM type setup, 0.14 and 5.15.

Weird fact of the day:
8: Pigeons can distinquish between art from Monet and Picasso by observing the painting style.

Overall, which one would you use?

Please boost.

Just started a petition with the european parliament in order to prevent backdoors into encrypted messaging services. The process was painfully bureaucratic and I was kicked out three times, I hope it went through ok and I will have a link for supporters to vote on this issue soon.
Counting on your support dear fediverse!

Weird fact of the day:
7: On the Papua New Guinea island group there is over 700 languages spoken over 14 different tribes.

Since there are 3GB replacement mainboards available now for the #pinephone I made a video on the process of replacing the board:

Weird fact of the day:
5: The green gummibears in a bag of gummies taste like strawberry.

With their #fiber7 @init7 from Switzerland is supporting @manjarolinux and @ManjaroLinuxARM with their new fast mirror for our packages. Thx from us for this great offer!

#rsync #http #https

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Weird fact of the day:
4: The common brown rat can mate up to 500 times in six hours.

ive craeted 'Autoincorrect' whitch is the smae fuckign faeture as autocrrect but it fcks thigns up

Weird fact of the day:
3: Marlboros first cigarettes had pink colored filters, so you wouldnt be able to see libstick on it.

Weird fact of the day:
2: You cant get sunburned at the Dead Sea - Its altitude is 400 meters below sea level and its fog around it, keeps the suns harmful UV rays out.

The #PinePhone is on the raise. Find out about upcoming changes to our #Phosh build: We are also preparing to ship a big crate to the EU warehouse. So go to the store and reserve yours:

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Weird fact of the day:
Number 1:
The word "frisbee" is from the baker shop "Frisbie" in Connecticut - the bakers round pastery forms of tin, was the predecessor of the flying plastic plates we know today.

We are happy to announce that our #factory image got approved for #production! Almost half of the batch got #preordered already. So what are you waiting for? Get your #PinePhone by @thepine64 with @ManjaroLinuxARM on it now! Shop:

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@Gargron Just finished watching #thesocialdilemma. I can't help but be *so* glad that Mastodon exists. Thank you. A thousand times, thank you.

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