Arun Jaitley Ji Maran's Dynasty above the Law hence proved.No force on this earth can speed up the hearing on 764 ISDN BSNL illegal Telephone exchange case because Dayanidhi Maran's Father-in-law N Ram had stolen Rafale Documents from MoD and uses it as proof to show Prime Minister Narendra Modi's direct involvement in Rafale Scam.

AIADMK's CLear cash-for-vote scam:

State government's announcement of distribution of one-time financial aid (of ₹2000) to 60 lakh Below Poverty Line (BPL) families is aimed at bribing voters ahead of the Lok Sabha election. In January 2019, Government has given ₹1000 Pongal gift to 2.80 crore ration card holders when the state is “reeling under the debt burden of ₹4 lakh crore.”

Will PM Narendra modi stand up for India against corruption?

United Nations Security Council should call for an international investigation into the Pulwama attack to avoid INDIA- Pakistan tensions escalating to war. Need for UNSC to step in to protect the life of innocent civilians/ soldiers from both countries.

Delhi High Court Justice Najmi Waziri have come down heavily on Shahid Balwa, Rajeev Agarwal directing them to appear before the forest officer on February 15 for planting 3000 trees in the South Delhi, on the Enforcement Directorate's appeal challenging acquittal in a 2G scam case

With its third extension currently underway, the Justice Arumughasamy Commission is expected to file its final report on 24 February 2019.

With several senior bureaucrats, close aides, household staff from Jayalalithaa's Poes Garden residence and multiple doctors testifying before the committee, Tamil Nadu Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam has been summoned to the Justice Arumughasamy Commission for the fifth time (19 Dec 2018, 8 Jan 2019, 23 Jan, 29 Jan, 5 Feb)

18 Nov 2003: When Supreme Court shifted ₹66 CR DA case to 36TH ADDL. CITY CIVIL & SESSIONS COURT AT Bengaluru after DMK genl secretary K Anbazhagan filed a petition on the ground that a fair trial was not possible in Tamil Nadu with J Jayalalithaa as CM, how can 14TH ADDL.court at Chennai conduct a fair trial in Maran brothers ₹443 CR (US $119 million in 2019) Illegal Telephone Exchange case under CM Eddapadi K Palanisamy, who is a victim of the DMK's political conspiracy "Kodanadu Murder case"

Ironically, Dayanidhi Maran’s wife Priya is of “The Hindu” Iyengar family [Ramesh Rangarajan son of S. Rangarajan] & Murasoli Maran wife Mallika- daughter of Kalyanasundaram Iyer. How will Narendra Modi unveil ₹ 443 CR Illegal BSNL Telephone Exchange Case when Brahmins remained the backbone of the saffron brigade?

When Indian PM @narendramodi himself is an accused in ₹ 60145.2 CR to help his ₹ 45000 CR indebted Friend Anil Ambani, how will he unveil the corrupt and hold them accountable to our public in just 135 days?

In his letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Subramanian Swamy accused Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's criminal delay (for more than 6 months) of holding the "Sanction for Prosecution" to CBI hampering the filing of chargesheet against P Chidambaram and son and Finance Secretaries Ashok Jha and Ashok Chawla, and two serving IAS officers Kumar Sanjay Krishnan and Deepak Kumar Singh, and a retired Under Secretary Ram Saran, who are co-accused with P Chidambaram in the Aircel-Maxis case.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi works 18 hours a day for our nation, how could Finance Minister Arun Jaitley delay Sanction for Prosecution for more than 6 months to CBI against P Chidambaram and son and 5 co-accused officers in the Aircel-Maxis case?

Ravi shankar Prasad ji, if Department of Justice can't prove the corruption charges on Dayanidhi Maran even after staying for 4.5 years in power, people around the world will consider BJP led government played political vendatta against opposition parties to retain power grabbed out of Illegal Money!

Ravi shankar Prasad ji, you made corruption allegation on Dayanidhi Maran when you were not in power, now BJP is in power and your party made you the Law Minister of India, who stops you conducting trial in Decade-old ₹ 443 Crore (4.43 billion) BSNL Telephone Exchange Case and Aircel Maxis case?

Only 161 days left for / to face 2019 Lok Sabha elections, what he will do against the corrupts who enjoy all the loopholes in the corrupt Indian Legal system?

Why not to conduct Decade-old ₹ 443 Crore (4.43 billion) BSNL Telephone Exchange Case trial in open court by our Hon’ble Court in the interest of justice as there seems to be huge corruption!

How is going to restore the lost faith of the common person in before 2019 general elections, which is 164 days ahead?

Narendra Modi's War against corruption: Bharatiya Janta Party's failed 2014 Election promises!

9 Nov 2018: Madras High Court Justice AD Jagadish Chandira directed the trial court to look into all materials carefully and frame proper and necessary charges in respect of all the seven accused A-3 [Dayanidhi Maran](23 May 2004- 15 May 2007) UPA-1 (MOC&IT) and A-7 [Kalanithi Maran, CMD of SUN TV], as contemplated in the Criminal Procedure Code.

Why should we trust BJP when your NDA-2 fear of anti-Brahmin politics against Murasoli Maran (1999-2002, Minister of Commerce and Industry in NDA alliance) family, Marans are protected regardless of who is in power in the centre even though BSNL lost hundreds of crores as user charges on illegal 764 ISDN lines.

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