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@micrackbiron and I don't think there are people like ideally male or ideally female, because they are all just concept. And look all the ideal stuff in physics also are just assumptions. hahaha😅

Delete and re-draft is a life saver! I miss it on twitter,

I am dumb enough to not to go to Arch or Gentoo or something like that,

I used to love old hindi songs even I didn't understand a single word,

Can’t wait for the Inch-High Private Eye movie in phase 2 of the HBCU (Hannah Barbera Cinematic Universe)

definitely my favourite* part about the internet is all the people posting comments on sentimental stories trying to one-up each other for euphemistic expressions of "this made me cry" (e.g. "dusty in here", etc)

*not favourite

Joker is now everywhere, he is in my wallpaper too! I used to love Batman meh but wth he is a fucking capitalist anyway,

I made a library in #Python, what is the best way to publish it to PyPI so that other programs can use it?

I am not experienced with it. I see conflicting tutorials. What I have is a few files, and I want the one file to be able to be imported into another Python project. Does anyone know how I would do that?

@Sujee Agreed, those scenes were really impactful. Colour is often overlooked in that context, but once you open that Pandora's Box and start focusing on it you'll see it everywhere. :) I love how films can be enjoyed and taken apart on so many levels, whichever you enjoy most.

my freaking cousin is so much excited watching Harry potter

@Sujee I enjoyed it a lot, too! It's really well crafted and I'm very glad I went to see it. Will probably go back to focus more on shots and composition - usually my brain is so concentrated on colour it's hard to keep track of all the other stylistic devices haha.

What's your favourite part?
(cw if spoilers)

Have you watched Joker yet?

I have just published an article on the movie’s use of colour as a story telling element. Colours in films are not random or merely aesthetic, but a very deliberate device that can make a story truly shine. Read my post to learn more about how Joker expresses its symbolism through primary colours, shot composition and costume:

#mastoart #creativetoots #writing #blog #joker #movie #film #analysis #art

It's amazing to me how much software is already available on the Librem 5.

- Some of it optimized for touch screens.
- Some partially optimized.
- Some not yet optimized, but functional.

The power of Free and Open Source software (and Linux) at work. :)


Are you more of a...?

Yeah, thank you for asking, my doctor prescribed that I stay up until 5am watching old pbs shows and playing weird indie rpgs. It's my medicine.

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