An angelic offering for tonight. VV689 from the Zoo Gems proposal! Hubble snapshot, Legacy Survey color.

Just a reminder to donate and support the internet archive if you can and are willing. They do great work.

#UntrackMe now supports Scribe and Wikiless which are alternative front-ends to Medium and Wikipedia.


They will be also available with #Fedilab

Watching this I cant help but imagine how sorting algorithms probobly evolved from electro mechanical punch card sorting. Its fascinating watching physical paper being sorted at speed. Whats even cooler to think about is how a machine like this could be used to process data depending on data encoding schemes.

IBM COMPUTER CARD MODEL 82 SORTING MACHINE 1960s PUNCHED CARD DATA PROCESSING FILM 63134 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

2519. Sloped Border 

title text: "The slope will be 74° at ground level." "Okay, I think we can hack together a ... wait, why did they specify ground level? It's 74° everywhere, right? ... Oh no, there's a whole section in the treaty labeled 'curvature.'"


Learning about shaders. Glsl is really cool. I made a few backgrounds for my phone using shader editor. If you want to try it too is a really good resource. Also look up inigo quilez.

f(x,y) = (((~y) + (x ^ x)) ^ ((x % y) & (2 ^ y))) & ((~(x % y)) / ((x - y) - (y - y)))

Extent: 256x256 (scaled x2)

"Gradient" colouring scheme.

Did you already try the search engine that favors indexing text-heavy sites and ignores those with modern web design? Quite a cool idea..

Here's HN discussion:

"Windows troubleshoot tool source code leaked"

submitted by NoboKik

2511. Recreate the Conditions 

title text: We've almost finished constructing the piña collider.


If you could work on any problem or project, and money were no object, what would that be?

That could be a personal project, a global one, local, some interest, whatevs.

Reshares welcomed.


Xmp Mod Player is an open-source Android app that plays all the various music tracker formats like MOD, IT, XM, S3M, MPT... AIt also let's you see the inner workings and even mute and solo tracks (tap or long press on the waveform views)!

I have downloaded all the music from Unreal I and UT99 to my phone from (you need to make a free account) and I'm vibing to these retro tunes on the go :) Enjoy!

Tip: Follow @altlink

It'll tell you whenever you share a link to a site that is locked behind Cloudflare.

Not only that, but it'll give you a better link.

#Cloudflare sites are hard to access for #Tor users (they have to solve a #captcha), and impossible to access for Tor users with alternative browsers. That is to say, anything not (forked from) Chrome or Firefox.



Feedback in electronic systems
Analog Fractals with 1930s Technology
Intresting technique. I wonder if this method can be used in any system with feedback. I cant help but wonder about audio. The "space" to manipulate could be the wave's phase or ampletude.

what my girlfriend thought dating a software engineer would be like: "honey, I got an AI robot maid to do all our cooking for us"

what dating a software engineer is actually like: "if that microwave connects to the internet we're heating all our food with a blowtorch from now on"

Want an easier way to find DRM-free ebookshops?


Yup, I registered that domain too... 😊

I still recommend Toki Pona in 76 illustrated lessons for starters

And the excellent Learn Toki Pona with Chris Youtube videos

Some other recommendations are findable at

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