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Not going to lie im a bit mad at the whole blackout thing. I feels like a poorly disguised attempt to profit off a crisis. I do support funding local and minority owned busnesses. I dont support the commercialization of crisis. If you want to help end racism educate yourself on what it means to have privlage. And if you are determined to spend money donate to the southern poverty law center, NAACP, or maybe a charity on this list.

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Hey guess what?

We have a homeschool-to-prison pipeline now.

Grace is a 15-year-old with ADHD and a long history of behavioral difficulties who ended up on probation after a fight with her mom led to the confiscation of her phone and her briefly stealing a classmate's phone.



I don't normally boost non-cw'd content... But this is monstrous. A child is in a detention center for not meeting a behavioral standard arbitrarily set by a case worker who was unaware of their ADHD, and one that teenagers across the country also did not, and could not meet. This is awful. A big pile of the standard "they're just not willing to try" belief with a large helping of the belief that black kids can't/don't have mental health issues. We need to stop this.

Announcing FOSS and Crafts, a new podcast about free software, free culture, and making things together! Co-hosted by @mlemweb and @cwebber!

Our introductory episode is out, and more are on the way!

You really don’t want to get COVID-19 if you can avoid it. And in July 2020, we know more about how to avoid it. Stay home if you can. Wear a mask if you can’t.

I know people following me already know this, but darn it, saying it anyway.

RT @j4cob: Are you interested in Go? Crypto? Protecting people's privacy on the web? Let's Encrypt is hiring and I'd love to work with you.…

Really interesting example of a privacy issue highlighted on r/privacy yesterday:

> visited a roommate's place and was bombarded with ads about engagement rings when I used his wifi. I asked him if he was going to propose to his girlfriend and he was shocked I found out. Helped him install PiHole/network wide ad blocking before she found out.

You know if you think about it reddit and hackernews and twitter are just feeds with extra steps.

The internet archive might not be in as much danger as early news reports would have you believe. Only the digital lending library seemes to be at stake. Some of there other projects will probobly be mostly untouched.

2332. Cursed Chair 

title text: The Wirecutter staff called the Herman Miller Siege Perilous "the most cursed product we've ever had to fight" and "nearly as immortal as it boasts."


don't tell academic elitists but I think it's a moral responsibility for students to steal, pirate, photocopy, and distribute textbooks and learning material in any way they can

I cut open a cactus, it’s actually a cake!

I cut the cake open, teeth start spilling out

They do not stop

My party guests’, at first amused, flee in horror from the sea of teeth

They...they are not fast enough

The teeth of the day of Reckoning, the teeth of Justice cleanse the land

I begin to laugh, tears of boiling tar stream from my flat joyless eyes

And so, I lift the last trumpet to my quivering lips, and sound the note that ends the world

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