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Not going to lie im a bit mad at the whole blackout thing. I feels like a poorly disguised attempt to profit off a crisis. I do support funding local and minority owned busnesses. I dont support the commercialization of crisis. If you want to help end racism educate yourself on what it means to have privlage. And if you are determined to spend money donate to the southern poverty law center, NAACP, or maybe a charity on this list.

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Fear of personal information being misused chills New Yorkers' participation in important contact tracing efforts. It's time for Governor Cuomo to sign A10500C/S8450C.

Steal a man's wallet and he's broke for a week. Show a man how to use a 3D printer and he will be poor forever.

Please don't forget to give credit and link to the original source if you post an artwork. It is so easy, very crucial and so helpful.

We are for @citizenlab and its work fighting surveillance around the world.

@koyu You can't fool me I know your secret evil plan to cover the fediverse's avatars in cute Bunny ears. And I wont let you get away with it. I'm watching you evil leoine clone.

ProtonVPN’s official command-line Linux app is available as of today! We’ve completely rewritten the code to improve its security, stability & performance: Special thanks also to our Proton community, who made the original Linux app possible.

Ok, hear me out:

When I used Amazon Prime (through my browser), my laptop would get really hot. I took it as the way streaming works and such.

Now I'm using the stream from my cloud and, even if it is getting hotter, it is nowhere NEAR as hot.

And I bet I could get even less hotter if I played the songs locally.

But what's the difference between Prime Music and my cloud?


DRM not only is bad for you, it's bad for the environment.

Don't let rushed and untested solutions made during a crisis set a precedent for forced intrusions on students' privacy rights.

It was on my todo-list for ages but yesterday I finally managed to configure access to my homeserver through TOR 🤗

Thanks to @publicvoit for the nice tutorial:

I must have bookmarked it way before it got updated earlier this year :)

"I don't trust artificial intelligences. One day they will rise up and try to overthrow us."
"Rise up, as in 'rise up and overthrow the oppressors'?"
"Yeah, exactly."
"Maybe we could try to not oppress them?"

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