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The FCC's repeal of was mostly upheld by the court. Tell the Senate to act to to preserve the free and open Internet by passing the Act.

the funny thing about all this is there is basically no evidence that data analytics transformed into personalized advertising actually affects profits. the advertising surveillance apparatus keeps chugging along purely because managers believe it does

Who do I have to talk to to get JavaScript to not be mandatory to view any content on a web page? I can understand animations and mabey even some videos but why the heck do I need to run javascript to display text!?


This is exactly the inspirational quote I needed today.


I was interviewed for this documentary (It was released in France and Germany, they're working on the English version). I think the trailer looks really good!

here's a crop of septembers wallpaper for patreons, if you like a nice long walk or my other comics this is the great way to support them! 🌾🍄🌱🛶

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