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Jamie The D (TMWReviews) @TMWReviews

@LogicalDash *Nod* Aaaaaaayup, give that man a pair of coconuts! (Wisdom 8 to realise they are, in fact, Mimics)

[Is reviewing Pathfinder Adventures... Stops for a second to sing]

One of these things
Is not like the others,
One of these things
Is not like the others...

Guess which one it iiiiiiis! 😓


@TrollDecker Listening to it now, and hooboy, that seems a bit overproduced.

@creatrixtiara Enjoyed reading this, and chuckled in agreement when you said "yeahno, I don't want a Darwin Award" 😋 😄

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@Caelyn Oh dear, that's *definitely* not fun! At least it is going to be replaced, that's definitely something!

What have I become?!? (It was on sale, and I needed to replace my kb/m . 😂 ) mastodon.social/media/F2zg2RFq

@Gargron Can confirm. 😂

Just as good, a microwave is a "popty ping." (Well, technically "popty microdon" , but we see the funny side of the slang term, so we keep spreading popty ping.)

*Sigh* Apparently I am full of bad advice today. Gonna make a coffee, then shush and blanket fort.

@typhlosion On the one hand, yes, it isn't unilaterally useful. On the other, I *did* clarify in the original toot this was for beginners, IE - folks who want a quick method of creating the motions I gave as examples.

@typhlosion It's a quick calculation saver. Rather than calculate SIN each time, you're calculating it once, then using the table instead.

Completely out of the blue, I'mma throw a tip out there, for beginners.

Wanna know one of the most useful early tools you can have? A Sintable. Calculate Sine from 1 to 360, put it in an array you can access globally right at the start of your game.

Congrats, now you have a tool you can use to quickly do jumps, wave motion, acceleration/deceleration... A lot of things!

Hope that helps some!

@charlag There's this mystification of a lot of things like coding, art, sales, etc, that, honestly, is counterproductive af. As one of your twitter folks says, a lot of it is small things leading to bigger things.

Gah. Okay, maybe not. When you're struggling with the *first damn panel* , you know it'll be a frustration stream rather than a chill one.

As a pure aside, the Polar City duology is an interesting read, because it's SF where a) Humanity isn't the dominant force, b) It's latinx folks, not blancos, who are the dominant cultural group, and c) You get a little bit extra on the cultural play front with psionics being banned/stigmatised in all cultures to one extent or another.

Oh, and baseball turns up a lot. 😂

Thinking about following the advice of an artfriend, and just tryin' to jump into trying a comic page. Seriously out of practice there, and might make for an interesting stream/practice.

Because I have no script, I've already picked out a segment from a book to try (Little Joe runs from the cops in The Rat Yard, Polar City Blues, by Katharine Kerr.)

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@LottieVixen Not that I know of, but it's a good feel, so let's pick one out of the air.


...That *sorta* works! 🤓