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Jamie The D (TMWReviews) @TMWReviews


@ohtorifightclub See, you *say* that... I didn't say *bad* consequences, as you appear to have earned yourself a Funishment. :P


@ohtorifightclub Well, no *immediate* consequences, anyway... >8{D>

Right, better sleep, want to be as fresh as possible for the interview. Love and hugs to them as wants 'em (<3 *hugs*) , you're awesome, stay safe, and dream nice things! :3

@sparrow They do. Even if Boom in general's a little more erratic, the Boom Box stuff is nearly always cool in more ways than one. :3

@fireh9lly @thefishcrow Wait, what's... awwww, lil' happygeckofren! <3

it sure is... o.O

@bunnylyn still wouldn't like to be that lady after torso twisting *that* much. Not *technically* an Escher Girl pose, but p. damn close. >.<

it sure is... o.O

@bunnylyn *Immediately* saw what you meant, then tried to bend like that. It's... *theoretically* doable? wouldn't wanna hold that pose though, hot succubus notwithstanding. o.O

Omigod, Power Up's so good, I mean... Body posi characters, and... JUST LOOK AT THIS #6 COVER AND TELL ME I'M WRONG TO LOVE THIS, JUST TRY! mastodon.social/media/kz1qKBJ7

For those who don't know what Metal Hurlant (Heavy Metal) was, here's a good panel from Starstruck to illustrate the sort of experience you're most likely in for. :P mastodon.social/media/zFus32s_

Welp, I got me some awesome women's comix, including Starstruck, SuperheroGirl, and, of course, the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Starstruck is currently... Striking me the most rn, because holy shit, it's very... *Very* Metal Hurlant!

I had fun this morning! I colored this drawing from @TMWReviews XD (I told myself I was just going to do a basic color pass but like . . . I really like satyrs and my hand slipped lmfaO //slapped)


(Iiiiiii want your towels... Iiiiiiii want your *towels* !)

Oh, um, before I forget or go into some odd tangent related to how I am totally an oWoD Mage and not some dirty Technocrat, I would like to mention that there are awesome comics written and drawn by awesome ladies on sale rn at comixology. Go lookit! comixology.co.uk/comics-sale?l


LB: Whoah whoah *whoah* , Cap'n Haddock, there's shit you just *can't* take back! >.@

@theoutrider Shit, I forgot to add Bowie'o'clock and Mercury'o'clock, both of which are ALWAYS.

Times of the day according to Jay:

Birdtweet'o'clock: Early morning.
Food'o'clock: Highly variable.
Art'o'clock: Also highly variable.
AAaaNoMoreArt'o'clock: Usually three or four hours after previous.
Silly'o'clock: Usually when I wake up.