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'Kay, gonna pin this toot for a week, but I wanna gauge interest in reviews of game creation software. Obviously, there's a lot of it around, so if folks could lemme know what they think of me reviewing one game creation prog a month, I'd be real grateful.

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...Oh wait... Steam Screenshots don't show that *either* . WELL, YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO TAKE MY WORD ON THAT.

Note that I had to put after rewatching: Turns out turning off "Capture Cursor" turns off all in-game cursors. Here is a pair of screenshots to show the reticule sizes, as compared to the character's head.

Okay, Hellsign VOD is up, showing the tutorial, the annoyance of early game, EDGY CHARACTER WRITING, and other... Annoyances and frustrations and grind. Also the investigation aspect of things. CONTENT WARNING ARACHNOPHOBIA

Oh yeah, I'd also forgotten about the EDGY CHARACTER WRITING. I'd forgotten how much that was a turnoff too.

Hoookay. I've been grumping, and the words have almost been written... But let's stream Hellsign, in order to make clear *why* I'm not into the combat aspect as is.

[Replays Angels Fall First to remind himself why he hadn't streamed it.]

Oh. Yeah. Because it's an Unreal Engine game with shitloads going on, aka "If I stream this, my GPU will *catch fire*" 😬

My brain is trying to escape from my body after seeing the trailer for Book of Demons' release (cw: Drug abuse mention, awful marketing) Show more

Well, I have to write this Hellsign Early Access review sooner or later, and one thing just *keeps* cropping up in the YT videos.

"Oh, just repeatedly dip your toes into areas you're not actually equipped for!"

Uh-huh. This is what is generally referred to as "Balance Issues"

Update on the jobseeker's stoppage (UKPol, JUST FRICKING WEIRD) Show more

Jobseeker "Funtimes" (pol, neg, black comedy) Show more

Jobseeker "Funtimes" (pol, neg) Show more

Okay, after a bit of fidgeting, I managed to get the screenshots I needed of Simmiland. Mostly. I need a better one of the meteor.

Speaking of screenshots, I find it oddly fitting that a Lovecraftian horror game uses the NESVenture aesthetic, and possibly design principles.

After all, what is Cthulhu but a Gotcha Death?

Okay, there's probably more banes than that, but it's the most obvious bane. 😋

My one bane, when reviewing things, are the games that don't screenshot very well. The games that are sometimes interesting, but screenshotting them with any method short of "Record video, grab from video" comes up with a black or white screen.

Well, Katamari Damacy Rerolled review is written. Summary: Yes, I feel perfectly fine paying £16 for Katamari Damacy on PC with some quality of life and performance improvements. Some niggles. What the hell else were you *expecting*?

Hahah, that was amusing, porting niggles aside. Glad to see Katamari Damacy on the PC, and looking forward to reviewing it!

...Well, this is going to be interesting. Katamari Damacy Reroll, goin' live on

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