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The downside of going through old Image/Image subsidiary comics is that, while you find the gems and the oddities, what you *also* find is crimes against anatomical drawing. I mean, where do I even *begin* with how this is wrong, wrong, wrong? 😭 (Image CW'd because holy heck, Escher ahoy) mastodon.social/media/AwDMnxB5

Okay, that's a bright side: Managed to get some housework stuff in order, and my moustache has, just this month, *finally* gotten to Optimal Twirl Length. Best part? This is natural curlage. Aww yiss. <3 mastodon.social/media/v8jF98R5

REVIEW: Freaky Awesome, alas, is gruesomely cool on the surface, but under the hood suffered from the toxic waste. themadwelshman.co.uk/freaky-aw

EARLY ACCESS REVIEW: Nowhere Prophet (Sharkbomb Studios) is very fun, for all that it's still in Alpha. Lovin' it! themadwelshman.co.uk/nowhere-p

Roleplaying a Really Old Dragon (Longish) Show more

Roleplaying a Really Old Dragon (Longish) Show more

Well, only Tangledeep and Nowhere Prophet survived Technical Difficulties (the latter *somewhat*) , but here they are. Both enjoyable.

Nowhere Prophet - youtube.com/watch?v=UlTKKd832U

Tangledeep - youtube.com/watch?v=sz47zOAHqh

Thanks to everybody who hung out and chatted, it was good to see you. 😘 👍

Okay, streams over, technical difficulties were had, but folks seemed to have fun, and that's the *important* thing! (Well, that, and me wordsing gud)

Thanks to everyone who turned up, I'll link the VODs when they're freshly baked! :wink:

LIVE: An evening of Roguelikes, starting with Nowhere Prophet! : twitch.tv/jamiethed

Well, it's 2 hours to streaming time, and today? It's ROGUELIKE-SORTA-LIKE-LIKE DAY.

Nah, just kidding, it's mostly Roguelikes. Planned are: -

Nowhere Prophet
Rogue Empire
KeeperRL (The tileless version, as I am a poor)
and Cogmind if I have any energy left at all after that.

Will be posting when I'm live when I'm live, but in the meantime, twitch.tv/jamiethed is the place to subscribe. 😜


...Guess who just lost 5 years of their life from shock? Folks, a rare sighting of *two* Slumberlings in . AKA - "Pleaseohpleaseohpleasedon'tletEITHERwakeup!" (And yes, when I entered, a Snapjaw Hunter was in that right corridor. The cheeky (and suicidal) Sod!) mastodon.social/media/XeFWzSG8

The earlier issues were, on the one hand, blatant rewrites of other stuff with OCDNS replacements, like Blitz for Flash, Thunder Girl for Mary Marvel, Beacon for Green Lantern, so on... Although some of them were interesting, like the "Retrospective" on the comic depictions of their Image styled Cap'n America, US SOLDIER.

Notice I didn't necessarily say it was great. It was okay, a little too impressed with itself, but... Yeah, it *was* interesting.

Well, today has mostly been a self care day, and part of that, as strange as it may seem, iis going through old Image comics, *sort of* alphabetically (Skipping the oobvious POWER DEATH SQUAD OF DEATH AND POWER STUFF)

Got to Big Bang Comics, and... Wow, they got away with a *lot* there. Issue 10 *starts* with a Nightwing ripoff meeting Elektra and... The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. No homage, just... The TMNT, straight up.

A #sketch , just to keep my hand in, really. Also kinda a mood piece. Drifting on a sea of stars, but tired enough that dabbling is about the limit. mastodon.art/media/qKL5T4cG7sH

Well, that was fun! Twitch VOD of Hand of Fate 2 funtimes at twitch.tv/videos/200541169 , YT VOD will be up tomorrow. :)

LIVE: Y'know what? Let's Card Wizard it up with Hand of Fate 2! twitch.tv/jamiethed

REVIEW - Stars In Shadow's Legacy DLC adds a fair bit of content to a friendly entry point for the 4X-Curious. themadwelshman.co.uk/stars-in-