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'Kay, gonna pin this toot for a week, but I wanna gauge interest in reviews of game creation software. Obviously, there's a lot of it around, so if folks could lemme know what they think of me reviewing one game creation prog a month, I'd be real grateful.

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Mmmm... It always interests me to see how many things are as old as games themselves, both for good and ill.

This video shows a whole bunch of 3d videogames, starting at... 1974. Yes, 1974.

Well, YouTube finally tried recommending me a Game Theory video, and I foolishly thought to myself "How bad could it be?"

Less than a minute in, I was figuratively throwing furniture.

Today, I have mostly been enjoying the highly political and tragic quadrilogy, Robot Wants [Kitty/Puppy/Fishy/Ice Cream]

ARGH. So, longtime folks will know I've been irritably hunting for a specific 8-bit advert, and I have, finally, *technically* found it. Albeit, blurry, incomplete, and in a Nostalgia Nerd vid for all of a second or two.

For #inktober #princesstober 12, keeping it super simple, to fit the mood.

"I once met a woman who claimed to have been a princess of another world, but came to this one out of love. And who am I to gainsay that? Who is anybody, to try?"

For #inktober #princesstober 11... Well, a Cruel Sun Princess, in October? Horrortime!

As is often the case when I'm heavily behind on things like #inktober #princesstober , I go for the first idea I have, no matter how silly.

10 - "You'll regret crossing Moth Princess, buster!!!"

For Deep Sky Derelicts (which I reviewed), I got joined by an old friend and co-commentator, The Mighty Biscuit.

Ha, completely forgot about VODs. Plz give coffee.

Anyways... Nowhere Prophet - Still fun, armour decks are still the sputum of Satan himself.

(It's hard not to sound like you're talking to an ill-behaved child when it comes to poorly thought out auto-routines, such as the FB Boost Post shenanigans, or "Somebody likes you!" that equally hits my inbox about three times a week.)

Although I do feel a flash of that old fire and brimstone every time Facebook asks me to promote one of my reviews.

FB, darling, sweetie, luvvy, you say that and then tell me the same post you ask about isn't advertiser friendly. Stop trying to play me with your auto beep boops.

Anyways, if you're curious why I'm quiet right now, I'm basically still feelin' crap.

One upside: The lawn is done, for what should be the last time of the year.

Ehehehe. I swear I'll catch up with Inktober, but, in the meantime...

HI! My name is DAVE, how may I eat you today?

Okay, not sure how much of these we're gonna manage, surprisingly low on energy, but... Streamin' Nowhere Prophet, Deep Sky Derelicts, and Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial, at the usual place (In that order, methinks) -

Drew a Tank Girl in under 10 minutes, feel a bit better now. (Image CW'd for partial nudity)

Me: Got paid my fortnightly today, have shit to stream and review, have Tank Girl, bills paid... The fuck am I feeling like shit?

Brain: Oh, hi, it's time for a depressive time.

Me: (Image CW - Angryselfie)

Argh. Okay, I wasn't as ready for Missing as I thought, headspace wise.

Ow. o_O

Tank Girl got. Or maybe Tank Girl got me.
Ow, my nadgers, it is the latter.
21st Century Barney, please put your top on.
Ow, my spleen, I take that back.
Take my beer, that you were taking anyway.

- A small poime, because Tank Girl is on Humble Bundle.

Going to doodle and try to relax (while my brain is still racing), but a silly sidenote and a selfie (CW Eye contact) ...

...Last month, I'd seriously considered making my spooktober name "Daddibod James" 🤔

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