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'Kay, gonna pin this toot for a week, but I wanna gauge interest in reviews of game creation software. Obviously, there's a lot of it around, so if folks could lemme know what they think of me reviewing one game creation prog a month, I'd be real grateful.

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Remembering I can pin toots now, so...

Hi! My name is Jamie Durbin, and I review games on a wee site called The Mad Welshman ( . You can support my work in a variety of ways, or follow my art account, @TMWArtStuff , for artstuff, which I also do!


Paypal.ME -

Redbubble Store -

(If I haven't refollowed, that's more "Going to have to check follow list versus what got imported, busy week" than anything else)

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Hey folks, if you got a follow just now from me, that's because I've migrated to, that's .

Same me, different instance. Ta-ta, dot social, wishing you well!

Disaster Bisexual day confirmed (MH -) 

That I almost had a panic attack at the CV workshop just now doesn't bode terribly well for the employer meet and greet tomorrow. Hoping I can keep it together, or will be better tomorrow.

Okay, that went better than I was expecting. Stream luck actually helping critique for once. :P

Right, shall stream Project Warlock in about an hour at the usual place:

Expect death.

REVIEW: There's a lot going on under the hood of Vilmonic, and whether you enjoy it very much depends on whether you're okay with that... And fungus. Lots of fungus.

REVIEW: From Beyond - Prologue succeeds a little too well at emulating its NESVenture inspirations.

REVIEW: Dusk Episode 3 hit a while back. It is, overall, a good continuation of the love letter to 90s 3D shooters.

REVIEW: Mutant - Year Zero's writing perfectly toes that fine line between absurd and grounded that makes for an interesting post-apocalypse. Game isn't bad either!

Things have gone a little slower than I'd like, but still, gonna drop some of the reviews, then try and stream at least Project Warlock, at least (Not sure about anything after that, this is... A surprisingly busy week.)

Catchup continues, should be a reviewdump in a few hours... But, considering the subject of one of the reviews, I couldn't resist.

Stream was short, but the pinball portion was definitely enjoyable. The other part... Well, that's not being archived.

Demon's Tilt VOD.

Cutting it short for now, apologies for that, but I should be back tomorrow, and thanks for everyone hanging out.

Also, ow, my ears on that last bit of the stream. 😑

Okay, it's been a while (Thanks to December/January's shenanigans), but... Let's have a good old reviewstream catchup... A retro themed one, starting with DEMON'S TILT.

ME: Okay, surely it will be easier to review this NESventure style game now that people have... FFFFFFFFFFF-

There is a belief that the British are cowards about the weather. I come to you to say that this is... 100% true. (Was in a silly mood when I saw it was snowing XP)

2019: The year I say the words "Goth Synthwave Bullet Hell Pinball" πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

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