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This is... The very last place I would expect to see a Puppygames ad. But... Here we are... 🤣

A short, silly #sketch of ex-judge Galen DeMarco, just, thinking about how nice chins are. Just... Y'know... Chins. None in particular, honest...

A #sketch, which may or may not be based on the shenanigans one of my sisters gets up to...

"Look at my hat, my hat is ama-zing..." 🤣

REVIEW: With the addition of Hero Progression, One Deck Dungeon is indeed better. themadwelshman.co.uk/one-deck-

REVIEW: Starship Corporation has a solid, beautiful *idea*... Surrounded by clunk and chug. themadwelshman.co.uk/starship-

REVIEW: Seek Etilyv is an interesting exercise in minimalist dungeon puzzling. themadwelshman.co.uk/seek-etil

"Hrrrrrm... I'm not even sure where to *begin* ..."

Poor doc probably needs to worry about more than whether the literature covers this, I think...

Quick-ish doodle to pass the time before jobcentrey funtimes, based on binge watching shmup/arcade boss fights.


You just *know* he's got a screen splitting laser hidden in that hangdog gob... #sketch

Looking at some old shmups to chill out, and the design principles behind some bosses amuse me.

"Okay, boss, here's the King Fossil... It has a cannon in its fish mouth, and... Here's the best bit... The more it gets blown apart, the more weapons are available to use?"


Well, this week's just become quite shit (mh neg) Show more

Eye contact selfie. Show more

Oooooh, One Deck Dungeon's hard mode makes me so ANGRY. Show more

Gods dammit, I should not have looked at the cost of Gunpla on Amazon UK... Or how good the IBO and Z-Gock look. :O

Birdsite link, mention of rant on Birdsite. Show more

Okay, after more time spent re-encoding the stream vid than was spent recording it, the Sunless Skies VOD is up soon!

Okay, whether Sunless Skies comes up really depends on whether my computer shuts down due to overheat mid encode, but the Slay the Spire VOD is here: youtube.com/watch?v=FrwLZ5Bw59

Well, I managed to do a fair bit of Sunless Skies and Slay the Spire, Beacon (again) will unfortunately have to wait for now. Also, downloading the Sunless Skies stream so I can cut out the Technical Difficulties for the YT vod.


Hokay, let's kick things off with Slay the Spire then. Orb robot? Count me in! twitch.tv/jamiethed

And she laid her hand on me and this she did say
"Oh, it will not be long, love, till our wedding-day"

...A spoopy doodle drawn to the All About Eve cover of that classic Irish Folk (Ghost Story) Song, She Moved Through The Fair. #sketch