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@larrydavis is there a way to get into traditional hetero-normative relationships

If you play through a Famicom Konami game it’s impossible not to hum the tunes the rest of the night

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“What are you playing right now?”

Eh you probably haven’t heard of it

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The bad news is most people in CA are still buying gas-only vehicles despite knowing that climate change is real.

The good news is the trend is going in the right direction.

Any town council representative that promises to fight for "more parking" is basically promising to allocate more publicly subsidized street parking for overnight/long-term parking. Car culture demands to be publicly subsidized.

Adding more free street spots just fills them up again immediately, like adding lanes to highways.

Free off-street parking increases the cost of housing because land in a city is a zero-sum game. Make people pay market rate to park their shitty cars.

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If you're interested in privacy online, there's an excellent website called which explores the dirty tricks some sites use:

("Dark patterns" are tricks used to fool you into doing things you don't really want to.)

#DarkPatterns #Privacy

Greenpeace needs to update their report on the power sources for various web services (last published 2017)

“Many of the largest tech companies (Apple being a notable outlier) are teaming up with oil majors to help them accelerate the location and extraction of fossil fuels. Google opened an oil and gas division just last year, for instance, and Microsoft has inked deals with giants like ExxonMobil and Chevron.“

“Amazon’s massive cloud operation appears to once again be getting dirtier, powered by a growing share of fossil fuels. AWS is then selling its fossil-fueled cloud to oil, gas, and coal companies, to help them better find and extract more fossil fuels.”

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Woof, had to cancel my Friday night out because Japanese homework took me three hours to complete. Mostly because I have to take a minute to hand write each kanji since all I’ve done is flashcards/SRS study. I wonder if sensei will accept a printed homework next time...

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Exploitative indie publisher, logs containing racism/slurs/antisemism 

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Looks like Keybase has gone from "nice UI for PGP" to "vehicle for pushing cryptocurrency bullshit". Time to uninstall that app.

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