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I went to put up the curtains on the final window, and I am short one curtain panel. Thank Zeus the curtain style was still available to purchase online. Eyyy because what's another three weeks and another $90 to finish this simple task of covering my three living room windows. It has only taken $535, 10 months, and untold mental burden on me so far. Of all the things to fix this year, I didn't expect this to be one of the hard ones.

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I feel like Coffee is this era's Enertron. "You get a full night's sleep in a few seconds, but it still leaves you hungry."

I have to go to NYC this week for work which suuuuucks.

I’m going to miss all the stuff back home. The cats, coffee places, vegan food, cool temps, low humidity, cult cinema nights, unpretentious art galleries, my gym crew, my car, my game boy games ohhh right I could bring those at least.

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complaining about surveillance capitalism 

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investigation of police bias, Reveal source 

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look at this bird 

“Can I help you?”

“Yeeeea basically I am just looking for what you have in shoe size 13”

“We carry everything in 13, for sure. Lots of people come in here looking for 13s”

“Ok what about this, or this”

*Ten minutes later*

“We don’t have 13 in either of those.”

Ok so this woman has 27.5k followers and is stunning, so if she turns me down for coffee then that’s just to be expected! No big deal.

All part of the “putting myself out there” goal of not being afraid to fail or look stupid.

I somehow discover all of the incompatibility corner cases with the Analogue Super Nt. This time, Super Bomberman Panic Bomber W (スーパーボンバーマン ぱにっくボンバーW). On startup, the game reads the message "You can not use a mouse with this game". Probably a pin on port 2 is held low instead of high when no controller is present. This ought to be fixed in the firmware but it likely won't be.

The workaround is to enable, in the firmware menu, "NTT Data Pad Compatibility".

If WaPo keeps this shit up I am def gonna unsubscribe

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*decked out in full baseball umpire garb** get that incel bullshit... OUTTA HERE

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It's funny. When these jerks make fun of us by exaggerating our ideology, we're all jumping over each other trying to get in line. "Where do we sign up?"

Meanwhile, when we exaggerate their policies, they become defensive. It's almost like conservatives know their shit is bad, but they justify it by projecting their bad shit onto us. :thinknyan:

Fathers’ Day tomorrow.

I’m never gonna be a father. Facing that now. Poor life choices.

I am, however, gonna be ‘daddy.’

I don’t often initiate with people, and I think it might be a misguided attempt to not bother anyone, not be needy, and not get rejected. Turns out that most normal people want someone else to initiate at least 50% of the time, or they think you hate them.

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something ive learned over the last few years and by listening to more black people is that most of the shittiness they experience isn't from loudly shitty racist caricatures shouting slurs at them, it's from white people who refuse to give them support, who enable racism, and who refuse to listen

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