Had leftover spiced chicken from making shawarma yesterday, so today it goes in a sandwich with homemade seeded rye sourdough, mozzarella, cucumber, and homemade sauerkraut

Me: I'm trying to come up with a name to publish music under
@pixieauthoress@twitter.com: Tartan Llama
Me: I don't think that really fits the music
@pixieauthoress@twitter.com: Angry Tartan Llama

The theatre troupe also talk about needing to create to live. Which is how I feel right now.

I just want to make films and music and poems and friends and love and sit by the water.

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The power that art has to make us forget, just for a bit, that the world is just on fire

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There's a quote in the episode I just watched which destroyed me a bit

"When I'm reading Starion Eleven, it doesn't matter the world is ending"

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The series follows a theatre troupe which travel around the villages and collectives which have popped up, performing Shakespeare. Their art gives other people joy and meaning, but they also build their own community around the creation of art, and it sustains them.

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Watching Station Eleven, a series about the aftermath of a flu which wipes out most of the world's population, and it reflects so many thoughts and feelings I've been having about art in times of crisis

This has no relation to the previous tweet, I just have balloons in my house right now and it makes me happy

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Working on compilers is one of the things that changed my visualisation of programs from just text that you write and manipulate, to various levels of symbols which carry meaning and have almost a physicality to them

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Compilers have fascinated me my whole career, the act of taking a program, analysing not just what it says, but what it means, and outputting an entirely different set of symbols which preserve that meaning.

My brain came up with this so now you all get to share in the pain

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*interviewing David Lynch* so what's it like being a content creator?

It's from Instruments Disorder (170 Songs CD) by The Gerogerigegege, one of the albums I hold closest to my heart

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