Terribly sorry for the people caught up in the events in Manchester, England. My condolences are with the bereaved and with the injured.

Brother finally caved in and​ bought a Philips Hue. I've only been asking to, and offered to buy it, since the year before last. I know it's lazy but I want to be able to turn on my lights without getting up.

Strange, I've not been on here in a few days and it's not a bother using it again, unlike say Ello.

French election 

So I decided to hop over to Breitbart to see how they covered the election in France. Yeah, it was as expected. But the comments...holy sh^t. I don't know who these people are and I don't want to know.

Oh, thank you to @Tusky for the latest update including tablet support. You rock!

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Have to go into work and I've got a running nose and rough cough. Hope I can last until Saturday.

Pretty solid reasoning as to why video game movies are not taken seriously and why they shouldn't be. youtu.be/Vv881v9ESnE

Woah, that cotton wool feeling in my head is getting worse. I think I'll follow advice and get something to eat.

How's the rest of you all doing? (I'm opening it up to the floor) 🍵 🍵 🍵

Right so, health update: my severe stomach problems have finally gone away. The headache I had for three days finally subsided last night (it's like muffled cotton wool in my head right now) and I just sent off a CV for a job in a shop I really, really want to in. Review films to watch over on my day off now.

Good news: I finally got back to work today after being unwell for the last four days.
Bad news: one of the guys I was on shift with was seriously not well so I have to hope that my immune system isn't that weakened.

That said, I have a sneeze that I didn't this morning....

Hey, all. Sorry I've not been around lately as I've been very unwell. I still check in every day but I'm too tired most times to actually toot. I'm debating about going to the doctor's but I'm going to wait until tomorrow before making a decision.

It's my first evening off in four days and I had lots of plans about what I was going to do once I have my time off. And yet here I am sitting on my bed watching YouTube videos because I'm a grown man and I can make my own horrible, horrible mistakes.

How the weekend is turning out for me. Also, testing GIF's on Tusky.

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Clericalist, the #toot #search engine, is back up!


I just launched the indexing process, it has a huge backlog of a couple million toots to index right now, there's a live counter in the header to indicate progress. This counter will stay live as more toots get indexed. A background process regularly polls elasticsearch stats and pushes the total number of toots in there through a websocket to your browser.

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