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I like the part of databases where you throw a goldfish out the back of a moving jeep.

Can't wait for Google+-like circles to be supported here tbh
That was the one thing that was so innovative about it


🔴 Tourists in red


🔵 Locals in blue

Eric Fisher made a set of maps showing where locals vs tourists hang out based on photos uploaded with EXIF data:

1) NYC, 2) SF, 3) AMS, 4) Tokyo


"The Eye is a non-profit, community driven site dedicated towards archiving and long-term preservation of any and all data including but by no means limited to... websites, books, games, software, video, sound, other digital-obscura and ideas."

Čia pats jautriausias mano įrašas bloge. Dabar suprantu, kokią klaidą tuomet padariau dėl savo baimės ir kaip stipriai turiu stengtis, kad kitiems neliktų priežasties bijoti:

Always remember to make sure you are in the sudoers file

Was trying to think of a shitpost and alll I could come up with is “do you think that worms dream of a better life for their children?”

I’m concerned I’ve lost my touch

Your argument is invalid and my washing machine agrees with me.

today's hopeless emptiness stinks, i miss the hopeless emptiness of the 90's

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