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> arson attack on Berlin trains
> done to protest for climate change


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Death rates from natural disasters have plummeted over the past century to record lows, largely due to the availability of low cost, readily available fossil fuels.
Unfortunate that you are surrounded by such misinformed and irresponsible adults. …

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11:10 AM - 23 Sep 2019

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Swiss gov. upholds right to download copyrighted content - ProtonVPN Blog

The Swiss National Council ratified that individuals can download their content for their personal use. ProtonVPN has several P2P servers in Switzerland.

(Dubstep) THE WHITE STRIPES - seven nation army (pro7 dubstep remix) -

Can't wait for Google+-like circles to be supported here tbh
That was the one thing that was so innovative about it

you know what hits? voices with glitchy effects on them


🔴 Tourists in red


🔵 Locals in blue

Eric Fisher made a set of maps showing where locals vs tourists hang out based on photos uploaded with EXIF data:

1) NYC, 2) SF, 3) AMS, 4) Tokyo


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Čia pats jautriausias mano įrašas bloge. Dabar suprantu, kokią klaidą tuomet padariau dėl savo baimės ir kaip stipriai turiu stengtis, kad kitiems neliktų priežasties bijoti:

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