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Made this group editable document on instances for blocking by , and for known active App store clients to report for terms of service violation of App store hate speech policies.

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@Gargron eugen unplugged is like having to lean in to hear someone whisper a cat picture at you

I think that (at least as an experiment), I will move my personal thoughts to a different account, and leave this one to development and work-related matters.

If you want my non-work thoughts, follow me at @Gargron

Wow 😮

Libre activists in Albania 🇦🇱 are doing their own version of (see photo) 👍 is available under a CC By SA licence, so if you want to do your own version in your own language, please go right ahead!

There are already versions in French, German, Italian and Turkish:

#Albania #Albanian #Alternatives

said Monday that ’s tweets didn’t violate its policies on . Independent researchers who study struggled to see why. Twitter bars attacks on people on the basis of their race, ethnicity or national origin. It's easy to see why they want to let the President continue his Tweeting tirades. It brings eyeballs to the platform.

block request 

"How to run a small social network site for your friends" or the vertues of small size social networks

Here is 's response to Google saying their app will be removed from the Play App store if they don't clean up their moderation within 7 days. And my reply to their repossession. Gab's claims were simply objectively and technically false.

Our are our biggest . Here's how to set your and up to minimize them while not missing out on the important stuff.

@dansup will we only be able to make collections of posts we upload to a pixelfed account or can we make collections of image posts from around the fediverse cause THAT would be sick

Collections - A curated group of photos/videos/albums.

Shipping soon!

Collections will eventually federate, allowing Pixelfed users to follow remote Collections as if it was a Profile.

You will be able to add any local or remote public post in the future too!

Why I like mastodon:

My timeline is not full of 10x engineer and Area 51 memes.

Finally, the fediverse icon mosaic is finished - and I love the result :blobheartcat:

#art #mastoart #fediverse #inkscape

Look away from your screen for a bit. Allow your eyes and mind to rest.

The latest commits include an update to the Profile model, we are now using snowflake ids as the profile id.


Collections are ready to ship now! Will be re-using some stuff for Stories 😁

Love how @sengi_app actually knows how to play PeerTube videos properly. One of the first Fediverse clients I've seen that does.

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