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β€œThe overwhelming majority of scholarly literature is available gratis to anyone with an Internet connection.”

Sci-Hub's database contains 68.9% of all 81.6 million scholarly articles, which rises to 85.2% for those published in closed access journals, and 77.0% of the 5.2 million articles published by inactive journals. Coverage of the largest publisher, Elsevier, at 97.3%.

peerj.com/preprints/3100/ ecodigital.social/media/xWiy9K

@ShorterPearson @katebowles Sending good thoughts and something that I wrote not too long ago your way:

I used to fight the waves,
afraid to drown.
Then despite the rising tide,
I learned to float.
At peace. Above it all.

Take care!

@ginnungagap So happy for you. Take it slow and ENJOY!!

@wion I think I read most of your toots and am *very* surprised. Is that on the mammouth.cafe instance?

In any case, isn't it wonderful to have the choice to move instances? I know several folks whose bird site posts are landing under "sensitive content" warnings for unknown reasons and there seems to be no recourse πŸ™„

@Downes As I read your book, I can't help but feeling that I have been living in a deep, dark cave for not having read your writing earlier.

(Only on pg.50 but pretty sure that I am not going to change my mind.)

Thank you for compiling and sharing.

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It sounds like exactly what I need after two weeks buried in curriculum studies theory.

Simple. Active. Practical. My new "must read." I'm going to look for it right now.

@jeroensmeets @Downes

@katebowles @lauraritchie Thank you both. I've officially come up for air. I'm not sure who dreamed up 2-week residencies... I remembered why I don't like classrooms (and book groups that involve marks). But I am back home, am close to a dissertation topic and really like my supervisor.

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@ShorterPearson @dogtrax On a level I agree. In fact, I was feeling *bad* that @dogtrax does all of this honouring and remixing for me and I have yet to return the honour.

On another level, I am less certain. There are folks I think with Mastodon who say, "Please don't boost my toots" or ask for CWs for politics. I try to comply as a way to show respect & kindness maybe?

What I *know* I appreciate is honest and open questions and discussion surrounding these topics.

@ShorterPearson Thanks for clarifying. And I think your note that the negative reaction was a "check on myself" is so interesting and important. Negative reactions will happen. For me though some of me negative reactions though are good and challenge me to think differently. Others are just bad. Even I have trouble sorting out the two. These things are complicated and deeply personal.

@wion @katebowles @dogtrax @lauraritchie @GeoffreyGevalt

@lauraritchie @katebowles @sundilu I agree completely. Sincere, unplanned and small acts of awareness and kindness are at the core of

@wion @katebowles @dogtrax @lauraritchie @GeoffreyGevalt

Thank you for sharing your perspective. It is appreciated. @ShorterPearson I think also had a not positive reaction to one of the remixes. I think this tiny group is identifying and exploring some of the global challenges of sharing in the open, ownership and control of one's narratives.

Maybe folks could add or ? And/or remixers could ask before remixing? Just thinking...

Trying to connect API to WordPress. The site now says: Unable to find the wrapper "https" - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP?

I tried to explain that I'm not forgetting, I just have no idea how to comply with its demands. It ignores my pleas for clemency and keeps asking the same damn question over and over and... grrrrr

@Nomadwarmachine And the void calls back, "Hello, how are you?"

@Downes Are there any interesting insights you're willing to share?

@sundilu @katebowles Forgiveness is certainly an act of kindness (small or large depending on the situation) that we need more of.

As for capacity... Maybe it's about practice? In most cases the effort to act kindly is little more (if at all) than another choice, but we (at least I) usually act out of habit. My habits are not all kind. So maybe I need the *capacity to change* my habits? *And* the forgiveness of others when I step in it?

While preparing to leave home tomorrow, I listened to news of nearby communities evacuated due to fires. I decided my home shouldn't sit empty while other folks don't have a place to stay.

It only took a minute to call to mind a co-worker with family in the affected area. One text later, her parents became our impromtu house guests for next week.

@sundilu @katebowles "Kindness sticks out" but is so rarely documented or reported on.

Thinking about how our worldview changes when we focus on the kindness of strangers and the good that we can do for others.


The version in my mind is super simple and elegant 😁