I drove to the store today and realized that it was the first time in 3? weeks that I'd driven.

It felt strange. A good strange. Like driving is something that I should try to *not* do more.

i know the fediverse has a lot of techy types

from a non techy type:

wow congrats to all of you how to make computers do the thing

it's pretty neat i'm proud of u

I decided to look into the Xprize competition (the reason why is a story for another day), but the site says about one of the board members: "He is also the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Singularity University" which makes me think that the robots really are already in charge having a wonderful time mocking us.

In one hour I will be home. And with the time change I will be home now. A thought that feels so good it actually hurts.

To everyone ever suffering of homesickness for whom I was not sympathetic, I am so very sorry!

Suddenly realizing that being done with course work means BEING DONE WITH COURSEWORK!

Sitting at the airport. Two weeks of doctoral intensive behind me. Now thinking about the road ahead to candidacy. Just a warning, my supervisor suggests that it include all of you... (suggestions welcome on next steps ;))

Last night of residency. I so desperately want to be home. Right now.

24 more hours...

No matter which social network you're on, following a diverse group of people helps you taking a peek at the other side of your personal filter bubble.

You don't have to agree with everything and everyone, but please, at least try to listen to people and their opinions.

It will help you appreciate your own life, and may just make you a little wiser.

Sharing some writing that was in big and small ways influenced by people here.

thankful for all the wise intellectuals in this space, (especially those who don't recognize themselves in that description).


I returned my bike and headed to the university on foot, knowing only the general direction. Suddenly, I saw an outcropping of art on the corner of this car-friendly street. I stopped, spoke with the artist and bought a painting. I then asked if I was still headed in the right direction. "Yes," he said, "Up the hill and turn right. The further you walk, the closer there will be."

Possibly the best directions I've ever received.

We walked up to the meadow, a wide open space surrounded by the Rockies, huge peaks surrounding us. We are so small, I thought. The I remembered to look down, the way my grandmother taught me to in the early summer before the showy meadow flowers have bloomed. And there they were the tiny flowers, intricate and beautiful. Quietly being.

I’m outside waiting for my ride to pick me up. Across the street a car is waiting for their ridee. Noticing how the act of sharing creates space to pause and enjoy the sun and the shade and the birds.

You wake some mornings to this symphony, right? To invisible creatures talking to the world. To music among the trees. Maybe if you pause quiet enough, if you listen deep enough, if you contemplate the possibilities of conversation, you might finally hear beyond the nothing. Resist the noise, your heart tells you, while your brain seems only intent on making it all make sense. Let those birds sing. Let the squirrels chatter. Be observant in a quiet place. Write your own

Thank you kind people for following me—I'd just like to bring to your attention that this account is currently in retirement, please come join me over at @paralithode@playvicious.social for new posts 🦀💕

EdD thoughts 

I wrote something longer than a toot about my day (and my daughter's breakfast)


EdD thoughts 

This morning I left class to deal with a "home emergency": What should she eat for breakfast?

It took 27 minutes to walk her through the options of who to eat, how to walk up the stairs, what shirt to choose, what shoes to wear... Maybe she learned something about how to break big things into little doable ones.

As I returned to the rush in the class, I thought: We are always in a rush to teach sooo that they have no time to learn anything.

Missing the class time was worth it.

EdD thoughts 

I spent the evening sitting outside reading. Mostly Foucault. He focused on the Kantiam question of “Who are we?” as opposed to Descartes question of “Who am I?”

No, wrong questions! I’d rather ask “Why are we?” and “How will we (and I) choose to be today?”

EdD First morning update 

First morning: Biked (up what might by Calgary's only hill) to get to school.

Walked into a classroom with a lot of faces I didn't miss. Settled in you a long day, but then first activity was to speak in a circle answering the question: Where do you come from?

It broke the patterns of last year and changed the atmosphere in the room. A good start :)

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