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Hey, hey, hey

Even if we're all little minnows swimming in an endless ocean

You're very special and irreplaceable minnows as far as my corner of the ocean is concerned, and I'm sure that is also true of the other minnows you are friends with

(On another note, isn't it kind of neat how schools of minnows seen from far away look like a bunch of iridescent shooting stars?)

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Fediverse survival guide Unlike Twitter, usernames are not unique.

If you're expecting to be a celebrity with millions of followers then you're out of luck. Mass broadcast is not what federated systems are about.

Instances means servers which federate posts between them.

There isn't any guaranteed way to delete or edit a post, so think twice before you post.

This is a purely public system. If you want genuinely private chat then use other apps, such as Conversations.

Be nice. Avoid outrage culture and block users who engage in that.

Don't be afraid to block bad users or bad instances, but keep instance blocks to the minimum possible because collective punishment is bad and it's good to have opinions which are not hostile but merely different.

Run your own instance if you can. This increases the robustness of the federation overall, and reduces the risk from bad admins. The more users there are on a single instance, the more likely it is to turn into a Twitter-like hellscape.

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I think the challenge is taking people used to centralized models, used to dystopia, used to outrage and revolt and irony, and placing them in something almost revoltingly sincere. It’s so difficult. They get used to the only fleeting release from despair being attention.

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It's not an accident that the same thing that will enrich you as a person is the same thing that will make this particular platform better.

And that is listening to people that are not like you to create an experience that is good for both of you, not just a particular set of people.

That is where so many other places fail. Miserably.

I say lets do something different. Let's just be... better.

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If you aren't going anywhere for Christmas, consider unplugging for a day.
Finally sit down with that book you've wanted to read, start writing down that stuff in your head that doesn't want to leave you etc.
You don't even need to reflect on your life, just take a breather.

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kicking around the idea of a #coop #isp to try and circumvent the abandonment of #NetNeutrality rules.

It feels like I'm getting over my head. Got no experience with coops at all, although I understand the principle.

Even NPOs get over my head, I feel sometimes.

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All I'm going to say is look at the voting demographics of the AL election result.

America keeps showing you what the problem is over and over and over and over again.

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First we found a family-owned restaurant, then the taphouse and the trampoline park, and, of course 7-11. On the weekend, we finally made it to the Italian bakery. We have put the thai food, sushi & pedicure place on the list of 'must dos'. And there's the kickboxing & dance studio, archery museum & thrift shops to explore. Tonight I found out that there are open houses and painting classes at the gallery. All within a 5-minute walk from our house. So much to explore here!

I went to the recycling depot this weekend. It was bustling with folks happily sorting their stuff into paper, styrofoam, soft plastics, glass, batteries... It seems to me that 25 years ago, folks would have said that there was *no* way people could *ever* be convinced to sort *garbage*.

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@ShorterPearson I miss you too, and lovely when you're back as well!

I haven't done a lot of retreating from the universe in my life, but this past week I found it really a needed and restful thing to do. My book wasn't about current events, I didn't have to talk to it, and it didn't care if I felt awful and put it down so I could stare at the wall.

We walked to our new favorite restaurant, rain pounding down on umbrellas, laughing along the way. After supper, the rain had stopped and they asked if they could go to 7-11 and meet me at home.

They might not admit it, or know it yet, but they are loving the freedom this bigger city offers.

First ski weekend of the year & because of the move, the drive each way is 3 hours longer, but it was such a great weekend! It had the feeling of 'getting away' in a way that has been missing over the past few years.

Maybe it was too easy to take for granted what was in our back yard until we needed to make a concerted effort to get there.

Another quick note on research - I"ll be reaching out to writers, but I'd also be interested in talking to anyone who might follow the hashtag, reply to posts, or otherwise enjoy the shared here... The thing is unlike writers, I won't know who you are unless you reach out to me - So please contact me.

I'm a little behind (as usual)... but I hope to be reach out soon to individual contributors to to invite you to participate in research about the hashtag and your involvement with the larger Mastodon community. Interested in participating? Let me know - 'Interview' can be via direct message here or any other media you'd like to use.

All right. I've written my post about incommensurability of campus & online and distance education. I will warn you that I keep re-writing it... Thoughts and discussion on this one are really appreciated.


@actualham @econproph

Happened upon a terrible scene today and slowly realizing it would have been worse if I'd arrived only moments earlier.

Then raked leaves on a warm, dark evening in the pouring rain. Thankful that rain does not in fact melt people and finding instead that it has healing powers.

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We're getting a lot of reports about new users who don't seem to have read the rules at mastodon.social/about/more . These are not idle guidelines; they're the conditions for being welcome on mastodon.social (which is one of many instances in the Mastodon federation). If you can't follow them, even when you're posting unlisted toots, please find another instance.

Remember: one of us reads every report, and we will suspend users for repeated violations of the rules.

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Liberation is not about being submissive.

It is not a matter of just taking whatever comes your way.

Liberation is seeing things as they truly are.