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Do you know and like Japanese era name?

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If you can do Japanese reading and writing, please give me the follow to "@Telmina."

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How do you do?
My name is Telmina.
I am a Japanese middle-aged man who lives in Tokyo.

All the time, although I was interested in "", I am failing to register until now. However, I registered here daringly today.

I am not knowledgeable about any languages other than Japanese. Therefore, please allow about the following phenomenons.

- I cannot reply to all the comment.
- I may sometimes make an incomprehensible remark.

I'm just an ordinary Japanese man.
However, I'm *NEVER* a typical Japanese person.
I'm a leftist and a liberal, so I hate current P.M. of Japan.
I dislike Japanese pop cultures, especially music and anime.
If you want to talk to typical Japanese people, I don't recommend you to follow me.

I can't understand why some foreigners try to follow me.
Are they really understand what I say?
Are they really interested in my toots?




【Mastodon】現在、新お一人様サーバに接続できなくなっています。 – Telmina Seven





フェイスブック 5億件超の個人データ アクセス可能な状態 | NHKニュース

Do you know and like Japanese era name?



12.5% of Japanese city-dwellers still hesitant about buying food from nuclear disaster-hit Fukushima | The Japan Times

I just wrote to the United Nations to oppose new global censorship rules that would limit how minors can be depicted in stories or art. Will you join me and write your own letter?

I drank Spanish Wine.
It's cheep, but delicious.
I'd like to buy it again.

【ワイン】インペリオ グラン・レゼルバ 2010

Dear Santa Claus:

Please give me the right of permanent residence of Germany or Canada.
I'd like to live in the country where democracy is valid.

I'm surprised that over 150 thousands people signed the petition to stop building Henoko base for
The landfill is a big problem not only for Japanese, but all the people in the world!


Stop the landfill of Henoko / Oura Bay until a referendum can be held in Okinawa | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government


Stop the landfill of Henoko / Oura Bay until a referendum can be held in Okinawa


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