Ten years ago today, people across the web joined together to stop censorship legislation known as SOPA/PIPA. The massive 'internet blackout' helped kill the dangerous bill.
Thanks to all who joined in and who continue to fight for online rights!
eff.org/deeplinks/2012/01/inte t.co/QHiBQMy9nb

Considering how Titanfall was pretty much abandoned to cheaters and DDoS attacks a year after that "help is on the way" dev message, I've no faith in the immortality bug/cheat blighting Battlefront 2 being dealt with any time soon. pcgamer.com/uk/dice-is-working

Give it about 3-5 years and America will officially be replaced by President Disney Microsoft Amazon. Just them being the entire country.

I was badly burned by the original FF14 - the jagged mountain of shitty Everquest-era design and malicious-feeling bugs. It took a fair bit of convincing for me to give A Realm Reborn a go.

But dammit did that free trial - biggest demo I ever saw - make a believer of me.

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Hell of a last throwdown, Shadowbringers. And that was just but half of it - still quite a few epilogues and mini-stories to unravel before the start of Endwalker.

tests are showing waluigi levels at 98%

(98%) ■■■■■■■■■□

the most influential people in this country are almost all so unbelievably stupid it's unreal

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watching the tories defund the bbc after they've spent 20 years alienating what would be the bbc's fiercest supporters in exactly - EXACTLY the same way you predicted a decade ago is an experience with precisely zero consolation

"Bunny Dango helps me remember which of these scars are from monster attacks and which ones are from the dog and cat taking turns clawing me awake because they want burgers at 3 in the morning."
"We... don't sell burgers here, sir."
"Do they look like they care?"

Still some ways off from the end of Shadowbringers' main story, but that big cutscene leading up to the raid on Mt. Gulg had me damn near roaring with hype. Can't even remember the last time I did that with an MMO.

It wouldn't be a complete Games Done Quick marathon without at least one Spiteful Mario ROM Hack With Weirdly Great Music run.

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