How does work? I needs more zealots and command-line enthusiast! Retro junkies too. Just search the Internet for "TheOuterLinux," and I'm pretty much doing all kinds of things and using or .

I bet more people would order shirts if they could get a custom user address added to it somewhere with a QR code for easy follow.

Just noticed something weird. If I repost then it's the same thing as "boost?" Is it a different instance thing? I didn't realize that. Does that mean we can all repost/boost a post and then the asshole changes the text to something I don't agree with and it keeps its likes and so forth? That's not right...

"Microsoftストアから簡単にインストールできるようになったからといって、WSLで動作しているLinuxから気軽な気持ちで「rm -rf /」を実行するのは危険だ。Windows 10側のファイルも一部削除されてしまうので注意してほしい。"
実行してはいけないLinuxコマンド 第3回 Windows 10 WSLで『rm -rf /』を実行 | ニコニコニュース

Made a pixel version of a Ford GT using MagniPaint (old paint program) and added effects with GIMP.

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