Just added the second season of the Computer Chronicles to my Kodi add-on. You can get it from the website theouterlinux.gitlab.io. The idea of the add-on is to show off stuff I've been working on while also showing-off other things I think are awesome.

img2vdu - Convert images to scriptable graphics for BBC BASIC

PeerTube version:

Bitchute version:

This Python script, img2vdu.py, is designed to help convert modern image formats -- such as PNG, JPEG, GIF, etc., into a scriptable format for BBC Micro computers, or BBC BASIC in general.


If anyone is stuck at home and likes old-school like I do, I made a add-on for showing off some of my stuff but I also included sections for other things. The "Etc. Videos" section is being organized like a time-line so you can watch old tech videos from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. It also has an "Etc. Movies" section with Public Domain films like "Night of the Living Dead" in it. If interested, you can get it off of my website at theouterlinux.gitlab.io.

Why is it every time I get close to or on the top ten in the waiting list (distrowatch.com/dwres.php?reso), someone from a year ago just happens to get about 20+ votes over me in just a day or two? Vote PsychOS! psychoslinux.gitlab.io.

@Canageek Found something you might be interested in: vigyaancd.org/. It's a GNU/Linux distro for . It's a bit dated (runs on i486 and up), but worse case scenario you click the links and maybe find some and tools you didn't know about. Comes with EMBOSS and a crap ton of other tools. I haven't seen anything else like it. The distro ran just fine on QEMU other than getting Internet to work correctly, but that's mostly SSL's fault.

STRYGAME for DOS. Compile with FreeBASIC.

Download: theouterlinux.gitlab.io/Downlo

Use it to make a simple point-and-click adventure game for DOS. All the example does is display a BMPv2 image, play a quick jingle using LoxVox, and then waits for you to click a button -- which is technically an area of the screen, and runs a subroutine when you do.


I've been working on a Kodi add-on. I still haven't figured out how to view images/art beyond the thumbnail. I'm adding stuff all the time such as things I have made and things others have made regarding videos, film, music, art, and so forth. And with the way it is coded, I can add and remove categories and playable items when ever I need to. The current focus for the Etc. categories are retro/old-school related things.

Website: theouterlinux.gitlab.io

Google Chrome sends a new HTTP header (x-client-data), unique for each chrome install, on all google websites magiclasso.co/insights/hey-goo Doesn’t seems GDPR compliant #google #tracking #privacy #GDPR

Will you refuse to install an application because of the programming language it was written with?

- Yes
- Conditionally (Yes, but only if there is no binary available and I have to install the language's build tools)
- No
- Other conditions: please specify

Boosts appreciated, because I find the "boosts appreciated" trick working for other people and I figured I'd try once

I really wish and/or had a map importer. I feel like that would be a huge game-changer for quickly making worlds. You could then just sculpt things out or replace items later if you don't like the block look.

I just got done adding the first season (1984) of "Computer Chronicles" to my Kodi add-on if anyone is interested. theouterlinux.gitlab.io.

If anyone knows of similar / oriented TV shows from back in the day that I can find on archive.org, let me know.

YouTube links are currently not supported as I need full URL's to MP4's or OVG's and the like. I know about 'youtube-dl -g,' but it splits the audio and video into two links.

Added a JavaScript-based TSR-80 Model III emulator to my website if anyone is interested. theouterlinux.gitlab.io.

I've been wondering how TeePublic and similar merch programs have been getting away with letting people use TV show characters and stuff. I guess this is how.

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So... it turns out that TeePublic has a program in which members can design content for shirts, mugs, etc. based on a list here: teepublic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us and they claim to keep trying to get more. So if you see me design a Rick and Morty t-shirt or Star Trek something or another, apparently I have permission, or at least from my understanding. But of course the catch is that because they are still the trademark holders, anything I make based off their stuff, they own.

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