The Computer Chronicles mentioning Linus Torvalds and Linux on their Windows 98 episode: You can find more Computer Chronicle episodes archived here:

Here's a very cool new filter by Nick Weihs: Expected to be in the 4.3 release later this year.

Jesus... how does a platform convert a 1.6MB webm to a 23.9MB MP4? Could it have just kept the original formatting? Fortunately, the quality (hahaha...) is still about the same. So you still get a fairly accurate preview of the 1.6MB version.

Yeah... Mastodon converted it to an MP4 anyway, so don't expect the same file size. Read the write-up and grab the actual resulting file from the provided link.

So how does one fit a 20 minute TED talk onto a 3.5" floppy?... The following is a very crappy video/audio version (though probably converted by Mastodon) of "Feats of memory anyone can do" by Joshua Foer on TED. For a write-up on a 46 minute video, visit the Mμse section on my website. For the 3.5" sized TEDTalk file (1.1MB 7z): It looks and sounds like crap, but you can't say it's not possible.

I'm trying this again because apparently there was a problem with the wording on one of the items and I just want to be sure about something.

Are you a web developer? What operating system do you mainly use? Please boost this pole to get more accurate results.

I ran out of room on the "curl txt's" part. What I meant by that is the current plan for the PsychOS installer is to have plain text files in a repo that I can easily change the contents of with git so if I ever make or find a better video in regards to a step in the setup, I can just change the text and the curl command parts in the installer will return an newer URL as opposed to having to change parts of the software, which then would also mean another PsychOS build just for that.

The current version of PsychOS uses the refractainstaller for installation, but I've been working on my own. I'm still far from finished but thought I'd share some progress. I plan on having a "Pretend Mode" so those with anxiety about installing can go through it without actually making changes. I'm also including the ability to stream online videos on different parts of the installation for better explanation of things and have it setup so I can change the video URL at any time via curl txt's.

By the way, just in case I have to say this, which I shouldn't, but Ubuntu-based systems unfortunately count as Debian-based even though I and many others would probably disagree with that. I only get four slots for poles. So if you use Ubuntu, Elementary, Mint, PopOS, etc., please don't put "Other" as your vote. "Other" is for systems like BSD, Haiku, FreeDOS, KalibriOS, and etc. Also, if it's a system people rarely every hear of or think about, feel free to leave a quick comment about it.

Anyone else starting to notice that most web developers are users? Am I the only one that sees the irony in this? You've got people using Arch because "low RAM and CPU usage" but then there are many conversations all over the place in regards to running 12+ virtual machines on a computer with a gazillion gigs of RAM when not too busy compiling software on several GPUs. How can we ever expect websites or games with low system requirements when this has become the norm among even Arch users?

FreeDOS's Linux Roots

On June 29, 2019, the FreeDOS Project turns 25 years old. That's a major milestone for any open-source software project! In honor of this anniversary, Jim Hall shares this look at how FreeDOS got started and describes its Linux roots.

In a nerdy attempt to get people to browse my site, I've decided to try posting a weekly public domain kind of thing. Sounds boring? Well... You'd be surprised what is public domain. Lots of older and movies, including the original "Night of the Living Dead" are public domain. I'm still not sure as to when to replace it; either on Fridays or Mondays. Embeds from YouTube or web archive to keep website size down (I'm using git)

ALERT: if you are using the default 4.19 kernel (uname -r), DO NOT UPGRADE your MX-17 or MX-18 system, installed or live, until further notice.

There was a problem with a kernel upgrade and we are currently testing solutions.

Thanks for your patience!

Been playing with , a free and open-source (), cross-platform clone, and decided to start posting my worlds on the world wide web here: If I'm going to spend time making these things, I might as well share them. (Turtleneck with a small dog voice): I shall call it.. (long pause and raised eyebrow).. "Mineart"...

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