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Just a quick reminder, I have a GNU/Linux distribution called "PsychOS" for running on older hardware (i686) and will hopefully soon release "PsychOS486" for those with even older hardware (i486DX/i586/i686), as long as you have 32MB of RAM for a console and 64MB for a GUI desktop, but 128MB would be much better.

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If anyone wanted to try my / distro "PsychOS" but was either having trouble with the download or getting it to run on newer computers (blame UEFI, not me) since it was designed for older machines, you can try it online here: You will probably have to allow a pop-up and just know that since you are running it on a VM over the Internet, it is much slower than in real life.

If you want me to approve your follow request, here is a list of DO NOT's:

1. Use an instance with captchas
2. 30+ followers and no posts
3. No new posts in months
4. All of your posts are just boosts
5. 80% of posts are sociopolitical
6. All of your posts are Google ads
7. No nerdy or creative posts at all
8. Treat web dev as if >= desktop
9. Only talk about bitcoin or blockchain-based services

If I did not care, my numbers would be much higher, but I prefer quality over quantity.

I do not currently have a way to see what this does, but I was watching "Makeing the Most of the Micro: At the End of the Line" and at the end of the episode, a sound was played to be recorded and then used with a BBC Mircocomputer. It seems as though B-Em and ElectrEm do not like WAV files and I have no way to convert this to a UEF; so if anyone out there can see what this does or translate it to a UEF, that would be awesome and let me know how, especially if it can be done on GNU/Linux.

Just in case anyone out there is interested, I've started to hunt-down old E-mags from and posting links to them on TheOuterLinux's Docs page, which will hopefully help anyone trying to learn more about older microcomputers and you may be able to use them with the emulators included with one of the PsychOS project's distributions. However, it would be a better idea to bookmark the home page instead because one day I may move things around; you never know.

Linux conquers Mars: NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter accompanying Perseverance boasts Open Source at heart

It was spectacular to see how the Perseverance rover landed successfully on Mars a few hours ago, and surely this NASA mission will soon give oth

PsychDOS is not out yet, but maybe someone out there might want to at least know about it and what better way than a cool poster? Until then, feel free to browse the PsychOS project site at I would also like to point out that the "640K minimum" and the "GPLv3" on the poster is for the desktop environment itself and that the included software may use more RAM and different, but still redistributable licenses.

I have dogfooded, tested and carried around my personal MNT Reform every day for the last weeks and am ready to finalize all production firmware and the system image for the first release now.

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Anyone else having issues with ProtonMail's .onion address protonirockerxow.onion/? The .onion version keeps giving "too many attempts" messages and sometimes the "login rate slowdown" message (can't remember the exact wording). And the funny thing is, even though I get these messages, I can just switch over to the non-onion version a less than a minute later and can login without issue. This isn't some new, weird, Cloudflare-like thing, is it? @protonmail @torproject

Question to everyone out there. Do you have a Pinetab and be willing to install something to test for me? I need someone with a Pinetab to install MyPaint and let me know how well it works. This is important because I have been thinking about getting one. MyPaint runs just fine on a Raspberry Pi 3, and on a 1080p monitor no less, but I have yet to see videos with people using it for art stuff and MyPaint would be the most bang per byte option.


Some people out there might want to take a look at this...

Raspberry Pi (at Least Raspbian GNU/Linux and/or Raspberry Pi Foundation) Appears to Have Been Infiltrated by Microsoft and There Are Severe Consequences

Run to check:
$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/vscode.list

And before people start saying Rpi's are for "educational" use and that's why it includes the repo for Visual Studio, there are plenty of alternatives. This is nonsense.

So, I have been working on "PsychDOS" and finally uploaded some of the development logs and updated the docs section of the PsychDOS part of the site (with JS enabled, you can use your keyboard to navigate): No screenshots yet. but there might be soon as I am pretty comfortable with the UI I have, or at least at the moment.

@Gargron Yo! So... apparently, you can send tweets via BBS by connecting to Surely we free and open source Mastodon users also deserve such luxury? Feature request? Pleaaaassssse :owi: I am sure the FreeDOS and terminal users would at least appreciate it. Oh, and there is telnet:// for Reddit, but I prefer the Gopher version if just browsing (gopher://

If non-polydactyly and could program, would everything use base-8?

By the way, if anyone is annoyed by YouTube's hatred for and SMTube users as I am, I made a and script combo I've been calling "VideoCheck" in which you can search YouTube videos, have the results shown to you using a web browser (w3m is default but can be changes) and then you can just use mpv or vlc to play the URL if youtube-dl is also installed. It also includes a way to use RSS and cURL to check on latest videos and live streams so no more need to "subscribe."

PsychOS 3.4.6 has been around for a little over a year now with a confirmed download count of about 4500 so far with very little issues reported (knock on wood). And when people do have something to say, usually by E-Mail, most of them are thank you's rather than complaints, which is very rare for a GNU/ distro. And yes, I am bragging just a little.

PsychOS486 for i486DX machines was made available in November 2020, and now I am currently working on PsychDOS. Happy New Year everyone! 🐧

Because this got boosted and liked by some people a bit late, PsychOS486 is now available if anyone is interested.

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I know this is going to sound backwards to some of the web developers, but does any one know of a free (as in price, but FOSS would be cool) 'git' or 'ftp' storage service that does not use "https?" I need plain "http" because of future projects, such as PsychDOS, may need them. I can currently get the Lynx browser on the soon-to-be PsychOS486 to go to places like (TLS), but I have no idea for how long that will last. I'm open to a gopher or BBS, but self-hosting is not an option.

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