... Which also reminds me that I have a GitLab site now for us old-school and enthusiasts. theouterlinux.gitlab.io/websit. It works on modern, old, mobile, and text-based web browsers as long as it supports SSL. If you're into , I highly recommend you visit because I put a crap-ton of work into posting hard to find links for all kinds of software.

I gave StreamPi a GUI using Gambas: bitchute.com/video/MM2YcMYnqld. StreamPi is a live streaming and recording alternative with other features like monitoring Twitch and Picarto stream stats. I made it because I got tired of OBS Studio's OpenGL requirements when it itself is also only a front end for ffmpeg. It's made to run on any system that can install the 'gambas3' package, which also includes RPi. Most 10 year old laptops will probably do ~17-24 fps while the RPi does 3-5 fps.

Recently switched from BitChute to PeerTube because of of them loosing my videos. After changing all of my video images to say "BitChute lost my videos," as well as complaining on their forum, most of them magically come back. And now, the PeerTube I use is giving me "400 ngix errors" when I try to upload. So, I might have to use BitChute again for a while. bitchute.com/theouterlinux.

The next time you watch the news and feel as though the world has gone to hell, remember this:


Simply put, "news" is all garbage. Learn to think for yourself and do your own research because it seems as though no one else is actually doing it for you. Just idiots in nice suits paraphrasing Facefarm and quoting Shitter posts.

I found a cool way to do painting in . Notice the areas circled in red. Using an artist-like brush, setting Dynamics to "Random Color," and then having the foreground/background colors as two shades of the same color, you can get a professional looking painting effect. I made this in about 3 minutes with my mouse.

Here's the brush that was used:

gave myself a little project yesterday: after discovering AppArmor is enabled on all official arch linux kernels, i decided to turn it on and start locking down some processes.

in turn, i found out that discord just absolutely loves to open ptrace on anything it can find.

i can only guess this has something to do with the game integration and "rich presence" features, as denying it hasn't broken anything yet. just wish it were more up-front about this stuff.

I do miss the feature in gnome-screensaver in which one could leave messages from the screensaver for when the owner unlocks it.

This is hilarious. It's the FAQ section of xscreensaver. Call me a dinosaur, but I can't help but agree with this.

Any Richard M. Stallman fans out there? Did you know that there's a package for /#Linux called 'vrms' (virtual Richard M. Stallman) to check to see what non-free packages exist on your system?

Why use sudo when you can use zardoz?

Add this inside of ~/.bashrc:
alias zardoz ='sudo'

And then you can run:
zardoz apt update
zardoz apt upgrade

Arch users: "We have an 'easy' to use wiki page."

MX Linux users: Press Alt+F1 ๐Ÿ‘

Some interesting pip searches. We bitch about not having any AAA games as , but... Maybe learn Python? That and developing with would go a long way.

I added top 100 colors from top 100 pieces to a palette collection you can find here: deviantart.com/theouterlinux/a. I also added 151 colors of 150 Pokemon palette too, though it's probably not that representative. The collection is mostly systems colors from things like , , , , , etc. There is also , but those are mainly to help with hair and eye colors. GIMP color palettes can also be imported to .

A 'whohas' search, a highly recommended package to install, results show:

- expandurl-mastodon
- bitlbee-mastodon
- mastodome
- localtoot
- toot
- tootstream
- tootle

I'm sure one of these has something to do with a posting client and if not, you can always use pip install:

- toot: Mastodon CLI client
- soundcheck-vlc: toots into vlc playlists
- tootlogger: log toots to DayOne
- boost: automatic toot boosting for users
- rss2toot
- reminder: auto send toots about last blog posts

@sexybiggetje If you look in the video's description on the site itself, there are usually either notes or a link to notes somewhere. Also, you can just ask me if you have any questions.

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