Yyyyyyyep. It's amazing how many people don't understand that this kind of behaviour doesn't hurt the person you're downvoting, it hurts all future visitors who rely on those answers being discoverable.

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Alright twitterverse, if I need a drive solution (direct connection, not a server) that will work with macos *and* windows *and* linux, such that the file paths actually resolve to the same on-disk location, what do I want? What kind of tech is that?

I have very high hopes for these Portuguese peppers. Possibly too high. We'll see if they deliver.

Also at this point I have no idea how many goldfish we have. "A lot" is about as close as it's going to get: they keep having goldfish sex and the pond has clearly enough algae to sustain this population.

This year seems to be tree frogs everywhere I look, as opposed to the last 3 years, which had exactly zero. And I'm not complaining: look at how cute these things are!

"lol, why are you writing your own event manager?" - "imagine a modal dialog with document listeners" - "k" - "that triggers a secondary modal on top" - "...k" - "now tell me how you're going to stop event propagation" - "I... hmm.... well... no... shit".

"I don't see anything wrong?" no, and you know what else you don't see? The headings that those "1 result" speech bubbles are on top of.

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omg @vivaldibrowser, how do I remove stuff from autocomplete in the URL bar? No, I do not want "view-source:localhost:8000/#explanation", ever, why is this not cleared when using "clear all things for everything, since the beginning of time"? Why does autocomplete not clear?

I am very curious to see if what I receive is fine, or is going to be one of those "you wasted $500 on a company that you could have known was super sketch". Sometimes they are. Sometimes they're not.

Looks like someone's going to have their @StackOverflow account suspended tomorrow.

Well, this is puzzling. I love hunting down timing issues. Although I might not be using quite the correct verb there.

To everyone writing HTML, or HTML generators, or CMS, or anything that serves HTML to people: add id attributes to every level of heading, and wrap them in self-referential links, so folks can link to information. You know, that thing the web was literally invented for.

Imagine what you could do if you let me tell you which DAWs I already had as part of my user account, @PluginBoutique

note that this isn't so much about "a thing needed for one or two components", but literally "a thing needed on potentially every component", because it's fairly basic user interaction directly on par with onClick, just not built into React.

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Concretely: I need an onLongPress on an HTML element, and I need the code to stay perfectly normal React code, too, so anything more complicated than <button onLongPress={..}> would be unpleasant, even if the code needed to *set up* that new universal event requires crafty code.

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Is there a way to define your own `onWhatever` prop, @reactjs, without writing per-component hooking code or the headache that is HoC? Something akin to document.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent), but then Reacty?

Looks like the dragon flies are about to give "air" a try.

It's pretty good camouflage, but when you start moving because someone's trying to tuck in the kiwi vines, you do suddenly stand out...

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