Just watching documentaries about all the Caribbean islands. Would be nice to retire. Would be nice not to have a global pandemic, too.

(the tiny button below the arduino is a toggle that enables/disables playing audio via the arduino, mapping note-on CC code to Hz frequency. Mostly an auditory debugger to make sure that "yes, it's still working")

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Well, MIDI passthrough works, so I guess that means all that's left is making the Arduino write an actual .mid file instead of csv note data.

You know it's time to shave when, drinking coffee with whipped cream, your only get coffee because your baleens are holding back the whipped cream.

Imagine if LEGO went "sorry your kids can't play with this set unless you move to [city you don't want to live in], first". That's the code of why I "mobile apps". The whole "no, fuck you, buy a new property and we'll consider letting you use this software".

Why don't induction heaters have a normal power dial?

PoC MIDI field recorder, because apparently that's not a kind of device that exists. Which is pretty weird. This listens to all MIDI cc coming through the wire and writes them to a log file on an SD card. (MIDI thru -what a terrible name- not connected yet)

"The year of linux on the desktop" was a little over a decade ago. You missed it, sorry. It turns out it just wasn't up to the task.

Is it just me or is there no prebuilt Arduino library that lets you play shitty-mixed polyphonic notes on a piezo speaker? I just need something that (poorly) implements PWM where you say "now play these four notes together" and the arduino go "beep". Not production-quality audio

Imagine being proud of "being the first asian-american chair of the FCC" while simultaneously acting like the whitest, most corporate shilling asshole to ever chair the FCC. There's being out of touch with reality, and then there's Ajit Pai.

A device that can run a magnetron and fanned heat coils at the same time is so much better at being a useful kitchen tool than "just a magnetron". And unlike the bizarro "toaster oven" fire hazards of the US, microwave-convection ovens are properly heat insulated.

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I suspect the reason combination microwave-ovens don't sell in North America is because folks already call microwaves "microwave ovens" despite not being ovens at all. So when they see "microwave+oven", the idea that it's a microwave *and* a convection oven just never hits them.

If you want @EventideAudio's Octavox harmony plugin, like I have for the last year+, then buy *anything* on @PluginBoutique and pick Quadravox as free BF gift. Then log in to your Eventide account, register Quadravox, and upgrade to Octavox for $30. THIRTY DOLLARS. Get in?

It's kind of like RB-338, but also so very much not the same at all... these are plugins, tied together with a DAW, programmed in multiple places. In a word, RB-338 was an instrument, and played like one. The experience is incomparable.

Hm, this seems a bit excessive for just "downloading", @SpitfireAudio? Surely this doesn't actually need to make my macbook sound like a jet engine on steroids just to download and combine O_o

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