Got bitten by a wasp today. No, I didn't get that verb wrong: first time on my life that a wasp tried to actually *eat* me.

You really need a normal changelog instead of (ab)using your own chat function @telegram. Just store them with the client update and have them live under settings somewhere.

And yes, it's spelled brakes. Let's see how many of you are able to let that slide because real life accidents warrant sympathy and empathy, not "well actually".

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Nothing like getting rear-ended by a Tesla at the pull-up to a highway to remind you how stupid a mode of transport cars are, as well as how stupid Tesla's are. All those chips, and none of them were able to hit the breaks? What kind of shit brand are you pushing @elonmusk

Fans don't cool you down. Water cools you down. Sell your house, move into a pool.

"Hi, so... this is awkward, but like... there's some birds under your porch? Would you mind if I just... you know... ate them? They don't seem to be cooperating, could I maybe ask you to... you know...?"

Wow, the quails are going nuts, what's happening out there?! ...ah... hello mr. Cooper

Hot take: computer programmer is an extremely temporary skill, and 100 years from now no one is going to program computers. Computers will program computers, we just tell them what we need.

No one:
Random neighbour: you're right, drain hole covers ARE boring!

Took longer than expected, honestly. "Amazon has announced [it's killing the] MOBI file format." and replacing it with... EPUB. Something they could have done 20 years ago, but at least we got there.

People really need to stop saying "[...] but I could be wrong". Yes, we know, that's literally implicit to you, or anyone, making any claim about anything they have imperfect knowledge of.

Neat. Now if that trim controller shows up I might actually be able to actually play this game.

Bought a "for parts" @CMEPro1 Xkey 25 to fix my broken one, only to discover that the two models use a completely different ribbon connector. So that's not great. And they sold the Xkey line to "Artesia", and now it's double the price, which it's not even remotely worth.

Remember when @BostonDynamics said their robots could not be used for military purposes? Oh how we all laughed.

Suddenly my day became a lot more "it's it EOD yet?"......

"How many IoT devices do you have?" - "Well, I'm a software engineer working in and on the web, so: none?"

And yes, they might still have lost because an engineering report was commissioned to make sure that weight was safe, which you should *always* do when you're thinking of putting a hot tub anywhere "not on the ground". But at least that wouldn't have been strata-petty(tm)

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