Should I set up a new twitter account for bird pictures so you can just follow that instead of also enjoying the 80% rant content that I post?

And why is the internet apparently devoid of anyone even mentioning that this there IS a conic section between parabola and hyperbola? @3blue1brown any wisdom here?

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Conic sections question: the geometry between circle and parabola is an ellipse, but what is the between parabola and hyperbola? It's clearly hyperbolic, it forms curves on both nappes, but what is it? And what is its expression?

Hm, getting some mystery errors when running several @opencvlibrary image comparisons in sequence. One by one independently all work, but once I run them in sequence at some point opencv-python just errors out. So it smells like opencv's caching data it shouldn't be caching.

I just realised how weird it is that Python has the words "or" and "and" not but "nor", even though "if a nor b" is way nicer than "if not a and not b"

Surely, @CBCNews, this should be the accusatory "The B.C. ministry [...] said that in the past 10 years, it has issued 728 [...] fines [that] barely total $500,000". Not the lauding "more than" your article uses right now?

As much as I love orthographic variation, capital letters in orthographies that already have sentence delimiters (full stops or otherwise) makes no sense whatsoever. And don't even get me started on capitalizing proper nouns.

Would be cool if someone like @musescore bought and actually poured some money into implementing basic features that are still missing after 5 years. (linear transforms for an input source? Surely no one'd ever need that)

I still wish that @npmjs, the tool, allowed for runscript netsting, and had run-s and run-p built in. Needing npm-run-all for that still feels like it's patching an incompletion, rather than mere convenience.

Because let's be fair, this phone's only 5 years old, nothing is demanded of it, it can easily last another 5.

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So I could buy a new phone, which will be hundreds of dollars if not closer to a thousand. But I literally only use my phone for quick no-pro photos and twitter/telegram, so I could also just buy a CDN$50 @iFixit battery replacement kit and get a bunch of handy tools with it.

hm, I think this bag of kopkindjes is defective. I bought it yesterday and it was full, but I just looked and it's empty.

Pretty impressed with @topazlabs' DeNoise AI... it would certainly make "permanent ISO 800" tempting.

Been driving Capture One for a bit and I think it's finally at a point where I can ditch Lightroom. Which would be nice.

Why do we have IndexedDB instead of just SQLite? Literally every browser *comes with SQLite*, why don't I get to use *that*? Sandbox it, I don't care, I just want to read in a sqlite file, and use it. And yeah, probably pack it up and send it up to my github/gitlab repo.

Oh, hey, remember that time when you learned that before Spain existed, there was Al Andalus, and a significant part of western Europe was Muslim? For EIGHT HUNDRED YEARS? Yeah, no, you don't. Convenient not to get taught that, right? Makes it so much easier to be a racist.

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