I want an entire bank of your mod wheels, @WeAreNovation, like 10 of them, spaced closely together, with a "self-center now" button above them, and just be programmable to send whatever CC code, because a wheels bank would be so much nicer than a bunch of sliders.

Not sure if this is still the case in 1.0.8 @matttytel but Vital 1.0.7 seems to be missing its icon on Windows

Are there plans to restrict who can approve PRs, @GitHub? Seeing some super weird drive-by approvals by folks who aren't in any of my teams/orgs.

I think sleeping is nice and I would like to do more of it.

The upside of a fresh Mojave install is that it's not new enough to have the gimped softwareupdate utility, so you can still just ignore every stupid update that @apple tries to push on you.

of course, now I need to regenerate all SVG files from those latex files, in four locales, so who knows how long that'll take. Probably a good 15 minutes (tex => pdf => crop => pdf2svg, as well as a tex2utf pass for every latex snippet for source inclusion)

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Hm, that only took an hour, which is honestly less time than I thought it'd take.

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Time to run through 250 LaTeX files to add explicit \textit{} around anything that's "not mathematical symbols"... this is going to take a while T_T

unless, of course, you're on the /reacts homepage and looking for folks commenting on videos, instead of just... you know... watching those videos. yourself. as a first hand experience. CRAZY, I KNOW, WHAT THE HECK??!??!3

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Imagine if @YouTube cordoned off "X reacts to Y" videos to youtube.com/reacts/channelname so the rest of us could just ignore it forever. It'd be such a different, and better, platform. Even if it's a regular channel, instantly move those vids over to /reacts and don't surface it.

btw dinner is moules frites. just so you know.

Got a thing coming down the pipeline. I'm excited about it. It's going to enable a bunch of work and it came so out of the blue that I'm still processing it. Though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't now thinking about how to turn it into a bigger thing.

2 months ago was Christmas. Time doesn't care, go ahead and feel good about it basically only just having been christmas, but knowing Biden won. You earned it.

Kinda disappointed in @steamworksbeer "Nitro". I expected the same kind of nitrogen ping pong ball as Guinness or Boddingtons.

Let's hope pomax.github.io/1614461875757/ saves a few folks from trawling the interwebs and finding forum posts that tell them their SSD is broken, or unreliable, or any other nonsense without the most basic "did you reset your nvram with this 10 second fix?"

At least the car is done, the chibibibis will have to sleep in the car. Or drive to somewhere that still has power! Adventure, ho!

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True adventure style, off road camping in the dark! And it wasn't a waffle iron, it was a roof rack!! So handy!

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