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people say there's no ethical consumption under capitalism? then explain "eat the rich"

It's fucked up that I can't shoot energy blasts from my hands. Like what the hell

Waiting for Windows to update because I had to restart my PC to fix a minor problem is the worst hell

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the fun thing is that "AAAAAaaaa" works for literally every feeling.

pain? "AAAAAaaaaaa"
sadness? "AAAAaaaaa"
joy? "AAAAAaaaaaa"

okay someone in chat (vaguely) answered it:

"Why is red back there? We already got the moonstone there DAYS ago"

lmao I'm so confused

I tuned into Twitch Plays Pokemon like a week ago and they were stuck trying to cut the bush next to Viridian Forest

I just tuned in today, and they're still there, but have collected 4 more badges in the meantime?????

so upset that googling "espio the charmeleon" brings up no relevant results

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oh um, I guess I wanna say, all of you who read this, you are cute, happy valentine's day, you're now my valentine, if you want to be

Can't believe the next Splatfest is
Capitalists VS Communists

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I used up all my bread last night and so I have nothing to eat and I need to go shopping but I'm too hungry and lazy to get up and go shopping

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