Valve Recently Released its FAQ for the SteamDeck, according to which, games with Anti-Cheat will work on the Linux based system, and moving forward will work on the desktop with Proton.

Windows 11 will ship without a fully functional taskbar, missing features such as Drag & drop, or being able to reposition the bar itself.

ExpressVPN was not my FIRST choice to begin with, but they were top ten for me. Now they have been acquired by a company with an unscrupulous history.

Google discovered 11 chrome vulnerabilities, 2 of which are active and in the wild right now.
Updates are being issued, so update immediately (or, switch to Firefox for even better protection)

I'm shocked ... shocked I say...
This should be no surprise to anyone who follows me, sharing just in case

Yes both AI and human moderators are reading all of your "end-to-end-encrypted" whatsapp messages

The future Networks arm of the European Commission has declared that Open Source Software & hardware are a Public Good. Essentially, both economically and technologically, it's a net Plus to be Open-Source.

Windows 10 is being attacked, using the MSHTML component of Internet Explorer, which is what Office uses as a renderer. meaning, the exploit can be activated by planting an ActiveX object in an Office Document.

EFF is suing the US postal service, analysts at the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS), sorted through massive amounts of data created by social media users to surveil what they were saying and sharing, Internet users’ posts on Facebook, Twitter, Parler, and Telegraph were likely swept up in the surveillance program.

Astrophysicists have detected light coming from the far side of a black hole.
The observations were made using the European Space Agency’s X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission (XMM-Newton) telescope and NASA’s NuSTAR telescope.

Ethereum founder donated $1 billion in Siba-Inu coin, to help fight Covid in India, but getting around both technical and regulatory issues is making the money difficult to actually spend.

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