EFF is suing the US postal service, analysts at the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS), sorted through massive amounts of data created by social media users to surveil what they were saying and sharing, Internet users’ posts on Facebook, Twitter, Parler, and Telegraph were likely swept up in the surveillance program.


Astrophysicists have detected light coming from the far side of a black hole.
The observations were made using the European Space Agency’s X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission (XMM-Newton) telescope and NASA’s NuSTAR telescope.


Ethereum founder donated $1 billion in Siba-Inu coin, to help fight Covid in India, but getting around both technical and regulatory issues is making the money difficult to actually spend.


There are six bills with bipartisan support currently being debated in the US Congress that could rein in the power of Big Tech.


Facebook Just Blocked the most popular vaccine misinformation hashtag.... Two Years Too Late.
Funny thing is, it was blocked on Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) in early 2019.


A combination of dependency on tips and requirements to appear positive on the job — "service with a smile" — contributes to a culture of sexual harassment in the service industry, a new study finds.


@Theeo123 How to enjoy chips with the least amount of worker exploitation:

Get yourself a mandolin slicer, but not from Amazon

Make thin potato slices

Brush with oil and sprinkle with salt

Microwave or bake in the oven

a 1972 MIT study predicted the collapse of society by 2040, and so far we're right on track, "economic growth AT ALL COSTS" is the source of the problem


Audacity now has a new Contributor License Agreement on it's GitHub page
it gives the company full rights and control over contributed code Past & Present (including how it is or can be used).


Last week users found a way to restore the windows 10 like start menu in Windows 11, Microsoft has now patched windows 11 so that it is no longer possible. They are determined to force you to use it the way the designed and not let you customize it at all.

Now might be a better time than ever to switch to Linux


Ring's newest line of Video doorbells will support end-to-end encryption, but there are exceptions.
Battery powered video doorbells and cameras will NOT support the new feature. And it is disabled by default, you'll have to opt-in


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