Crapped out on this morning's run. Was trying for a new 10km personal best but after 7 I couldn't keep the pace up & felt terrible, just walked/jogged the rest. Wish I'd pushed harder, was 4 secs/km ahead of pace, could have boosted my fitness a bit even if not making the goal.

The 2018 Name of the Year title went to Canadian hockey player Jimbob Ghostkeeper, beating Dr. Narwhals Mating with 57 percent of 7,500 votes cast. Notable also-rans in this year’s contest: Salami Blessing, La Royce Lobster-Gaines, Makenlove Petit-Fard, Bernard Bumpus, Christine Plentyhoops, Habbakkuk Baldonado, Early Champagne, Fabulous Flournoy, Dr. Dimple Royalty, Darthvader Williamson, Chosen Roach, Chardonnay Beaver...

Bit disappointed with the morning's run, was hoping to do a personal best but felt very sluggish & was 17 secs/km slower. Heart rate didn't get high, felt like I couldn't suck enough air in.

Had a long run this morning, enjoyable on a clear day but again very slow. Might just try doing Strides (short bursts of speed) instead of worrying about overall pace.

In today's weird ironies of capitalism, the Amazon UK Kindle Big Deal is 16 Noam Chomsky books reduced to 99p

Brain: "Haha, well after having all those peanuts with lunch I certainly won't be eating the free Five Guys peanuts as well"
Fingers: *Frantically cracking open peanuts*

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Another good hard run this morning over the 7km which is my usual short route. Post-injury best, second best overall and only 1 sec/km off my fastest. So tantalizingly close to where I was!

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The fediverse is kept a largely safe and happy place by a fortress wall of medium articles the bemoan the fact that the fediverse is hopeless and will never succeed. That fortress wall was shoddily built for us by techbros and journalists and we must take responsibility for maintaining it. If we don't start repairing the cracking masonry with new medium articles about how mastodon simply can't grow fast enough for real humans to use it then the walls will crumble. Do your part.

Urgh. Meant to run yesterday lunchtime but was too busy to take any lunchbreak. Ran this morning with a hangover, just about made it round the short route but felt really grotty.

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Keep mistyping "dir" on the command line as "dur". Feels all too appropriate today.

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