Found myself humming it, surely that doesn't count

Kid woke up early and I had to finish dumb-bells and do the ironing while watching TV with him. Next challenge: get through morning in office without bursting out into Go Jetters theme song

Ear a lot better this morning. Managed a very slow but quite long 30km run. Now for the ultra I just have to do that, then another 25km, and some hills instead of flat... hmm. Saw a load of cute bunnies nibbling grass from towpath past Kingston, & flight of swans.

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Helen Pearson - Where Does It All Go? Study suggests most people aren't working that much more than they used to

Really enjoyed today's run, 10km at a brisk pace along the river as the sun came up, listening to music from my youth

12 x 400m intervals with 30 second recoveries this morning. Ouch. "I live my life a quarter mile at a time... Nothing else matters. For those 2 minutes or less I'm free."

Feel like I've cheated somehow. Went to the closest eating place on the map, hurriedly ordered the first thing on the menu, turns out their Peri Peri Chicken Kebabs are absolutely delicious.

A slow 21km today, took a drink bottle & felt a lot better. Not getting much chance for super long runs to train for the ultra, but hopefully two halves back to back will help.

Foolishly tried a half marathon training run without water or food today. Did great till 17km when suddenly felt like I was running through treacle. Made it to the end but a bit outside target range for time.

"I remember when this was all fields" is a cliche, but did find it disturbing when I found myself face to face with a high fence and a housing estate just where I used to let the dog run when I was a kid.

Short run this morning. Haven't crossed these stepping stones since I was a kid, just made it but came so close to toppling in, had to grab with my hands.

Did a glacially slow 21km run this morning. Would have liked to go longer but out of time. Probably best not to push too hard with this ear infection anyway. Did a bit of trail which was a good change and useful.

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Have an annoying ear infection but got some antibiotics for it today, hopefully will be clearing up soon.

Diary! Reading: "Bullshit Jobs", "Drug Wars", "Chasing the Scream", "The Philosopher Kings", "Necessity". Watching. Me. Links.

Having a good time with folks so far. Kid likes the new toys & went to playground. I actually had time to sit down & read the paper like a cartoon Dad as other people cooked & washed up.

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