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Theophile Escargot

I don't miss the stress of being a scrum master here, but I do miss being able to enforce 5 minute standups instead of 25 minutes including general whinging.

Good little run this morning, some short distance personal bests. Ate food first, might be that that makes the difference.

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After 3 good ones, bit of a crap run this morning, nearly half a minute per km slower than last time over this distance. Maybe because didn't eat first, wasn't sure if rain would stop me

Kid managed like a champ at the dentist, on the way home now

Have to take the kid to dentist today for a bit of work. Feel so sorry for the poor kid, I never had so many health problems as him. He faces it all so bravely.

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Managed to squeeze in a dumbbell workout too. Only problem is knowing at 6:10 AM that the most productive part of the day is over.

Another good run today, personal best over 5km. Overall time looks average though, slowed to a crawl after 5km as I was completely cream crackered.

If tea spread to your country by sea, you call it ‘tea’. If by land, you call it chai.
(*This is because the ports of Fujian and Taiwan use the coastal pronunciation ‘te’, whereas Mandarin uses chá.)

Good run today, personal best over flat 10km, maybe that last hilly work run did me some good


It was a mountain on Ceres named after a fake harvest festival that someone added to wikipedia

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Urgh. I have terminal insomnia where I wake up too early. Normally try to get to bed early but was out last night, still woke up at 4AM, will be a wreck for the day.

Planned to go at lunchtime with couple of guys at work but one's hurt his foot & the other's forgotten his kit. Grrr, would rather have done it this morning with paths empty under veil of darkness if on my own.