Tried on various pairs including aviators to mildly disapproving looks by the attendant, ended up ordering similar ones to the last pair.

Need to get new glasses. Are aviator frames actually back? I think I've been reading that they are every year for the last decade.

Took kid to Natural History Museum as he's currently dinosaur-obsessed. Had to take bus as District Line not running, which went past a funfair so had to go there too: dodgems were his favourite. Got most of rest of cleaning done. Next: homework then cooking dinner.

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okay because of this 'two wolves' meme I looked up the source and it looks like people are making fun of some cultural appropriation?

"I wrote the book on user-friendly design. What I see today horrifies me" by Don Norman

"Despite our increasing numbers the world seems to be designed against the elderly. Everyday household goods require knives and pliers to open. Containers with screw tops require more strength than my wife or I can muster. (We solve this by using a plumber’s wrench to turn the caps.)"

Holy cow! Starting work today I actually looked at the board and picked the first committed work item, rather than respond to a frantic and confused email/phone call/message

Slow run in the rain today, pleasant once warmed up. Also tried the outdoor gym equipment: shame can't adjust resistance but a few machines OK, the assisted pull-up machine might be useful. Did dumb-bells at home.

Even though the MCU has had an entertaining 10 years, it's had tons of cringeworthy moments. Here are just 10 that have been stuck in my head

Worked past my normal bedtime last night with caffeine assistance. Managed a decent run this morning, but brain & body now extracting revenge for their ill-treatment.

Funfairs are another thing that seemed magical as a kid but are pinched & shabby now. Don't know if that was innocence & nostalgia or if they just got crap.

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