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Theophile Escargot

Another gentle injury-recovery run today. Upped the distance very slightly to 11km, pace very slightly faster too. Only twinges of pain so far, easy does it.

This is a comet y'all.

We landed a probe on a freakin' comet (Rosetta) and this is what it sent back.


Cool, wife offered to clean, took kid into town instead. Saw part of the marathon, visiting Maritime Museum, ran round Greenwich Park. Currently on Cutty Sark wondering if he'll ever get bored with sailing game.

Did ironing last night. Haircut & Dumbbell workout this morning. Still need to hoover house & clean bathroom tho.

Lesson learned. Did another very slow 10km today, not risking any speed till I'm fully healed. Lovely morning by the river, shame about all the litter around the Richmond end.

4yo: "If you had ten heads you could have ten haircuts, all at the same time!"

Macbeth at the National was great, apocalyptic vibe, intense but not quite going over the top into silliness. Good performance from Rory Kinnear. Funky set with a huge pivoting ramp, ragged curtains and various rotating rooms.

Have some time before play starts. On the South Bank in the sun, watching the river and the river of beautiful people roll past. I think I remember this feeling. It was called f-, fr-, free-dom.

Cleared to go out tonight but for once none of the guys at work are doing usual Thursday beers. National Theatre had a few Macbeth tickets left so going to grown-up theatre for first time in ages instead. Had outdoor swim at lunchtime so did get some of the sun.

Grr, after a day or so of battling these tortuously complicated server-side changes, it looks like this bug is a preexisting client-side problem. Back to square one, have to start grappling with the client.

This stock photo of a classroom blackboard bugs me. What lesson is it that includes quadratic equations, trig functions, Einstein's relativity, pulleys, a squiggly graph and a balanced see-saw?

Companies House is a national disgrace: boasts of successfully prosecuting whistle-blower

Bit of a frustrating run today. Tried to push the pace a bit, did 2km at a decent pre-injury average but then the pain came back and had to slow to a crawl again. Oh well, at least I got out there.

Phew, kid got his first choice of school for September! Relieved as I was a bit worried about the lowest on the list.

Warm, sunny day. Walked 4km along the river to Richmond Park with the 4yo, he's playing happily in the playground. I'm in shorts for the first time this year, slightly worried the light reflecting from my pallid legs might be distracting pilots on approach to Heathrow.

Managed my first 10km run since the injury. Slow pace, 46s/km off my personal best. Heart rate pretty high tho, don't think I could have pushed it much more.

Had a great swim at lunchtime. Little bit chilly so for half the time had the whole (heated, ~25m) outdoor pool to myself.