Ah, the Black Friday footwear sale! Men's Size 10: 123 items found! Men's Size 10 Wide: 2 items found.

What do you say about this, Ilon Mask? *gg*

( You might want to turn on subtitles. The song is not translated, but I can do it here if someone is interested. A very beautiful cyberfolk song. :) )


Not with it today. Slept an hour later than usual. Forgot my wife was going to work & bought unnecessary food. Then scrambled to get ready for a meeting that's been moved later.

If anyone else wants to see a guy with a beard talk to camera about Medieval Transport for an hour, have I got the video for you! youtube.com/watch?v=tdguh1D-fO
Bonus: around 4min there's a great graphic of Areas Of Britain More Than A Day's Walk From A Navigable River!

Solid meetings from 8:30AM-12:30AM then 1:30PM-4PM today. Not so terrible but would be nice to get something actually done.

A guide to “negative-decadent” youth subcultures in 1980s East Germany, as compiled by the Stasi, with English translation:

Accidentally renamed a file with a .txxxt extension and now wondering whether to rename it or write some lewd and salacious content for it

Diary! Reading: "Zone One", "Science(ish)", "Hatchet", "The Twenty-One Balloons", "Charlotte's Web", "Permananent Record", "Wanderers", "The Motion of the Body Through Space". Me. Links. hulver.com/scoop/story/2020/11

COVID UK Politics 

UK Residents: Petition for the UK government to fully fund schools for Covid-19 costs
(At present they're just covering a tiny fraction of the cost of safety measures and lost revenue from renting out buildings)


Actually I quite like this suggestion to have Christmas in July instead with an extra public holiday

Ha! They may think I'm "obsessive" about food instructions, but this said Stir Halfway Through Cooking and I actually did it at 9 minutes out of the 20

Every morning I ask 6yo whether he wants toast, muesli or porridge for breakfast. Every day he thinks carefully for 1-2 minutes and says "porridge". He gets absolutely furious if I make porridge without asking him first.

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