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Theophile Escargot

Actually got to nursery on time, he was quite fast after I let him watch Sarah & Duck. I'm still coughing but may be finally recovering, was able to exercise this morning for first time in week & a half.

Running late for nursery, so naturally it's time for the kid to give himself a rigorous 10 minute handwash.

Kid bathed & asleep, washing up finally done, had a quick go at worst of bathroom. Just some ironing & then hopefully I can sleep.

No pipeline problems from the morning's merge. Managed to hoover house but not do bathroom yet, may be able to tonight or tomorrow.

Finally checked in that merge. Might break on the pipelines now but at least the fucker's in. Next problem: how am I going to get the weekend cleaning done with everybody sick & even more demanding than usual?

Retrying this merge from the start without some of the dodgier checkins. Making some progress but it's the usual race against time until the family wake up and demand food + entertainment. Doesn't help that we're all sick, kid had a high temperature and a disturbed night.

Having a merge nightmare with work code. Supposed to be merging our branch to trunk, but a load of people have merged other shit in to our branch and now it's a nightmare of conflicts. Have to give up and sleep now. Another grim shitty miserable day of doing work & chores from dawn till I collapse into unconsciousness.

Back to work after illness. Still coughing but I was able to focus on a screen yesterday afternoon so I think I can work.

I've read something about laziness being an ableist concept, but this blog post develops and articulates the powerful thesis behind that.

"When I don’t use the word “lazy,” I am more likely to notice the actual causes of someone avoiding responsibilities, and I am less likely to spend lots of emotional energy seething about how they or I are/am a bad horrible person who deserves to be hated forever."

Diary! Reading: "Basic Income", "Ninefox Gambit", "The Beatles' Evolving Revolution", "Artemis". Me. Links.

Anne Charnock has won the Clarke award for "Dreams Before the Start of Time". Haven't read that yet but her "A Calculated Life" was excellent

Taken the day off sick. Had a temperature as well as headache & hacking cough this morning. Lying in bed feeling vaguely guilty.

Feeling rough with a bad cough & a headache. Tempted to go home sick for the afternoon but might as well stick it out now. Had a temperature last night but was OK this morning.

Oh well, time to start making breakfast and getting everyone up. Only 14-15 hours to go till I get can get some sleep.

After working last night and this morning I managed to check in the code I planned to finish on Friday. So only moderately behind. So tired. Just want to lie down on the floor and sleep for a few days.

Eminem is getting bigger cheers and more screams than U2 or the Stones did tho.

Eminem playing at Twickenham stadium tonight. His fans are indistinguishable from regular rugby fans, didn't know it was a concert till the noise started.

Diary! Reading: "The Last Days of Stalin", "In the Darkness", "Churchill in the Trenches". Watching: "The Death of Stalin". Me. Links.

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