Another crap run this morning, was aiming for a post-injury best but ended up 15 s/km slower than last time. Dunno what's wrong, been doing things by the book & worked hard, at the end the dripping sweat sounded like rain.

Terrible run this morning: feeling exhausted, several different pains. Don't know why as Tuesday's went well, this was 2 min/km slower.

Good info-graphic which is much easier and quicker to read than the Guardian Long Read thats been in my Pocket for a week or so. Still pretty long though.

Great piece on index typewriters, (i.e., not QWERTY), their varieties, their impact. For the old-typewriter/machine nerds, lots of cool photos!

"[I]ndex typewriters played an important role in making new tools and technology for ‘writing’ approachable, new manuscript practices, new design considerations acceptable and popular"

Thought: "It's been two working hours and the school, PTA, class and year groups haven't bugged me, I wonder if email is down?"

It's time to accept that my fancy-ass breakfast muesli has got out of hand. Added chopped plum, broken cashews, dash of syrup, yoghurt and almost ate it before realising I'd forgotten to add the actual muesli.

"The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye. The more light you shine on it, the more it will contract." Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

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Kid is insisting I pay close attention to the Mr Men episode "Mr Mean" so I can learn about the terrible consequences of being mean.

My father died a year ago, we had the funeral service then, but today we're interring his ashes. Not taking the kid this time, I think it would be confusing and difficult.

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