Diary! Reading: "The Titan Probe", "Daniels' Running Formula". Watching: "Joker". Me. Links.

Close call with an IM typo, was a quarter second away from telling the new QA to call me whenever she was randy (rather than ready)

Marathon recovery plan lets me do short easy runs at usual frequency this week. Such a relief to get out again today and yesterday.

Death, my kid is a psycho 

Trawling unsuccessfully through websites looking for marathon recovery advice that says "Nah, don't bother with three weeks gradual increase, just get back into it mate"

"Two thousand million or so years ago two galaxies were colliding; or, rather, were passing through each other..."

Replaced the half-broken toilet flush button this morning. Both segments work now, but the new part has no nut & thread doesn't perfectly fit the old one. Frustratingly it's just a bit loose.

Apparently there's a medicine called Fucidin cream. For a bit I thought the parents' Whatsapp group had just started angry, misspelled swearing.

Octonauts lewd 

Diary! Reading: "Where Power Stops", "The Girl on the Train", "Year of the Mad King", "Past Tense". Links. Me: 55km race. Links.

Made it to the finish! Slow and hard, but made all 55km!

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