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This Week in Linux #194 #Podcast!
😎🐧🐧,'s Next-Gen OS,, OpenSSH,, Bitwig,

And so much more #Linux GNews! #podcasts #technews

5 Year Anniversary of @ThisWeekinLinux is tomorrow, April 9th!

Join me and your fellow TWILLERS to celebrate this milestone at 1PM US Eastern time at

We'll talk , TWIL, enjoy some ice cream and a special reaction video!

Watch the "nicest interview" Hanna has been on so far! @DestinationLinux sure is the "best darn Linux show on the planet". 😀👇

Hey everyone! I decided to move the live stream for This Week in Linux to 1 Hour earlier so from now on it will be 1PM Eastern time on Saturdays. :D

Time Zone Converter =

DLN's has released the latest episode of with Episode 108! If you want the best source for #Linux #GNews then check it out! 😎👍🐧

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A new episode of has dropped today! Check it out!

On this episode covers,, on Linux, postmarketOS PinePhone and so much more!

#linux #opensource #podcast #gnews is back with another episode (102) of!

On this week's episode of Your Source for Linux GNews: Michael covers 32, 1.0, PopOS, and all of the 20.04 releases for the #Ubuntu Flavours. Don't miss this one!

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Remember @ikey formerly of @SolusProject? Have you been curious what he's been up to?

Then be sure to check out Episode 162 of #DestinationLinux to find out in our in-depth #interview with Ikey and his new venture @lispysnake!

What are the biggest Linux topics of the DECADE?!

Want to help me complete a crazy idea of making a This in episode?

Leave your suggestions on topics in reply here or on the forum:

What are the biggest Linux topics of the Year?!

Want to help make the first ever episode of This Year in ?

Leave your suggestions on topics in reply here or on the forum:

Did you miss the DLN #BlackFriday Sale? Don't Worry! You can still save 20% OFF in the DLN Store today on #CyberMonday ! and when you checkout use the coupon code "FRIMON2019" to save 20% OFF any item in the store!

#CyberMondayDeals #CyberMonday2019

The Brave Heart Edition of the is now available for Pre-Orders! . . . and in honor of this occasion, I created this promotional art piece. :D

Pre-Order yours at


Check out these cool ebooks to Xtend your Linux toolbox. "Linux & BSD Bookshelf by No Starch Press" from Humble Bundle -

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