10% OFF Discount for "Linux is Everywhere" Merch (& TWinL 68 Announcement)


Announcement at the end of the video: youtu.be/dETfPw1DDDM

North America: tuxdigital.com/linuxiseverywhe

Europe: tuxdigital.com/linuxiseverywhe

., , Peppermint 10, Plasma, , ArcoLinux, & more on Episode 67 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also TWinL67: , Superpaper, ,# Valve: SteamOS, Client Beta, , & to Explore Collaboration, id Software Going


Having technical difficulties with @YouTube streaming . . . it is saying I am live in the studio but nothing is going live. Apparently I will just be streaming on Twitch. twitch.tv/tuxdigital

A new episode of @ThisWeekinLinux is about to go LIVE in about 30 minutes! Don't miss it! New participation experiment this week. Everyone can watch live, Patrons will be able to join me on the stream via Discord! :D



Destination #Linux EP120 – Negatively Charged Positivity


#fedora 30, #kaOS 2019.02, #Clonezilla live, #Librem Privacy Suite, #firefox Addons Bug, #Dell AMD Offerings, #Microsoft Edge Browser, #Valve Index #EA Joins Khronos Group.

#linux #podcast #mozilla

Hey everyone, I am getting ready to go live on the Tech Pills channel with gabmus. We are going to have a conversation about which distro is the best . . . this is sure to have some disagreements. :D


Today, I will be co-hosting on in about 10 minutes (on 's ) to interview the CEO of AI! I am so excited for this episode! Don't miss it! - twit.tv/live

30 Beta, Linux Journal, Foundation, GIMP, Chef, Sabayon, , & more on Ep62 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also on TWinL62: , Linux Mint, DeaDBeeF, Strawberry, , Wayland, Purism and more


I was recently interviewed on KNOX 107.9 FM (terrestrial radio station) about Linux & Linux User Groups.

I decided to turn it into a video because I thought it was a good interview and that you might like to check it out.

Show Notes: tuxdigital.com/2019/04/michael

YouTube: youtu.be/Tim9hb2uN4Y

GNU Nano, Puppy , WINE, @ubuntu 19.04 Beta, , Flatpaks, Snaps, EU Copyright Directive, & more on Ep61 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also on TWinL61: @ubuntumate for Raspberry Pi, Epiphany, , , , -


MATE 1.22, Google Stadia, Firefox, KDE Falkon, Openshot, Zorin OS, CrossOver, & more on Episode 60 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also on TWinL60: Samba 4.10, Atari VCS Delayed for Hardware Upgrade, Update on the EU Copyright Directive, GOG.com Sale, Epic Online Services and a tangent on why I dont like Epic Games


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