if you're gonna slurp spaghet, do it loud 'n proud

I'm So Tired Of (not you) People Slurping Spaghetti Quietly

watching the federated timeline for sex work posts and commenting on all of them "slaaaay"

i was born during pride month so i have inherent clout privelege

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bro you just posted in a homosexual manner, prepare to get clout

seeing a self-titled 'empath' posting ben shapiro memes

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basically, House Music is GOAT gimme them 3 notes on an acid arp and 1 kick drum

repetitive music is memorable, simplistic music hooks your attention. complex music is easy to unfocus from and if it's less repetetive it's harder to remember.

Surpassing my best self by opening a food store titled ' "Fish" and "Chips" '

living in america going to a food store titled Fish and "Chips"

EDM MCing is an underappreciated art. there should be more recorded music released officially with some guy (no EQ or compression) shouting "i wanna see you lose your fuckin mind!"

also i can barely remember my own age and u expect me to remember all the data on stuff I researched like 600 days ago? nah

this is the problem with politics etc. ppl ask me to explain or defend something and im like "i havent thought about that silly ass question in years" im not trying to be a dick but like i cant question literally everything all the time fam

after leaving christianity i had intrusive thoughts like "what if I'm wrong, i gotta go to hell"

just remembered i used to have those and now im like "haha take me goat daddy, what a stupid idea that never even crosses my mind"

everyone's posting about the real straight pride parade: E3


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