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hello pls boost so my followers on my other account can follow me on here

If you’re not cutting asymmetric hems on your t-shirts idk

Yo I’m now! Tell ur friends!

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we're spending too much time talking about a soggy actor, and not enough time talking about whether or not the human body can handle eating 130+ pages of The God Delusion

yo what is an instance that is administered by someone who is as punk as possible while also being as trans as humanly possible

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Yo Im leaving soon I just have too much shit to manage today but y’know, soon.

NSFW toot 

Unionize your workplace

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The closed captioning for this kids show keeps saying '[noticing grunt]' and... CW please?

Set aside time for a hobby. Gardening, drone building, filming the cops every time you see them near anyone, punching catcallers in the throat, embroidery, do something for the pure pleasure of it.


Local sword lesbian on “staying goth in summer”

Today is just difficult 

I was typing out todays problems which start with 'I haven't eaten' and I just thought 'kind of begs the question why you don't just go buy a bagel you can afford it' so now I'm doing that.

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Boost if you are a transgender cyborg created to destroy civilisation.

The only manual PDF I can find is in Hungarian (maddeningly, the last page of the scan shows that it switches to English) but you can see that half of the briefcase was a big-ass battery.

The gag there is that our battery technology hasn't really improved since, we're just better at using less power, and have way more cell towers now.

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