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I will not be taking questions

Rumpled: the moderate middle ground between the topological chaos of 'crumpled' and the smooth serenity of 'umpled'

Still missing one or two elements, but I'm really starting to feel this space

Today I learned there's a pager emoji and I think that's the final sign that somebody butchered the fabric of space-time while we weren't looking


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@Trashbang A road trip game about a LGBTQ+ plus couple that leaves Shit State to go to Better State with realistic expectations and manage to make a happy life there

don't get me wrong, I'm fine with games about escaping from the Eastern Bloc or a zombie outbreak or what-have-you, but when I'm feeling hopeless and vulnerable I really want something that turns up outside your window like "get in, loser, we're running away from responsibility".

There are a few road trip games floating around out there, but I really want one that captures that sense of... optimism. Feasibility. The feeling that you really can just escape all the problems in the world if you just drive and drive and drive.

introducing my gaming-spec network switch which rewards packets with boost when they graze traffic going in the opposite direction

(Sorry for my quietness as of late. I'm as present as ever here, I just never know what to crosspost from Twitter. Everything? Nothing? I guess it'll have to be everything)

The true horror of understanding how Hammer stores map files is that vertices are fake and every solid is actually just a yawning void that would occupy infinite space if it wasn't kept in check by a series of clipping planes

I wonder if Battlefield 1 was built entirely on someone looking at 2fort and CTF-Face and realising that if there's one thing people on public servers love, it's a perpetual stalemate where nobody gains any ground

Please buy my battle royale shooter. It's like PUBG but the circle is always small and focused around custom-built arenas, so you don't waste any time, and there are loads of guns lying around, so you'll never have tโ€” alright, I just reskinned Action Half-Life, are you happy?

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reading StackOverflow answers for topics you already understand is a great way to completely shatter your confidence in StackOverflow answers for the topics you don't

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me: C has too many brackets
Python: *exists*
me: no not like that

Proposing that the opposite of a 'supernatural' being is not 'natural' but 'subnatural'; made by forces less elegant than nature, moulded by human hands. Golems, homunculi, Frankenstein's monster.

I don't really understand the distinction between .NET Core and .NET Framework but I have to convert my entire project from one to the other and I'm a grumpy boy

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A broken, dissasociated journey from myself, Doc Burford and Beau Chaotica

Coming very soon!!!!!

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One thing I'm learning about computer science that my course didn't cover is that if you have an idea and think "hmm, that'd be cool and feasible but it sounds like a huge pain in the ass", there is a 100% chance somebody has already done it and made it a widespread standard

(I'm reading about just-in-time compilation for the first time, somehow)