a giant peanut comes out of the sky and fucking obliterates the british empire for having the hubris to cross the mediterranean

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I wish Crusader Kings was like Blaseball where we all just watch the game slowly play itself and somebody explains to me what it all means afterwards

I've never been inside a nightclub except via the medium of custom Counter-Strike maps, so I have no choice but to wholeheartedly believe that they all have that 80s rainbow-checkered dance floor and an assortment of memes lining the walls

Off the top of my head:

- Archviles can't switch target mid-cast
- Projectiles emit sound while moving
- More readable Cyberdemon muzzle-flash
- Distinct chaingunner firing sound
- SSG and Chainsaw have unique binds
- Fuckin'... I dunno, someone's got to do something about the Spider Mastermind

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Sometimes I dwell on plans for like... a Copper-style Doom mod that makes a few careful behavioural tweaks without disrupting how it fundamentally plays, but:

- There's got to be a bazillion of those already out there
- There's no way it wouldn't make someone mad as hell

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the true boundary between AAA and indie games is that the former loves the word 'rune' while the latter loves the word 'sigil'

deeply suspicious of individuals who can recall their exact bounding box dimensions on a whim

what holes have you been crawling into, stranger

it's not even the centrepiece of the map, it's just a thing that happens

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Love ambitious details like this. You pass by this cave wall near the start of the map and it's super innocuous, doors are all locked, but come back later and it's been chewed apart by a big gross meat-worm

(Community Chest 2 Map 29, "Event Horizon", by Boris Iwanski)

going to start exclaiming "by the One!" when shocked so that newcomers to my fantasy world are subtly clued in on the local cultural dominance of monotheism

submitting 'elegiac' for the list of words most likely to be openly mocked by environment designers five years from now

banned once again from func_msgboard simply for positing the alternative theory that the Shambler is neither fuzzy nor leathery, but perpetually covered in a delicious coating of mashed potato

A classic strat, when corridors cross over, is to make the intersection an elevator that raises/lowers to allow travel along the correct axis. But this can be extended for more complex spaces; bridges rising out of the ground, floors dropping away, walls that open/shut, blah blah

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Doom's 'no room-over-rooms' limitation is largely just a nuisance, but I do occasionally wonder how many times it has helped push level designers towards mutating or re-contextualising a space because they have no choice but to make the player cross back through it

you ever just play a map that uses what seems to be a full-length MIDI rendition of Pink Floyd's 'One Of These Days' and feel yourself ascending from the experience

the elaborate social rituals of high society have given way to the grotesque rituals of fallen beastsโ€”but really, were they ever so different?

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cursed, old CS:S memes 

me, talking into headset: this kid pushes like a fuckin' idiot, dude. jesus christ.

the maternity nurse:

the maternity nurse: yes, but it's important that you stay relaxed

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I want to hear about your favorite recent visual novels. The queerer and furry-er, the better.

Boosts appreciated.

I believe more open-world games need to take cues from Carmageddon in the sense that the overwhelming majority of hidden goodies should break the physics in some way for the next thirty seconds or so

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