me trying to describe the Souls experience: unending torment, creeping nihilism, sorrowful doomed landscapes stalked by the spectres of a once glorious age

the actual Souls experience: haha the skeleton fell down and now he has to put his head back on *xylophone noises*

I do think I prefer it when grimdark games imply (subtly or otherwise) that things are okay somewhere, elsewhere. If the scale of your tragedy is too great, it becomes hard to internalise, and the impact is lessened

Every Souls game is required to have some distant land where things are ostensibly not-fucked that's only ever mentioned in dialogue, and at least one NPC from there who rubs it in like "wow, this place is knackered, well anyway have fun"

okay I know people uphold the aesthetic value of the Sonic '_____ Zone' title cards, but I just started playing Ristar and holy shit

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our historians believe that bricks were invented around 8,000 BC so that houses could be easily broken down into manageable content packets and streamed on-demand over the Mesopotamian national broadband network

"david why is perthowned taking so long?"

I mirrored this patch of floor to get myself some slightly wider tiles, but I didn't like how obvious it was that I'd mirrored it, so I cut up these tiles and gave each its own individual line of reflection

sorry, did you say something?

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christ on a bike, I have early screenshots of dm_perthowned from 2016

this map has taken threeeeeee yeaaaaaaaaars

I'm trying to put together a level design portfolio and it turns out that the only thing more mentally draining than 'writing about your own work' is 'revisiting your old work that you're no longer happy with but don't have the time to bring up to an acceptable standard'

genre was invented by record store owners in 1967 to give customers the tragic false hope that they could discover new music they liked simply by consulting the same shelf as the last music they liked

it is my most deeply held belief that DivX is not real, was never real, existed only as a mid-00s memetic virus that brought about vivid hallucinations in any individual who uttered the words 'media PC'

(it turns out they both join up almost immediately and neither has any goodies hidden down it)

the iocane powder scene from The Princess Bride but it's me overanalyzing which of two equally valid routes in a level is the way forward

"I can't just dump *crates* in this map, it's meant to be... posh. Like, European. Aristocratic France."

"What if they were posh crates?"

more fun with light fixtures. might tone it down a bit, might not

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you can tell a video game is confrontational because it explicitly engineers a scenario where the only way to advance is to press a big button marked 'kill all the bees' or something and then for the next six hours is like "hey player, what the fuck, why'd you kill all the bees?"

revisiting this overlook and feeling a bit more confident in it now

happy sniping

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