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striving for the authentic experience

The machines... they're learning

I shouldn't be allowed near this language. English, I mean.

the plural of vertex is vertices, so the plural of regex must be... regices

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@Trashbang 150. The world is barren.
170. No more clouds or stars.
190. No more night.
199. No more day.
It's gone.
It's over.
The last thing you believed in was yourself, and your confidence has finally waned.

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@Trashbang As you level up, the monsters start disappearing, but it's not just them. Something felt off about the zealot in the village, but you can't find them at all anymore. Eventually you reach level 100 and the monsters are all gone, but it keeps going. Level 101, 102. People are going missing. Pets are disappearing. 104, 105. The town bridge is gone. 110, 120. Plants fade from the landscape. 130, 140. Whole cities gone.

Fantasy RPG where you can level up your Scepticism in order to disbelieve monsters out of existence. More outlandish creatures are easier to banish, but it has virtually zero effect on human foes.

Still working on the lighting here, but it turns out it's hard to beat the classic downturned white spotlight

Be sure to engage lock couplings on all mobile catwalks before allowing fellow staff members to traverse them

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Ah, the four classical types of narrative conflict: Man vs Society, Man vs Technology, Man vs Man, Man vs Self

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fun game dev idea: have the life counter start at โˆž, but then once the player dies it ticks down to a sideways 7

honestly I actually can't stand CCGs but I'd at least give this one a fair shake

Collectible card game FPS where your cards are really sharp and you trigger their effects by launching them out from between two wheels spinning really quickly

PSA: Don't listen to the System Shock 2 soundtrack while browning mince. It gets weird.

the state of contemporary architecture is peculiar because it suggests the existence of a vast demographic of people who *don't* get uneasy around enormous panes of glass

Fiddling around with pipes and catwalks. Don't get pinned down here.

I learned about Shin Takamatsu's 'Ark' today, and as gorgeous as it is, I'm sort of annoyed that it's allegedly a dental clinic.

Look at it. That's the kind of building that should be churning out a new ground unit every forty-five seconds.


Strategically place funky music loops in your deathmatch map so players have to choose between lingering in an unsafe spot and missing out on sweet jams