A reminder to all employees: please ensure propulsion test chambers are evacuated of all personnel before engaging a class-three firing sequence.

HEV suits do *not* supply sufficient protection against thermodynamic events above class two, even when fully charged.

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Hey guys. So one of my roommates, who's legally blind (can only see things at very, very close distances), has heart problems, and can't really walk anywhere recently lost his computer to age. (It's about 10 years old now.)

Due to his disability, a computer+internet is his only resource for a lot of things and kind of one of the only things he has. If you can toss anything in the pot or share, it'd be a big help for him


Dead end. But you can always count on the 357... right?

market yourself with this level of confidence

my brain circa 2009:
92%: pubescent angst
8%: what even qualifies as a hill anyway?

Apparently these things kinda worked? People could actually pinpoint the location and type of aircraft well before they were visible... well, until they got faster.

reading about the Denge Sound Mirrors, a.k.a "hey radar hasn't been invented yet, what if we just sat someone down and got them to listen for incoming planes *really* hard?"

(photo: andrewgrantham.co.uk/images/mi)

Flight sim randomizer where the scenario stays the same but all the cockpit controls get renamed and scrambled

'lerp' is onomatopoeia and you can't convince me otherwise

still early days, but I'm exceedingly happy with the ambience of this space

I'm glad my driving instructor taught me about blind spots but I wish she'd mentioned how often cars just seem to despawn in them and never come back

giving up environment design to pursue my true calling: making obnoxious tangram puzzles

starting my own mastodon instance where the only mechanism for responding to posts is a counter-strike radio soundboard

I like how Brendon Chung just took it upon himself at one point to do the Opposing Force tutorial again, but like... his way

(mod is Bootleg Squadrog)

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Early unit of computing power: one "kilogirl" was equivalent to a thousand hours of manual computing labor

I like stairwells because they're the ideal means of visualising the amount of intermediate mystery space between one floor's ceiling and the next floor's... uh, floor.

I wonder how much it varies?

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I would like to nominate the Trudelturm in Berlin for the funniest name/shape combination ever gifted to a structure

apparently it means 'turbine tower' and it's actually a really important historical research building from the 1930s where they could simulate special aeronautical conditions, but pffffhjkghgfkjg


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roguelike but you're playing a roomba whose is just trying to keep the dungeon floors free of clutter

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