stealth game where you can form a healthy polycule between the guards by knocking them out and piling them up so they wake up in the same corner

you get a better ending by bringing them together, but their mutual support and trust also makes them harder to deal with in later missions

Lockpicking minigame where you control a tiny homunculus who has to jump around on the pins to push them down. Upgraded locks demand you push pins down in a specific order and may have anti-tiny-man security measures

selling burned CDs of Darkplaces as 'raytraced Quake' behind the petrol station, nobody suspects a thing

theme park management sim but it's a truman show scenario where you have to build, staff and maintain a facade of a small american town to keep a sole person fooled their entire life

oh sure, smashing out "asgdkjhgfkgkl" when lost for words is cute online, but when I clam up and mumble incoherently in person it's 'awkward' and I'm 'ruining the presentation'

a word for the critical point where a serious gritty fantasy game runs out of plausible medieval weapons to give the player and promptly goes "fuck it, we're anime now, here's a buster sword"

King's Quest: perfectly reasonable, questing is a very kingly pursuit

Space Quest: dubious but acceptable, the cosmos is boundless and some of it may indeed be quest-able

Police Quest: patently absurd, nothing here is even remotely comparable to a quest, get out of my office

Just some doors.

Security measures tend to be a little more subtle in the parts of the facility frequented by investors. The glass is, of course, still capable of withstanding enormous kinetic assault.

The most preposterous part of Opposing Force is that the military and the research facility were able to agree on a standardised socket configuration for power suit chargers

you can't find 1:1 replacements for parts, obviously, so instead you have to study them and figure out what the nearest terrestrial equivalent would be

one of those mechanic simulators where you repair and refurbish old cars but instead it's an alien spacecraft that crash-landed in your backyard

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The closest I got to a 'Santa isn't real' moment as a kid was when I got a library book that was like "write your own websites in HTML!!", and I learned—some time later, of course—that one or two aspects of web development might've changed since that book was published

I actually did a de_ map that had this as a central feature. It sounded cool until I realised it meant forcing the entire T side to perform platforming under fire in order to have a chance of rushing A

Cargo/construction-themed maps that don't let you run across a load suspended from a crane are pure manifestations of cowardice

do you think whoever owns the rights to sailor moon is angry that the future funk community has basically just brazenly made off with her as their public-domain mascot

one day I want to just sit down with a bunch of Wile E Coyote cartoons and see how many mechanics you could conceivably pinch from them

truly disappointing that in this age of cheap destructo-physics there are still precious few games where you can run straight through a brick wall and admire the perfectly you-shaped hole you left behind

When you normalise level design as a servant of gameplay, one of the most subversive things you can do is create a space that exists for nothing but its own sake

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