"why doesn't this skylight show up on satellite photographs?"

*checks references again*

"oh they literally just screwed like a dozen lightbulbs into that alcove and put frosted glass over it"

who called it the Sector E Biodome Complex and not Animalous Materials

I have no idea where this pico-8 project is going

but it has falling sand physics now

(some flashing colours)

my "not programming needlessly verbose flight models in pico-8" shirt is prompting a lot of questions already answered by my shirt

imagine being the poor sucker who invented arctan1

anyway here are some roller shutters made from crate textures that I definitely should've given up on earlier

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I can tell I'm floundering with my Doom mapping because I'm falling back on my worst and oldest habit—adding 'explanatory' details to an ill-conceived environmental feature in the hope that justifying its existence will somehow make it less ugly

changing the course of esports forever with my fighting game that only accepts inputs via text parser

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I just released a tiny Doom utility on itch, a "pistol start" only mod: jp.itch.io/doom-pistol-start
Page explains exactly what it does in case that's not clear. Requires GZDoom; whole thing is about 20 lines of ZScript.

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the problem with video games fetishizing the artistic legitimacy of film for the last 15 years is your medium where you can create visuals based on essentially anything in your imagination ends up mostly starring characters who look vaguely like brad pitt

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This is not a place of epic win. What is here was cringe and fail to us.

this is exactly the vibe I would've targeted for de_nocredit if I had any idea what I was doing

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It's a bit visually dense and confusing, but I'm in love with the aesthetics of cs_laundry. Amazing how fresh this engine looks with a splash of colour correction.

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@Trashbang that's totally doable with ML, I've seen it as an example dataset

(neural nets are WILD)

a bot that posts stills from one of those cross-country train dashcam videos at a staggered rate to mimic the time it would take to to make the journey on foot

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Concept for online chat 

Sometimes when I am talking with friends in person we use a concept of "the stack", like a data stack, where we digress and push new topics on the stack, then try to remember what its previous state was after popping the digression off the stack. "What were we talking about again?"

Often discussions online are in threaded form. This inverts the stack into a visible tree record, allowing digressions to split off indefinitely and never fold back into the main thread. Everything is "in reply to" something else, thus we get annoying rebuttal threads where two people who HAVE to score points go at each other for as many rounds as they can, making a diagonal streak down the page.

Sorting by time is often used instead of tree threading. In this model, which flattens time, whomever speaks most often holds the topic, and formal structuring of topic to information is limited to thread and post titles. Flattening the thread reduces direct addressing and allows for broader interjection, but also causes "forgetting" of purpose.

What if we had a concept of a stateful stack that tracks the discussion for us? That is, if we always had two columns, one for the continuation of the current and the other for pushing the digression?

wanted: a system for foliage meshes that automatically bends branches/leaves back to stop them clipping into nearby geometry

I'm sick of finding the perfect prop and then having to discard it because of one (1) mischievous frond

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