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Making my software decisions based on dragons:

clang: ✔️ has a dragon
gcc: ❌ no dragon
kde plasma: ✔️ has a dragon
gnome: ❌ no dragon
wireguard: ✔️ has a dragon
openvpn: ❌ no dragon
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tho i have to say one of my fav "people is people" moments of reaching out through history


these little clay dogs found in nineveh

buried as charms under a palace

each of them carved so lovingly, by a person that knows dogs, and looking like dogs that you can probably go find today looking the exact same

each of them inscribed with the quality of a good guard dog that people still prize today in good guard dogs

Loud is his bark!
Biter of his foe!

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I forgot that this event(gathering of the ancients) was the one that hides a cover charge on its eventbrite and is at a high priced spot

I was grilled by a tiger mom on the N judah about how many people are employed to make Galapagos and what school i graduated from. Eventually she figured out that this was not as big an operation as my slick advertising suggested but took a brochure anyway.

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I will be in the vicinity of showing off Galapagos, my "future fantasy computer". (yes it's like ) (no that URL has nothing yet)

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retoot if you're over 30 and doing your most interesting work in videogames

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This is a pretty big story that I don't see a lot of chatter about. This could change movies on a fundamental level.

Basically Bones creators got a bunch of money because an arbitrator determined that Hollywood Accounting is fraud:

come on and slam, peanut butter jam
come on and slam, denny's grand slam

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"hey whats the difference between jelly and jam"
well u cant come on and slam and welcome to the jelly now can you

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Here is also the megaman-styled ingame music track which I worked on as a collab (webm re-encoding) #audio

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in the mythical times some fursonas were so popular, everyone believed in them

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