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james drinks a "psl" @Triplefox@mastodon.social

It's tricky Show more

I might have said this in the past once, but Mastodon could really use a timeline that an instance's community can curate.

Federated is good for discovery, but not for curation.

Small, specialized instances work very hard to try to curate their Federated timelines.

They probably don't want all that work destroyed by a single user with a few hundred (or thousand!) followers to import.

Met someone who is entirely absent from social media

Found this more scary than someone addicted to social media

Posting this on social media

buddy cop drama where they both ride bikes but if one of them falls over the other helps them back up then they start riding again and thats it thats the show

Good afternoon Show more

Plot: Skrillex is sent back in time to the early 1700's. Can this son of Scientology make it big in Bach's era?

when i was a kid i had many books of myths and legends - greece, ireland, japan, india, north and east africa, native american

i think i learned them better than the bible

is there a bot that randomizes youtube thumbnails with youtube captions

I booked a ryokan in Ikebukuro and I'm like "I wonder what is around there", 20 minutes later I have discovered the Don Quijote "Miracle Shopping" theme

weeks ago while looking up arthur baker productions i listened to Hall & Oates - Out of Touch. now unbidden the lyrics come into my head Show more

birdsite, - Show more

Remembered that yesterday we were talking about how "the Terminator" (the antagonist in T2) ended up taking over the main character role in the later seasons of the X-Files

and then took that thought literally

"I need your clothes, your boots, and your aliens"

appropriate topics for songs, according to Radiorama Show more

Is there a video game concept that can't be represented in pico-8? Looking for ways to cut scope

"off limits" is such a weird phrase when you think about it

Are the limits off? Is it off of the limits? Are the limits the state of being off?

i just don't want brute force to be our sole design technique Show more

Watched the "systemic games" videos that have been going around lately Show more