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james is golden gate adjacent @Triplefox@mastodon.social

are age 35 goals the new 30 under 30

is this a shifting bar of age expectations

Instead of those "everyone should code" campaigns we should do "everyone should philosophy" campaigns

this article about gigs charging dockless scooters makes a great analogy to Pokemon Go. Like, the phenomenon of them seems similar in that they just suddenly appeared and have become part of the scenery in the span of weeks to months theatlantic.com/technology/arc

1. Emulating a TI calculator on an Android phone makes for a nicer programming environment than the native code editors.
2. The TI-84 Plus CE lets you store up to 9 strings at a time.

you are backstage at a play before the actors go on stage: "yanny, laurel, yanny, laurel", they repeat.

Chris Hülsbeck - Shades (O2 Remix)

this one went on a "mixtape" i made for my mp3 player in college

I did the entire Perrier Parcourse at "Championship Par" today. Except for the stretching, I don't time those well enough to know

Small update on v1.56

>>> kronbits.itch.io/pixatool <<<

* Fixed C64 palette (Purple was missing)

* Added Splendor 128 color palette by @AdigunPolack (In palette folder called = AAP_Splendor_128.pal)

Armory3D has been funded at a level that allows it to go open source. It's a pretty promising game engine built around leveraging Blender as the editor and Haxe/Kha for the runtime. I conversed with the author in IRC on a few occasions - it's been used for architecture viz projects so it is at least walkthrough ready armory3d.org

watched outlaw star for the first time, heard the end credits theme and thought "i've heard this before, but where?" on a hunch search "hiru no tsuki ddr" and found oocities.org/yrevatenebddr/


played a game of fnbr 50v50 where it got to around 8v8 and i climbed a mountain and took most of them down but the second to last got me. total of 7 eliminations. we won but golly my team had a lot of deadweight on it. also i just had deja vu cause i remember making that same play in the same place months ago only i executed badly and eliminated zero of them

Mom said she had "Viking Disease" and I asked if it made her pillage things. She likes this idea

1979 Special Report: "American Dream, American Nightmare...THE SEVENTIES"!


These old documentaries are super interesting to me

this is itunes' artist photo specifications, if your band photo doesn't fit this spec it gets rejecteddd

but like who the fuck frames a photo like that, it's dreadful

i hate this fuckin putting square photos in a circle thing

based on the success of oblique strategies I will offering my own series of recipes for success, called 'direct strategies' to be used for creative folks

here is one:

take that same melodic line, and repeat it but with the harmony modulated up by a fourth