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something i didn't touch on in thinking about these LD games is the tendency for students to behave like students: aiming for exactly the amount and type of work necessary to get an A

I was happy to finish and see other people finish Ludum Dare, but the more games I rate the more I see the cynical aspects of it. There are whole "genres" of LD entry that sit outside of the realm of just letting loose with a pleasing game design and are premised on having an "angle" or "formula" for making a highly rated game.

Games made by gamers.

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shoutouts to that time i streamed tetris dx over 15 days straight, with a 'bot' controlling the game to score 9,999,999 points without clearing a single line

i mentioned that f.lux made one of the games i rated for LD hard to play and was told "don't do that". so i guess they get to learn about accessibility now

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i really like the use of positive (+), negative (-), and neutral (~) in the CW as i find it to be much more helpful and pretty specific even for only symbols

for example, talking about mental health could be
-talking about triggering stuff
-talking abut progress
-talking about something you've learned about yourself

and any of those could trigger people, depending on the exact content. so using + - or ~ in your CW is really good for a variety of topics and i appreciate it.

keep it going

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the existence of mastodon implies the existence of an equal-and-opposite, wastodon

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New instance opened:

Polyglot City is the right instance for you, if you're interested in languages, language learning and translating, or if you are multilingual or polyglot. All languages are allowed to flourish on our timelines. Welcome!


Asked if I could rework my LD game with new assets for GBJam: "The entire game has to be made exclusively during the duration of the jam"

that is not a yes or no answer but if you are going to be non-confrontational-no i am not going to bother

the excitement of ludum dare may have made my cardio routine today more difficult than usual

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a hot girl in a bikini cn get a million boosts but how many can we get our lord & savior??

so i am sitting on this bench and a raven landed on the fence to watch me and kept sidling closer and eventually flew down even closer

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this 50v50 mode is cool it lets you use your glider anytime so the movement is super fast and there's way more action

just when i thought i was done with fortnite they added another 50v50 variant

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