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We're starting up a GoFundMe to help my roommate, who was picked up and detained by #ICE yesterday. Regardless of the legal outcome of his case, we need to make sure this guy has the resources to survive whatever happens.
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Poster for a screening of Hours Played in Oakland next Friday

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The Atari 8-bit computers have two powerful display chips, GTIA and ANTIC. Like the 2600 it is possible to reprogram the display on each scanline to produce colorful display with higher resolutions, and this functionality can be coded in a hardware display list so no beam racing is required. In addition, a variety of character and bitmap modes are available as well as sprites(termed "player/missile" or PM)

ANTIC mode 4, a popular one for games, is a character mode that can display 5 colors per line. "5 is not a power of 2", I hear you say. The trick is that it reads the highest bit of each character to toggle one of the colors, so you have limited control of the palette within a scanline too.

Here you can see ANTIC 4 used in a colorful homebrew port of Bomb Jack:

Even though it is a character mode, the gameplay sprites are software rendered by modifying the character set per scanline, allowing the graphics to be free of hardware sprite limits. This burns a lot of memory, which means cartridge storage is needed to run it on an unmodified 64kb Atari.

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Here's Paul Baran's RAND-published September 1962 justification for distributed communications networks summed up in a single chart. It's also the same paper where the famous "centralized vs decentralized vs distributed" triptych of graphs comes from. You still see this exact diagram, uncited, in modern presentations on the decentralized/distributed web.

Full paper:

a game in which your character has a rise and fall instead of a rise and rise

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important poll regarding uwu and also owo
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Making my software decisions based on dragons:

clang: ✔️ has a dragon
gcc: ❌ no dragon
kde plasma: ✔️ has a dragon
gnome: ❌ no dragon
wireguard: ✔️ has a dragon
openvpn: ❌ no dragon
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tho i have to say one of my fav "people is people" moments of reaching out through history


these little clay dogs found in nineveh

buried as charms under a palace

each of them carved so lovingly, by a person that knows dogs, and looking like dogs that you can probably go find today looking the exact same

each of them inscribed with the quality of a good guard dog that people still prize today in good guard dogs

Loud is his bark!
Biter of his foe!

caffeine detox day 8 

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comparing myself to google 

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I forgot that this event(gathering of the ancients) was the one that hides a cover charge on its eventbrite and is at a high priced spot

I was grilled by a tiger mom on the N judah about how many people are employed to make Galapagos and what school i graduated from. Eventually she figured out that this was not as big an operation as my slick advertising suggested but took a brochure anyway.

two gdc thoughts 

I will be in the vicinity of showing off Galapagos, my "future fantasy computer". (yes it's like ) (no that URL has nothing yet)

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retoot if you're over 30 and doing your most interesting work in videogames

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This is a pretty big story that I don't see a lot of chatter about. This could change movies on a fundamental level.

Basically Bones creators got a bunch of money because an arbitrator determined that Hollywood Accounting is fraud:

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