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Linked lists have gotten a bad rap because they aren't CPU cache-friendly when traversing node-by-node, but if the actual structure is more like a list-of-arrays, you can size each node to have a combination of "flat data for CPU to churn through" plus a summary cache to optimize algorithms across the whole document.

And the implementation is as about as simple as they come.

Last night I was reviewing common data structures used for text editors and for some reason nobody seems to advocate the approach I'm using: double linked list of "goldilocks sized" immutable strings. If too big, split, if too small, merge.

Part of the reason I'm taking this approach is cause I'm implementing in Lua and so I'm mostly interested in keeping down the GC churn of reallocating huge strings. But it's also straightforward to add some caching and get faster "brute-force" algorithms.

forbes is my favorite gaming tips magazine

ESS Solo-1 (ESFM), that's neat, it's subtly different from OPL sound

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I still expect a C or something cause I know this instructor ain't pulling punches but I am having a good time with the challenge

Midterms for ballroom dance: a bit nerve-wracking and I dragged my feet getting a partner so I got a really weak one for waltz but then added the strongest one in the class for rhumba and just had a *good time* with that last one.

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@Triplefox there sort of is, it’s called Delayed Gratification, the slow news journal.

Is there a service that would give me the news from one month ago, like after it had a month to settle down and I only have to hear the quick recap

brendan eich: great at discussing valid uses of cryptocurrency while also dunking on bitcoin people

what club were you a "member only" of if you wore the jacket

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i've been doing some codestuff to make it easier to make terminal-style games in pygame, with two-color tiles and arbitrary background and foreground colors per tile

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Are you in or near , ? Do you know someone who is? Might you or they be able to put up a friend of mine for a little while?

This would be short-term but it's urgent; he doesn't have a place to go right now.

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Hey friends! I still need a roommate/affordable housing in the bay area (commute to the peninsula). I'd prefer not to live in SF, lol

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the feeling of your pajama leg gradually unfurling after you shift positions

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saving the world story but it's actually about librarians

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take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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