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Am I the only one to note the uncanny resemblance between and Charles Le Brun's Pig Man and Boar Man?

Word of the day: JOUSKA — a hypothetical conversation that you compulsively play out in your head (coined by @ObscureSorrows).

The problem with most smartphones is that they make you more than you make them.

@jack Exactly. The only reason it still spreads is because of the patience we exist in has such a tolerance for hate.

@Are0h absolutely. Neutrality has failed. Bigotry has no side that stands up to reason. It deserves no quarter in the results.

@jack Yeah, there's a crew of them that have been coming at me since I started my instance.

I like using them as examples from time to time because it proves that bigots just can't leave us alone, so this idea if we don't do anything, they'll go away is patently false.

Which is why I always say remaining neutral *always* benefits people like that. They take advantage of people's cowardice.

Sometimes I think the Web should only be accessible for people who can pass a logic and critical thinking test.

The original UGC is the application form - both offline and on. Here, you do all the work while some officious hatchetperson in 'HR' sits on their fat arse, tossing it into the bin because you didn't use the right adjectives.

Apparently, this prevents nepotism.

thinking about the reaction of some guy who's been working security at area 51 for ten years, and really hates his job because nothing exciting ever happens, when suddenly half a million naruto nerds come rampaging through the desert haze towards him.

The parallels between what is happening in the Democratic Party and what is happening on the fedi are so compelling.

PROGRESSIVE white folks say they want diversity and inclusion, but when it happens and the profile and agency of POC rise and they feel that privilege slipping away, they revert back to the same racist maneuvers.

There's something wretched about a grown man who can be provoked by a 14 year old.

The only thing I'm interested in is forward progress.

I do not care about white guys whining about how and why they can't continue being assholes without consequence.

I do not care about people who want to status of said white guys to rub off on them, so they underwrite their non-sense.

The way forward is clear. Either you do it our you don't.

Anything that doesn't contribute to that is just people putting their biases above progress.

Ha, and we know where that comes from.

a post in which i murder thom yorke 

The fedi is a living, breathing example of what happens when white folks lose the privilege of being protected by bigots who run major platforms.

@roxy also, a lot of the most "advanced AI" stuff that's being done, isn't AI. There's a human being in the decision chain, hidden from view. G's Assistant places calls using humans at least a quarter of the time.

it feels too much like training people to not /see/ the humans they're ordering around anymore.

You're probably thinking "Roxy, AI isn't advanced yet like that. It doesn't have the same cognitivity as a human" which is true
However, I argue that we as a society are being set up to order AI around, and when robots are advanced enough, we'll be conditioned to order them about

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