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Am I the only one to note the uncanny resemblance between and Charles Le Brun's Pig Man and Boar Man?

Mog-watch #4

Since it's and you are all down with the , please do message me if you have any stories about Anomolous or Alien Big Cats (ABCs).

UK stories are particularly welcome, but if your moggies are large and, indeed, anomalous and from around the world, Ithey count too.

I will, of course, give you a shout out.

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Journal of a Vague Year #220

Day Two of being Pfizer'd - muscles feel like I've had a workout after a long break from the gym. Not pain, but mild discomfort, like they're rebuilding.

A headache & high temperature keep threatening to happen, but never quite do.

It might be best described as the mildest hangover ever, but that's a pretty loose analogy.

In a sense, it's like through and through. There is no certainty, but something unpleasant keeps threatening to strike.

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Two points of order:

One, this is one of my local coffee shops, and it's rather nice.

Second, the slogan has been up for several months now - it's not exactly 'new'. Rather, the news media has taken this long to notice it.

(Hearing all the chuds whinge and equivocate about it is amusing, mind you.)

As I've said before on this Super, Soaraway Instance, post-2005 Doctor Who feels very much a show made for stupid adults by sociopaths. Recent events seem to confirm my suspicions.

As more and more dirt comes out about its stars, I do wonder what more revelations are going to come out. Put it this way, I wouldn't be surprised if it goes beyond messrs Clarke and Barrowman. Follow the NDAs.

Journal of a Vague Year #219

So, just been Pfizer'd, and must now wait in a tent for 15 minutes to see if I'll mutate horribly or not.

Strange how it seems to terminate with a single prick from a syringe. At least until the next one, in 12 weeks' time.

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Mog-watch #3

"Beast of Exmoor caught on video in one of the most convincing big cat sightings ever...

"...A couple have captured what could be the clearest footage yet of the Beast of Exmoor as a 'big cat the size of an Alsatian' was seen stalking the English countryside - leaving people claiming it is a PUMA..."

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Fun Fact: The February 1928 issue of Weird Tales, which published 'The Call of Cthulhu' came out on 01/01/1928. (According to the publisher.)

This makes Cthulhu a Capricorn, born in the Year of the Rabbit. He's a fucking bunny.

**The GOP proves Republicans never really cared about 'free speech'**

"Despite all the preening about "free speech" on the right, the truth is complaints about "cancel culture" have always been code for "conservatives can say whatever terrible things they want, and liberals can shut up about it." And while play-acting as the victims of censorship because liberals mock or criticize them, Republican…"

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Checking out the screaming pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian mobs on the Bird Site, I can only say that the phrase, "a curse upon both your houses," has never been more appropriate than in this case.

Has anyone else noticed how so much of yesterday's Queen Speech seems designed to enable the far right, and disseminate their propaganda far and wide?

"UK to require social media to protect ‘democratically important’ content

"Additions to online safety bill would also ban sites from discriminating against political viewpoints"

**COVID and kids: Lockdowns have worsened children's health**

"The coronavirus pandemic has been a disaster for many young children. With many schools and sports facilities closed, kids are missing out on the movement they need for their physical, mental and spiritual development."

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"The human keeper of a cat functions as a sort of surrogate for the cat's mother. Adult cats live their lives in a kind of extended kittenhood"

i groom my baby and taught my baby to forage today this is true

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Some inred old bat larping furiously as she enables a bunch of fascists and crooks is how British democracy works.

Mog-watch #2

(A new and ongoing series featuring all the latest Alien Big Cat news.)

"Houston suspect arrested as pet tiger remains on the loose"

(This is how ABCs happen, Americans.)

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"Angela Rayner vows to reconnect Labour with working class voters"

Why didn't she do this when she was made Deputy Leader? Y'know, the role she's been in for over a year?

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