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Am I the only one to note the uncanny resemblance between and Charles Le Brun's Pig Man and Boar Man?

Diary of a Vague Year #205

"...It seems to me horrific that top [UK] scientists were able to put forward their proposals to enact mass killing without being challenged, either on ethical or biological grounds. If you want to find out why or how this government has been lax, chaotic, incompetent and cruel in its approach to Covid-19, it starts here..."

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Every trillion-dollar corporation, every billionaire, is a failure of humanity.

Only two industries call people “users”: surveillance capitalists and drug dealers.

“User” is an othering. It dehumanises the person; making it easier for us to profile, manipulate, and monetise them.

(In Small Tech, we do not call people “users”; we call people “people.”)

The Birdsite has many dubious spectacles, but one that is much underrated is that of utterly ghastly, vile people making all the proper political noises.

Left wing in word, right wing in deed. Beware such people.

Joe Biden doesn't like Facebook - that could be a big problem for Mark Zuckerberg #news #worldnews

Diary of a Vague Year #204

Looking back at some of my toots on this mega-thread, I do find myself being annoyed with that massive twat, also me.

The truth of the matter is that lockdowns have saved lives, including my own. However, that doesn't mean they haven't done terrible harm to people, or reflect an utter failure by both politicians and society to act in a responsible manner.

Necessity does not equal morality.

In ranting at the latter, I should have taken pains to stress the fomer.

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"Jewish leaders use Holocaust Day to decry persecution of Uighurs

"UK community speaks out in effort to pressure government to take stronger stance"

The bill for Boris Johnson’s is coming in and it’s punishingly steep - "British business lost to European competitors. British entrepreneurs crushed. British jobs exported abroad. Welcome to the Brexit."

You know how often this happened to Ro and I?

Text reads:

The newfound obsession with the word "woke" is very creepy, and I also strongly believe it has become an anti-black euphemism when it is uttered from a white mouth. Argue with your mums, I said what I said.

Responding tweet:
You already know every black person with an opinion different to theirs is labelled “woke”

I didn't catch the complete context, but I heard our minister of health on the radio say "now that science has returned to the united states..."

People who are suprised how scummy, cruel and untrustworthy GOP politicos can be, despite their elite education, have not spent much time with academics of any persuasion.

Finally ordered myself a Raspberry Pi to play around with.

I want to document my experience/set up even if it's just for myself.

Where is a good place to do that now a days?

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