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Am I the only one to note the uncanny resemblance between and Charles Le Brun's Pig Man and Boar Man?

I'd previously mumbled about how growing up in post-WW2 Germany is a bit weird because construction work keeps turning up unexploded bombs and everyone just kind of goes "oh, okay, another one of those"

there was one found in Nuremberg again yesterday but when searching for news reports about it I'm just finding other articles about one found in February (also in Nuremberg)

here's a screenshot of the "related articles" bit from one of them

Interested in buying a Debian kilt? 

just saw an absolute belter of a placard from the glasgow climate protests elsewhere

it reads: "i am the lorax, i speak for the trees, litter again and i'll break your fucking knees"

So, caught the Global Climate March in Liverpool just now.

Placards included:

"Modernity has failed us."
"March Now Or Swim Later."
"2050 is a Death Sentence."

And my personal favourite:

"Down With This Sort Of Thing."

(Merseyside Anarchists were, of course, all present and, indeed, representing.)

A reminder that Escape Velocity, one of the breakout hits of still-active Mac shareware game studio/publisher Ambrosia Software, was designed as an Elite clone based entirely on the manual and novella that came with Elite

the guy who made the game, a teenager at the time, had bought Elite but lost the copy protection device before he got around to ever playing the game, and so he decided to make his own version

The only thing that could top this week is if Alanis Morrisette opened her door and found Justin Trudeau lurking outside, rasping "YOU'RE MY WIFE NOW!!!"

I went home, I was tired and dejected. I didn't realise worse was to come.

I didn't stay in bed long, I wanted to see the voting patterns across Scotland, and specifically for my home area. What I discovered was much more ominous.

George Square (Freedom Sq.) in Glasgow had been commandeered as a location for Yes supporters to gather, in the final weeks of the campaign. They were always joyous gatherings. On September 19, 2014 the joy was shattered by Nazi saluting Unionists.

#Yes #OTD

Nsync and One Direction are poignant reminders that sometimes it is only right and proper that generations of young men are slaughtered in World Wars.

Dr Hannah Fry has joined calls for a Hippocratic oath for tech & maths specialists.

"The issue has become urgent now that researchers are building systems that gather and sell personal data, exploit human frailties, and take on life-or-death decisions."

Apropos of nothing, "Father of Lies" sounds like a dead gnarly Morbid Angel song, but only if they wrote lyrics about shabby, fake-arse, pseudo-classicist shitbags with crap hair.

I have to say, watching this 'Jo Swinson' character on TV makes me wonder if Jessica Hynes is losing her touch.

If you feel like really annoying the Gammons, make a donation today to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution:

Cats are banned on Svalbard, so the one cat on the island is registered as a fox.

I'm starting to believe there is some truth in the theory that PM Johnson is saying increasingly bizarre things to crowd-out headlines that are critical of his premiership.

#BoJo #IncredibleHulk #media #Brexit

Listening to Jo Swinson on Marr right now, I can't help but be struck by her having the bold confidence and pomposity of a total idiot.

When 2,000 Brits were asked the best way to decide how we should respond to aliens contacting humans, the least popular option was to hold a referendum.

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