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Am I the only one to note the uncanny resemblance between and Charles Le Brun's Pig Man and Boar Man?

everybody knows the story of the cambridge university philosophy department literally rioting when the uni awarded derrida an honrorary degree. but even funnier is the so-called "mccabe affair", in which a young researcher at cambridge was accused of being a drug addict and having multiple secret families because he tried to introduce a course on the history of the english language

5 minutes into “the social dilemma” and I already hate it. hollywood will never make a movie that gets to the underlying issues.

There are two* things Neuro/Cog scientists never seem to grow tired of:
1. Identification of "the" feature that makes human brains unique (recent example "rose hip neurons")
2. "discovering" that human brains are not unique

There is a dangerous narrative taking root at present, where the likes of JK Rowling are successfully painted as victims, a common trick of bullies.

The flipside of this is that she and the other TERFs must be confronted. A moderate approach simply plays to her advantage.

"What model of society do they want? Do they prefer to maintain high quality standards – health, food, environmental – or, on the contrary, do they want lower standards, [to] subject their farmers and their competitors to unfair and unjust competition from other regions of the world?”

**Scientists Find Evidence for Vast Lakes Hidden Under Mars' Surface**

"The new research lends credence to the idea of briny lakes existing under the Martian surface and is an important development in the search for Martian life, if it exists."

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MASSIVE: How Trump used Facebook data to deter African American voters in 2016:

**An AI Paper Published in a Major Journal Dabbles in Phrenology**

"A paper in 'Nature' that claimed to evaluate 'trustworthiness' based on physical features has sparked major backlash."

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Micromanagers have their uses - primarily as dartboards, or something you can set a pack of baying hounds on.

**The Unbearable Limbo of Waiting for Post-Furlough Redundancy**

"Forty-five percent of UK workers aged 25 and under have been furloughed since the start of the pandemic. Next month, they face the prospect of losing their jobs completely."

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**Cambodia’s Beautiful Gibbons Could Be Vulnerable to COVID-19, Study Warns**

"New research found that gibbons alter their behavior in the presence of tourists, which could lead to weakened immune systems that make them susceptible to infection."

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I'm 3 episodes into the American hollywoodized Utopia and I can't stand the way everything is so loud and blatant and light-hearted (compared to the original).

Is it just me or is this version of the show deliberately hung up on *seeming* creepy/psychotic but not actually delivering on it? Like it distracts from the urgent uncomfortable feel of the plot, it draaags, and the dialogs are so often just characters grandstanding.

I'm obviously furious lol.

ill post a hot take for every boost this toot gets

Everyone moaning about new Heroquest would have moaned about Heroquest in 1989.

As a rule, if you see a person with this sort of stare, you don't sit next to them on a bus, let alone make them a Supreme Court justice.

octopi can go on hunger strike in captivity but scientists will need to do their phrenology pageant before extra-humanoid personhood even enters their minds

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"Twitter Under Hot Water For Allegedly Censoring Breonna Taylor-Related Tweets and Accounts"
Black lives don't matter to the US power structures, cops, capitalism, much of its population, and tech companies.

1st day on Mastodon: hi everyone, I'm interested in art, architecture, and cat pics!! 😊

3rd day on Mastodon: gonna find bigfoot and fuck him


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