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We've found the most private way for job advertisements. Everyone who opens the browser console will see it! 😀🙌 Curious? Get in touch and fight for privacy with us:

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We're happy to announce that all energy used for powering your encrypted mailboxes now comes from renewable energy. 😀

How Big Tech respects your privacy:

How Tutanota respects your privacy:

Desktop client users rejoice! 🙌 We have much improved our clients recently. They now support:

✅ Offline mode 🥰

✅ Second factor auth with Yubico & Nitrokey - the most secure option!

✅ Spell check for multiple languages

✅ Easy export with multi-select & drag'n drop

✅ Whitelabel feature to display client with your own design

Here's more information:

Celebrate with us eight years of open source! 🥳 Thank you for all your support these last few years, it's been amazing & it keeps getting better. 😍🥰

Signal has recently reported that their service has been blocked in Iran. This block is a direct attack on the secure communication of activists.

In solidarity with the team at Signal we would like to amplify their call for volunteers to help run proxy servers to ensure that protesters have the ability to send and receive secure encrypted messages.

If you are willing to help, Signal has provided step-by-step instructions on their blog here:

Which is the most secure email service?

✅ All-round encryption
✅ Open source
✅ No tracking
✅ No ads

Check here what makes Tutanota so secure. 👍😎

Limiting peoples ability to communicate & organize online is a clear violation of . People in Iran wanting to use Tutanota for Android can get it from Play Store or @fdroidorg. This is the easiest option. If this doesn’t work, you can try getting it from us:

The ECJ has just declared blanket data surveillance illegal in Europe! A big win for privacy, yet we need to keep fighting for privacy around the world. 💪💪💪
Read more:

The ECJ has just declared blanket data surveillance illegal in Europe! A big win for privacy, yet we need to keep fighting for privacy around the world. 💪💪💪
Read more:

Tracking is not required. Introducing secure emails by Tutanota!

🚫 No Google services (no reCaptcha, no Google Push)
📖 All clients open source
📲 Available on web, mobile (via @fdroidorg) and desktop

We are proud to being able to support great open source project such as ! You are making this possible with your subscription to Tutanota. 🙏🥰

If you are an open source team & would like to switch to the encrypted side, check our donation:

My @Tutanota subs came up for renewal today. At a ridiculously cheap price, there was only one response: of course, peeps. You are #email for me. #Privacy #IHateGmail

One of the biggest movements in human rights, women's rights & freedom is happening in Iran after the death of Mahsa Amini.

To our Iranian followers & all Iranian women - we stand with you. Use encrypted email for free:

We're growing quickly here on - our favorite open source social network! 🤩🥳 Help us reach 15k followers by inviting your friends, it's such a nice community. 😍🥰
And if you are curious why open source is so important to us, check our blog:

We just released Tutanota version 3.100.2 this morning. Lots of bug fixes were included and your client should be running better than ever. Check it out today! 💪 🔒

New release is in the pipeline. 🥳 We are working on improving the mail viewer, particularly for mobile. Buttons will be placed below the email while reading, always accessible. Stay tuned!!! 😍

BREAKING: Great win for privacy! 🥳💪 The EUGH just declared German data retention law illegal. We explain why this is a good thing & why the fight is not over:

It's also important to know that email was always exempt from the German data retention law.

Have you ever wondered why Big Tech is so big? Well, it's the default.

By default, you are using Google when you start your phone.

Google pays billions of dollars each year to Apple, Samsung and other telecom giants to illegally maintain its spot as the No. 1 search engine.

Check out the full story:

I want you to stay in business so I just have upgraded to premium for 12€/year.
Thank you for being here.

For one year already, Australian police can hack your device, collect or delete your data, or take over your social media accounts. Authorities around the world want to spy on our private data. We must fight for our right to privacy! 💪

Here is your friendly reminder that we built Tutanota for private, secure communication. It’s built so you can signup without a phone number, email anyone with secure encryption, and know for sure that your data is kept safe. Free to use and without tracking or ads.

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