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The encrypted calendar has arrived! 😍 We are already working on releasing the updated apps as well, so stay tuned!!! 😃💪

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We're happy to announce that all energy used for powering your encrypted mailboxes now comes from renewable energy. 😀

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Mass surveillance around the world is growing. We have to fight for our right to privacy and freedom of speech! Here we explain how any backdoor would lessen security for all of us:

Russian site Meduza investigates how Navalny supporters end up on FSB lists after the hacking of activist sites:

If you weren't convinced yet, this is a perfect example why we must be able to register an email address anonymously:

Due to a bug in Outlook, Tutanota users were not able to forward emails to Outlook 365. If you were affected by this, please try again as it seems like Microsoft has fixed the issue now.

Fighting for your right to privacy since 2011. 😎 ❤ Enjoy your Sunday and stay secure with Tutanota! 😉

Face recognition systems use your online pictures for training purposes. These AI systems are much more potent than what surveillance-dystopians like Orwell might have imagined in their worst nightmares. Fortunately, new tools help you to stop facial recognition.

Tutanota has an amazing new feature: Email templates. Check out how templates let you answer lots of email requests with a few clicks only! 😀👇

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. @Tutanota offers a fully encrypted, ad-free mailbox to protect our right to #privacy. With automatic encryption we can share #emails as securely as sending sealed letters. Finally our data belongs only to us, no-one else can access it.

Tutanota is free of charge with 1 GB of free storage included. In addition, it is #opensource:

Join Tutanota now:

Two years ago we launched Secure Connect on . Today we are proud that lots of journalists use this encrypted contact form to offer a secure communication channel to whistleblowers! Together we continue to fight for and . 😀💪

It's May already, time to check how many have achieved this to ! If you haven't already, check out these privacy-friendly alternatives. 😀🥳

Is online tracking really that harmful? Check out this article to understand why, and then get off Facebook - unless you already have! 😀 👍

These alternatives will help:

Tutanota is available in dozens of languages, thanks to our awesome volunteer translators. 😀 Check out Tutanota in French! 👇

Release time: You can now write emails faster with the Tutanota template feature! 😀🥳 This release also includes creating logs for search index deletion so that we can better investigate this bug. PLUS, we are almost finished with auto-loading of images for trusted senders. Stay tuned! 😀😀😀

In our first interview, Hanna has asked Mr. Anon whether anonymity matters and how to be anonymous online. Check it out! 😀😎👇

Google and Facebook are two of the most successful web companies because they have managed to convince everyone that their products do not come at any cost. Yet, their ad-based business model harms people & societies on so many levels, it must end now - and you can help. 😀💪

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Merci @francks, une bonne liste de départ, en effet.
On pourrait ajouter :
@threemaapp pour la messagerie instantanée
@Tutanota pour un service mail
#bitwarden pour un gestionnaire de mots de passe
Je les utilise au quotidien et en suis très satisfait.

The iOS privacy labels show the difference: One protects and values your privacy. The other abuses your data to maximize profits.

Let's fight for together! 💪

Happy ! We are happy that we can do our share in protecting the environment. That's why Tutanota relies 100% on renewable energy:

Our growth continues, also in 2021. Please welcome with us Brandon and Thomas! 😀🥳👇

Instagram for kids is a truly bad idea, also in regards to privacy:

If your kids need to communicate online, better make them familiar with privacy-friendly alternatives!

Send mails fast: We are almost ready to publish the new template feature for Tutanota. Templates will enable you to quickly respond to repetitive requests and improve your workflow immensely. 😀👌

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