I'm quite sick so unfortunately no TWinL this week unless I get well by the end of the weekend. Sorry.

I am so excited! I am co-hosting today and the timing couldn't be better. We're interviewing Hillel Coren of . I am big fan of Invoice Ninja and have been following it for years. Check it out at 9:30am Pacific (in 3 hours) at twit.tv/live

System76 , Fedora 29, @SolusProject Update, on Samsung DeX, , ProtonDB, & more on Episode 43 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also on TWinL43: openSUSE's Cavil project, Lutris (game manager), Connect,


The episode that changes everything is here. Destination Linux Episode 95. You don't want to miss this announcement.


IBM to Acquire Red Hat, 4.19, Linus is Back, , Games on Sale, & more on Ep. 42 of @ThisWeekinLinux!


also: 63, TeamViewer 14, Feren OS, System76, Pine64 Smartphone, Fanatical, Humble Bundle,


Ubuntu 18.10 & Flavours, Ubuntu Studio Interview, , PeerTube 1.0m & more on Episode 41 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also on TWinL41: Pop!_OS (System76), Ubuntu Touch OTA-5, Sway 1.0 Beta, Turtl v0.7, Lightworks 14.5, LibSSH Vulnerability, Microsoft Joins OIN


Lubuntu 18.10: See What's New (Spoiler: LXQt, Calamares & more)


This is a "what's new" and official promo video that I made for the Lubuntu project. Let me know what you think of the video and Lubuntu 18.10 if you try it out.

Destination Linux EP92 - "Elementary My Dear Distro" with guest host Gabriele of TechPills and Daniel Foré of elementary as a special guest to talk about elementary OS Juno - destinationlinux.org/episode-9

Check out EP91 - Coc A Doodle Do.
We have Liam from Gaming On Linux as a monthly guest!!!!!


Multibooting Made Easy with the FlexiDOCK by ICY DOCK | Product Review by TuxDigital - tuxdigital.com/2018/10/flexido

This is a product review for the FlexiDOCK from . The flexiDOCK MB524SP-B is a device that makes very easy without having to deal with or and so on. In this video, Michael discusses the Pros and Cons of this product as well as provide a demonstration of the multi-booting features of the .


KDE Plasma 5.14, Zabbix 4.0, Krita Fundraiser, Google+ Shut Down, & more on Episode 40 of @ThisWeekinLinux! - tuxdigital.com/twinl40

also on TWinL40: Oomox: GTK Theme Customizer, Mageia 6.1, antiX 17.2, Calculate Linux 18, NixOS 18.09, Stratis 1.0, Humble Bundle, Microsoft Joins the LOT Network


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