Linus Temporary Leave, Nextcloud, Git, Timeshift, Parrot, Steam Play & more | This Week in Linux 37 |

Intel's Firmware, KDE Plasma 5.14 Beta, Elive, Interviews, elementaryOS Forbes article, and California to Regulate I

TuxDigital will be Streaming Live in about an hour for TWinL 37! :)

Scheduled Live Time:
3:30 PM Eastern
7:30 PM UTC (19:00)

TWinL 36 Stream is now LIVE! :D, Join us to discuss all the latest Linux GNews -

Check out the latest episode of Destination Linux w/ special guest Matthew Miller of Fedora!

TWinL is BACK today . . . in about 30 Minutes!

TWinL 35 at 3:30pm Eastern!

New Episode of Destination Linux is OUT! New Episode and New Release Day!

With help from the DL Patrons we've switch the release day to Wednesdays instead of Fridays from this episode forward.

The stream for episode 35 of TWinL will be postponed until tomorrow, Sunday, August 12th. Sorry about that but I'll still try to get the edited version out on Monday. :)

Slackware Turns 25, PowerShell gets Snapped, .fm on Linux, Humble Linux Geek Bundle, @Liberapay Trouble, hledger, Stanford's Almond, Latte Dock, Clone Hero, and more on Episode 33 of @ThisWeekinLinux - - @TuxDigital

Red Hat & WINE Turn 25, Python's BDFL Steps Down, Arch Malware, Browsh, PacVim (a game to learn Vim), Ballistic Overkill and much more on Episode 32 of @ThisWeekinLinux - - @TuxDigital

We are talking about the candy I got from the UK. Here's the brilliant selection. ;)

Linux Mint 19, ElementaryOS Juno, GIMP 2.10.4, Redcore Linux, SUSE Acquired, Kdenlive's Request for Beta Testing, EU Rejects Copyright Directive, and much more on Episode 31 of @ThisWeekinLinux - - @TuxDigitalcom

Check out the multiplayer bundle from ! It includes for only $14. You also get a copy of Besiege, Hover and Tumblestone with this bundle!

Fedora 28, 60, GNOME 3.28.2, Lubuntu: LXQt by Default, Admits Flawed Hardware Survey, Apps on ChromeOS, OpenAPS, a on Episode 28 of @ThisWeekinLinux - - @TuxDigitalcom

Episode 27 of @ThisWeekinLinux is available, about: Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu Flavours, GIMP 2.10, FFmpeg 4.0, neofetch, Clonezilla, Trisquel, Wireshark, MenuLibre, Gnucash, Ubuntu Touch, Netflix Open Sourcing Titus, and more! - - @TuxDigitalcom

Kubuntu 18.04 LTS was just released! - - Also, be sure to check out the official release video made by @TuxDigitalcom -

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