Today in the kitchen at Cake HQ: Add read status and ability to edit messages in Telegram, separate voice message volume, remove emojis from names in Mastodon, disable streaming notifications in Twitter and more!

Today in the kitchen at Cake HQ: Add config options to change input and output audio devices, move all sound-related config to a sound config buffer, attempt to automatically re-start a radio stream if the connection drops and more!

Today in the kitchen at Cake HQ: Adds starts with filter type, Sort GitHub repos by last push rather than updated, support showing other GH issue states, re-open tweet dialog if posting fails and more!

Today in the kitchen at Cake HQ: Fix updating on MacOS, copy from URL selector, unify behavior of URL selector across sessions, option to open a URL automatically if it's the only one in the list and more!

Today in the kitchen at Cake HQ: Speak when switching buffers with the GUI hotkeys, another tentative fix for streaming during backup and a number of under the hood fixes and improvements.

Due to an issue with the intel version, we have reverted back to 0.9.3 for intel only. M1 and Windows are working on 0.9.4. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Today in the kitchen at Cake HQ: Create native Mac M1 builds, hide system folders in file explorer, fix for Twitter streaming breaking when the database is backed up and a lot of under the hood code improvements.

Today in the kitchen at Cake HQ: Play TG mention earcon upon receiving a reply/mention message, option to automatically start recording when Voice message dialog opens, open GH repositories on the web, handle broken Twitter databases and more!

Just a quick update from us as things have been a little quiet. One of our devs has been pretty ill the past couple weeks, hence why there has been no update; however, things do seem to be getting better and an update should be coming your way soon. Thanks for your patience!

Today in the kitchen at Cake HQ: Easier navigation between sessions and buffers with numbers, support ZDSR, improved Twitter reply formatting, persist likes buffer, more fixes for autocomplete and more!

Hey cakers, We've put together a little contact page if you ever get stuck and need to get in touch.

Hotfix (0.9.1): Fixes Telegram voice messages.

In the Kitchen at Cake HQ: It's the first release of 2022! We've got a big one for you today; with 20 tasty entries in the change log, we didn't know what to put in our announcement! So here is the link to our online changes:

Merry Christmas and happy new year! Today in the kitchen at Cake HQ: Mac OS UI improvements and sound bugfixes, sponsored messages in Telegram, new View Tweet dialog, new way of announcing replies and threads, more robust sndup support, more!

Today in the kitchen at Cake HQ: Add filter support for twitter (currently applies to new items only), fix user selection in replies, run TweeseCake as portable app, stop updater breaking databases (hopefully; won't apply until next update) and more!

Today at Cake HQ: Import OPML, fix a number of Mac OS crashes, fix some Github repos not reading, play Telegram voice message before sending, Seek+play/pause in voice messages, use long URL when viewing/copying tweets, view twitter relationships and more!

Today In the kitchen at Cake HQ, TweeseCake 0.8.0! New Feeds session For both RSS and Podcasts, Bugfixes for Telegram, Protection against opening a new tweet dialog in the DM's buffer, Twitter fix for thread mode, fixes for authorization in Twitter/Telegram.

Hey cakers! Would you like a say in the future development of the TweeseCake application? We're looking for user feedback! Please help us out by filling out this short survey. All responses are appreciated.

Today in the kitchen at Cake HQ: More robust soundpack support including load from appdata, Update to Tweepy V4 for Twitter, hide replies and polls in new tweet dialog, use Twitter API V2 for posting, hide retweets for users, mastodon fix for URL's, more!

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